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MGT 437 Week 4 Individual Assignment - Team Creation Paper

by: NUMBER1TUTOR Notetaker

MGT 437 Week 4 Individual Assignment - Team Creation Paper MKT421

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About this Document

MGT 437 Week 4 Individual Assignment - Team Creation Paper
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by NUMBER1TUTOR Notetaker on Monday November 9, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to MKT421 at Phoenix College taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 30 views.

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Date Created: 11/09/15
Running head TEAM CREATION PAPER Team Creation Paper MGT437 April 12 2010 Patricia Dues Team Creation Paper 2 Team Creation Paper Successful teams are built by selecting appropriate team members for a project and assigning specific orders to decrease the chance of con icts arising within a team Initiating enjoyable activities that provide employees the ability to get to know each other will build a bond and promote team unity which will also help to build the morale of the team members Cohesiveness must be present to assure the team achieves the goals of the project When an individual feels that he or she is truly a part of a team more thought and consideration will be placed on completing the project Team Member Selection In order to create a successful team members should be selected to a project and assigned specific roles based on skill level and experience Assigning roles based on skill level will ensure that the strengths of each member are being used to create optimal results This will allow each team member to recognize that his or her specific work contributed rather than a mere opinion that was used to complete the task This will also alleviate the tendency for one individual to complete the majority of an assignment A sense of completion is important for the continued success of a team When selecting members for a project team it is important to imply those based on all facets of the project Kerzner 2006 Therefore each team may have a wide variety of individuals from different backgrounds It is important to learn and understand each individual39s personal history to find the best possible fit to create a dynamic team environment When developing a team diversity can be a factor that contributes to a successful team which is currently known to be one of the most important challenges facing today39s businesses Importance must be placed on implementing team building strategies in order to decrease the Team Creation Paper 3 chance of con icts arising within a team Team cohesiveness must be present in order for the team to be successful Individuals who are a part of a unified team value the relationships that have formed and strive to maintain the positive work environment that eXists When an individual believes he or she is truly a part of a team more thought and consideration will be placed on completing the project TeamBuilding Strategies Some team building strategies most often considered include utilizing as many resources are available identifying and defining key roles and objectives define team roles and responsibilities schedule regular meetings encourage responsibilities scheduling time limits and constraints as well as acknowledging differences and con icts openly HRshoppercom 2005 There are many resources available to help implement a successful team As a project manager it is important to provide an environment favorable to teamwork Potential Areas of Con ict There are often potential areas of con ict within a diverse project team Con ict is fundamental to compleX task management Kerzner 2006 p 148 Con icts can consist of a disagreement of opinion to personality differences Con ict management techniques such as avoidance accommodation and compromise can help teams handle con icts as they arise The dynamics of each team will be unique A successful team member will know how to function well with others to resolve con icts Not all groups and teams will automatically collaborate well with each other In project management potential areas of con ict often include project priorities administrative procedures technical tradeoffs staffing schedules and simply the diverse personalities of team members Mantel amp Meredith 2006 Team Creation Paper 4 Reducing the Probability of Dysfunctional Con ict Meetings are an important part to mitigating destructive or dysfunctional con ict Conducting effective team meetings show that the time the team members spend in the meeting place is an effective use of each person39s time Meetings can be focused on information sharing brainstorming a problem resolving a problem or decision making Meetings can also be used to collaborate and share information from one person to the group The meeting time can also be used to reiterate team ground rules as well as time to give each other constructive feedback and review actual results compared to the objectives or goals With all the prevention in the world there will still be problems and having a plan to resolve con icts will be the final chapter in the best practices packet around the team environment Con ict Resolution Techniques When Con ict Arises Project managers must be capable of resolving con ict and improving overall project performance When con icts arise within a project there are techniques for reducing the probability of dysfunctional con ict Many of these techniques are often used however it is most popular in project management for project managers to establish more of a negotiation technique to establish a winlose situation to a winwin situation Methods of principled negotiations are to separate the people from the problem focus on interests not positions before trying to reach agreement invent options for mutual gain and insist on using objective criteria Mantel amp Meredith 2006 Implementing teambuilding exercises can help to develop bonds and unity within the team If the team is unable to function con ict resolution techniques must be used One of the key elements in resolving con ict is to focus on a winwin solution In conjunction with the win Team Creation Paper 5 win approach another solution is to develop good listening skills Listen to each side of the con ict repeat what you think you heard ask questions and summarize the problem and the desires of each person When the issue causing the con ict is clear to everyone involved it is easier to get to a winwin solution In a time of con ict the potential for emotions to run high is always there Managing emotions will help focus the con ict away from quotthe other personquot and on to you Making statements such as quotI feel like the communication could be spread to a wider audiencequot is much more pleasant and less confrontational than quotYou did not communicate effectively and to the right audiencequot Lastly getting both sides of the con ict to understand the other side and to work toward negotiation and mediation will help to achieve the ultimate goal of a winning solution for both sides Team Creation Paper Reference Kerzner H 2006 Project Management a Systems Approach to Planning Scheduling and Controlling 9th ed New York NY Wiley Meredith J R amp Mantel Jr S J 2006 Project Management a Managerial Approach 6th ed New York NY Wiley Excellent job with the paper You are a very good writer Total points 5 points


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