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Castle’s Family Restaurant Stage 2 DeVry University

by: Topseller Notetaker

Castle’s Family Restaurant Stage 2 DeVry University PRG211

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Topseller Notetaker
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About this Document

Castle’s Family Restaurant Stage 2 DeVry University
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by Topseller Notetaker on Monday November 9, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to PRG211 at Ashford University taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 51 views. For similar materials see in Computer Programming at Ashford University.

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Date Created: 11/09/15
Running Head CASTLE S FAMILY Castle s Family Restaurant Stage 2 DeVry University Castle s Family Restaurant CASTLE S FAMILY 2 INTRODUCTION The Castle s Family Restaurant has a chain of 8 restaurants located in the Northern California area The restaurant chain has 300340 employees of which only 40 are full time Mr Jay Morgan is the operations manager and is also conducting the HR management functions He is currently traveling between all 8 locations in order to perform the HR duties of payroll hiring scheduling and answering employee questions The tracking system of payroll is an excel spreadsheet and a computer application is being used to print payroll checks Mr Morgan approached me in hopes of implementing a plan that would decrease his travel time and effectively serve his needs for payroll processes HRIS TYPE For the type of business Mr Morgan is conducting he needs a Database Management System DBMS Kavanagh explains A DBMS is a set of software applications ie computer programs combined with a database These systems allow organizations to effectively manage data electronically Managing data means identifying the data needed to create information that is necessary to make HR decisions defining the characteristics of that data e g number data vs character data organizing those data in a manner that promotes data quality and accessibility and restricting access to the data to the right personnel By performing these functions effectively a DBMS turns data into an organizational resource that will be useful when managing 8 locations with 300340 employees This will eliminate the use of an excel spreadsheet to track payroll and the use of an additional computer application to print payroll checks CASTLE S FAMILY 3 By implementing this database Mr Morgan will no longer need to travel to each of the eight locations to perform individual HR tasks Instead the system will incorporate all the locations employee information available positions recruiting and scheduling at one location readily available to him HRIS VENDOR CHOICE While looking for a vendor that would adequately provide Castle s Family Restaurant and Mr Morgan s needs I kept in mind the number of employees and what they ultimately needed I have found two vendors that I believe would be best suited The first is HRSource provided by Auxillium West Auxillium provides HRIS specifically to small to medium sized companies They also provide a free trial if Castle s Family Restaurant and Mr Morgan would like to try the program before committing to it This particular program is built on Microsoft ACCESS and has the capability to be customized and linked to 3rd party software With HRSource all employee data can be managed from the time of hired to the end of employment The disadvantage to this program is that a payroll program will have to be purchased and linked to this software but can be purchased at the same vendor and also includes a free trial However with HRSource Mr Morgan can track 0 Applicants 0 EEO and AAP 0 Position reports 0 Benefits 0 PTO 0 FMLA 0 Bonus 0 Sick 0 History 0 Category 0 Skills 0 19 CASTLE S FAMILY 4 0 Certification 0 Job Openings 0 Status COBRA 0 Leave 0 Stock Options company Pmperty 0 Licenses 0 Training Dependents 0 OSHA 0 Vacation 0 Performance 0 Workers Comp 0 Education The second vendor I found is PDS Vista HRMS provided by HRMS Solutions Inc This particular program is a one stop shop They have integrated the database for organizing and adapting payroll into the same system The heading says it all A Complete Single System of Record for HR amp Payroll The PDS Vista HRMS starts with applications hiring and follows the employee through promotions and the way through to termination This program also has a self service feature and can conduct background checks The core features of this program are core HRIS and payroll selfservice position control and budgeting recruiting work ow alerts and notification time and attendance benefits administration analytics and easy ask this integrated query tool allows managers to ask questions in the English language without technical assistance and the tool does the rest automatically With the information provided I highly recommend using PDS Vista HRMS provided by HRMS Solutions Inc This system has all the needed programs for Mr Morgan and Castle s Family Restaurants to perform all their HR functions without having the need for multiple systems CONCLUSION CASTLE S FAMILY Castle s Family Restaurants and Mr Jay Morgan needwant a more efficient way to perform HR tasks without the use of an excel spreadsheet as payroll tracking and Mr Morgan traveling to each of the 8 locations each week Implementing a HRIS such as PDS Vista HRMS provided by HRMS Solutions Inc will greatly reduce the need to travel to each restaurant and will streamline payroll functions as well as integrate all 8 locations employee information into one manageable group PDS Vista HRMS provided by HRMS Solutions Inc will aid in making Mr Morgan s HR functions more efficient REFERENCES Auxillium West Human Resources Software HRSource Retrieved from httpwwwauxilliumcomhrsourcePShtml HRMS PDS Vista HRMS Comprehensive HR amp Payroll management for the US and Canada Retrieved from httpwwwhrmssolutionscomsolutionsDavrollpdsvistahrms Kavanagh M J 2011 Human Resource Information Systems Basics Applications and Future Directions 2nd Edition VitalSource Bookshelf version Retrieved from httpdevrvvitalsourcecombooks9781452241 1 1 US 123


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