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MGT 437 Week 2 Individual Assignment - Achieving Project Goals Simulation_

by: NUMBER1TUTOR Notetaker

MGT 437 Week 2 Individual Assignment - Achieving Project Goals Simulation_ MKT421

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About this Document

MGT 437 Week 2 Individual Assignment - Achieving Project Goals Simulation_
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by NUMBER1TUTOR Notetaker on Monday November 9, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to MKT421 at Phoenix College taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 33 views.


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Date Created: 11/09/15
Project Proposal 1 Project Proposal Paper Background and Statement of Need Project Proposal 2 Our team has decided to conduct a joint meeting concerning the merger of two organizations to solicit ideas from the new staff and retained staff for a seamless transition Currently the organization in question is struggling to cover their budgeted costs because of the recent increases in demand declines in accounts receivable changes in healthcare and the overall cost of keeping a thriving business a oat in troubled economic times The current organization is a hospital and health care is experiencing rough times in this economic situation A private owner is buying their way in to aid in this financial distress and along with the money they are bringing new staff The project team will gather information to begin planning the joint meeting It is important to consider all variables to have a successful outcome The organization will benefit from such a meeting in that everyone involved will be equally of all aspects of the merger The team considers communication to be a key component especially in a merger situation Finding a central location will ease costs tension anticipation and help to promote the productivity of both organizations coming together to make one Project Stakeholders In every project there is a stakeholder A stakeholder can be individuals or organizations who are either favorably or unfavorably affected by a project and its outcome For the sake of this merger the stakeholders would be the owners all employees including management and any union personnel customerspatients suppliers local state and federal governments the public all shareholders creditors and financial institutions Kerzner 2006 Every organization whether privately owned or corporate has stakeholders as everyone involved falls within the definition of one Project Proposal 3 With concern to the meeting being conducted our team must answer to senior management to be careful that no portion is overlooked In order for the meeting to be productive for the merger paying attention to detail will ensure the team that senior management will be pleased with the outcome The location time agenda refreshments travel arrangements for keynote speakers and upper management personnel along with accommodations for those individuals are key factors that need to be determined The development of a survey for all individuals involved and the content of what is to be communicated will be taken into consideration in the planning stages of the meeting The purpose of the meeting will convey to both organizations how valued every stakeholder is in a merger Project Goals A project ending in success depends on the quality and timeliness of all the deliverables The primary task of this project is to understand the organization s goals and they need to be determined when deciding on why the project is being done The goals of this merger meeting are to make sure everyone in the new and current organization is satisfied and willing to work together As stated previously the hospital has fallen onto a financial hardship and this merger is supposed to help A main goal is to stay within the project budget while satisfying all of the needs Some of the needs are staying within budget with little or no contingency while arranging for meeting location travel plans introductions of new employees to current employees and having the ability to effectively express that everyone in the organization is working toward the same goal Staying within the budget and completing all tasks within a timely fashion is very Project Proposal 4 important Making sure that all of the project plans are met accordingly is another important goal The success of this project will be dependent on the planning and the way the plans are being carried out Satisfying all the stakeholders will not only help the organization but also the employees and patients Time Given the importance of this meeting on all aspects the project team must determine the appropriate to time to hold this meeting It is preferable to time this meeting prior to the date of merger Timing will ensure that on opening day all stakeholders are on one accord The first step is to allow enough time to budget split out the assignments and being to receive cost estimates This project will be done with haste as the merger is eminent The project team has decided that it will take at least 90 days from today to schedule and book every aspect of the meeting Budget The budget of a project is one of the most important details Many projects require a contingency cost Although the project team has outlined some expected costs below they are aware of circumstances in which more funds will be required The hospital is taking part in this merger because of their current economic status so although the project is a necessity it will be performed with a smaller budget then expected The team believes that keeping the guest list down to immediate stakeholders will be a necessity Printing Costs agenda merger details survey 1500 Travel Costs including ights hotel per diem and transportation 4000 Facility Rental including setup and cleanup 2500 Project Proposal 5 Refreshments 500 AV Equipment Rental and Setup 1000 Project Performance Project performance can be measured using various resources The sum total of the deliverables as well as other unique post project outlays are referred to by the project management term output PMK 2010 The main outputs for this specific merger are to ensure