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HUM111 Assignment-2-Project-Paper-Comparative-Essay

by: Topseller Notetaker

HUM111 Assignment-2-Project-Paper-Comparative-Essay PRG211

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Topseller Notetaker
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About this Document

HUM111 Assignment-2-Project-Paper-Comparative-Essay
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by Topseller Notetaker on Monday November 9, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to PRG211 at Ashford University taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 503 views. For similar materials see in Computer Programming at Ashford University.


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Date Created: 11/09/15
Introduction Gilgamesh and Odysseus were great heroes though both had different heroic qualities Though both are heroes of their respective countries there are stark differences between the two The epic of Gilgamesh speaks about how the Babylonian king became strong due to certain great powers given to him The Greek hero Ulysses was also very intelligent and very powerful though not as powerful as Gilgamesh Thesis sentence Power and strength comes out of differing attributes vested in people Popularity and fame come from authority and intelligence and great power Comparison Both the epic of Gilgamesh and the Odyssey are searching for the meaning of life and are mortals associated with great power They have strengths that are seemed to be superhuman Gilgamesh has great physical strength while Ulysses has mental strength Both of them being mortals make mistakes undergo great hardships learn from the mistakes they make and come out more powerful and successful They try to find themselves through life just like any average man The two works of literature the Epic of Gilgamesh and the Odyssey are compared as expressions of searches for this meaning of life through knowledge The two stories are somewhat mirrors of themselves in this manner Gilgamesh and Odysseus find out their own meanings of life through trials and tribulations just as any ordinary man would In the prologue of the Epic of Gilgamesh we learn that he is two thirds god and onethird man He is king of Uruk He is more than anyone can desire to be yet he is still mortal and must experience death of a loved one and death himself This will turn out to be Gilgamesh39s question of life as we will see The Odyssey is somewhat different in the format of events so we do not know much about Odysseus until later in the story But due to reading the Iliad we know that Odysseus is the king of Ithaca and he is a major part of the Trojan War Epic of Gilgamesh In the beginning of the Odyssey we do know that Odysseus has a family which is struggling without him He will come to realize his family means more to the preservation of his life than anything he could learn in war So both of our characters are very well off thanks to the gods As we know nothing is perfect and life will always present challenges to everyone even the strongest and smartest Gilgamesh is in control of Uruk and the people are not happy because he kills their sons and rapes their daughters The people of Uruk pray to the gods to give him an 39equal a 39re ection a 39second self39 quotLet them contend together and leave Uruk inuietquotp 19 Enkidu was created and lived among the beasts and animals The two finally met and fought like men and became friends Gilgamesh was even happier now that he had a companion to pal around with Enkidu later will teach Gilgamesh about life through his own death even though he came from a primitive lifestyle Odysseus helps defeat the Trojans in the battle of the Trojan horse He becomes sort of a legend and is thought to be the best strategist alive He receives unbelievable amounts of treasures for his return to Ithaca Life for Odysseus is all but perfect just as it is for our other character Gilgamesh Nothing lasts forever as both Odysseus and Gilgamesh will find out later Gilgamesh and Enkidu end up making the god Gilgamesh comes up supreme every time because he is blessed with al lowers of the divine Odysseus Ulysses is known for his very important return to Ithaca after engineering a great defeat on the Trojans masterminded by Ulysses The Trojan horse was considered to be the most ingenious ideas of a great man Ulysses who after losing almost all warriors in the Trojan War is facing defeat The Trojan horse defeated the Trojan and Ulysses sets sail back to Ithaca where he encounters any an adventure The Odyssey speaks of the adventures of Ulysses against every one of them monsters like Cyclops Scylla and Charhybdis and the island of the pigs Odysseus says o then all day long till set of sun we sat feasting on abundant esh and sweet wine but when the sun set and darkness came on then we lay down to rest on the shore of the sea And as soon as early Dawn appeared the rosyfingered I roused my comrades and bade them themselves to embark and to lose the stern cables So they went on board straightway and sat down upon the benches and sitting well in order smote the grey sea with their oars Thence we sailed on grieved at heart glad to have escaped death though we had lost our dear comrades Conclusion Both Gilgamesh and Odyssey are representative of the Babylonian and Greek culture which were supreme in the times that they existed Gilgamesh was the ultimate superhero of the Babylonian empire while Ulysses a n epic character created by the Blind poet homer is still an ever living memory of Greek heroism and intelligence Greek culture was easy to interpret and understand due to the ease of understanding the language while Babylonian Hebrew was archaic and not so easy Despite all this the two are ever green Heros References httpWWW4crbucpptbibliotecamathesismat12mathesis 129pdf


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