that the project is planned successfully and that the planning addresses the goals time and budget that the project team believes is required One of the outputs will be to have all new and current staff members fill out a survey regarding the changes they would like to see happen with the new ownership Another large consideration is the project budget The budget will have to be detailed because the hospital is struggling and there are no extra funds at this unexpected time Several expenses will be incurred such as travel and catering Time is yet another output because the new owners want this merger meeting to happen within 90 days The stakeholders have been identified and another output will be to prepare the stakeholders at the meeting with a report that explains all the expected changes with the merger Each task that needs to be completed to make this meeting a success must be completed at 100 or above Because this meeting is probably the most important meeting for the organization in its presentday it must be held at its best A number of tasks need to be accomplished and many of these tasks are done every day by team members on the project committee Some of the deliverables for the success of our project or rather meeting include Project Proposal 6 Decide on a Date Decide if the meeting will be one day or multiple It typically takes longer than one day for stakeholder meetings to be productive Make sure all of the executives are available on that dates then work done to all levels of management staff involved in the meeting Select a location Get estimates and begin negotiations The meeting should take place in the same hotel as where some of the staff will be lodging Ensure travel arrangements for the Executives Work closely with the Executive Assistants Be sure to keep them in the loop of the meeting arrangements Meals Find local caterers if needed Having the meeting at the hotel in which the Execs will be lodging is favorable because meals lodging and conference room arrangements can be facilitated with only one company the hotel Develop topics to be presented Work with the executives and the staff who will be merging to get ideas on hot topics current accomplishments milestones and the future of the company as a new Many times it is best to have the CEO of the organization present some of the topics It is preferable that those with expertise on certain topics be the spokesperson for that area of the meeting Develop a survey to gather employee support of the merger Management wants the staff to be in good spirits because having a content staff will help with production Providing a survey to the employees gives them an opportunity to share their opinions Project Proposal 7 The project performance thus far has ended up being successful because all of the planning outputs were addressed and the project was split up into teams and each team has agreed to take responsibility for addressing a certain area of the project The travel budget and arrangements are planned to be made immediately after the location is chosen The team has already begun to get cost estimates for the catering Each part of the project is being identified and budgeted for Project Scope The following items will be completed for the hospital and healthcare agency merger meeting secure a facility with a 1000 person capacity at a minimum secure travel arrangements for the top two executives in each company secure a caterer to provide refreshments for the attendees development of a survey to capture stakeholder moral regarding the merger have printed agendas and meeting materials determine the areas of concern from the stakeholder base and deliver to the executives for presentation preparation tabulate results of the surveys and deliver to the company executives prepare a transcript of the recorded Qamp A session and deliver to the company executives Project Summary In conclusion Team C has come up with a proposed plan to conduct a joint meeting concerning the merger of two organizations to solicit ideas from the new staff and retained staff for the hospital By looking at several points such as the back ground and statement of need project stakeholders project goals in terms of triple constraint time budget project performance and project scope will ensure a detail report that will educate the stakeholders in the meeting where the idea of merging the two organizations Project Proposal 8 together The stakeholder roles are to affect the project in different ways by the project and its outcome The purpose of the meeting is to answer any questions and also give a detailed plan to the senior management First the meeting needs to be set up a few important key points to include is the location time agenda refreshments travel arrangements for keynote speakers and upper management personnel along with accommodations for those individuals The primary task of this project is to understand the organization s goals stay within budget and introduce all new staff The project will take 90 days to complete and the project has to have a detailed budget plan that needs to be followed Several expenses will be incurred such as travel and catering To make this project a success the meeting will focus on deciding if the meeting will be one day or multiple days selecting a location ensuring travel arrangements for the executives meals which include finding local caterers if needed developing topics to be presented and last developing a survey to gather employee support of the merger Following these steps will ensure the project will have a successful outcome because all of the planning outputs are being addressed and the project has been split up into teams each team has agreed to take responsibility for addressing a certain area of the project Project Proposal 9 References Kerzner H 2006 Project Management A Systems Approach to Planning Scheduling and Controlling Retrieved from rEesource at UOP database on March 26 2010 Project Management Knowledge 2010 Retrieved on March 28 2010 from httpWWWproj ectmanagementknowledgecomdefinitionsooutput Derive Project Outputs 2010 Retrieved on March 28 2010 from httpborupbworkscomDeriveprojectoutputs


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