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CIS 319 Week 1 SDLC


CIS 319 Week 1 SDLC fin571

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CIS 319 Week 1 SDLC
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by an elite notetaker on Tuesday November 10, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to fin571 at Kaplan University taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 29 views.

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Date Created: 11/10/15
System Development Lifecycle 1 Running Head System Development Lifecycle System Development Lifecycle Challenges and Issues Faced by Designer Writer s Name Course Name Semester No Class Level Supervisor Name System Development Lifecycle 2 SDLC There are five phases of the systems development life cycle Planning Phase Analysis Phase Design Phase Implementation Phase and Support Phase System Designer deals with all phases of the SDLC to deliver final system with all the agreed constraints in time and cost Planning phase is accomplished using Gantt chart and PERT chart or other project management software Feasibility is measure of suitability of system development for concerned organization In feasibility assessment operational schedule technical and economic criteria is analyzed to check the capability of firm to deliver the system Data and information gathering techniques helps in ensuring the accuracy of feasibility assessment whether system is able to meet all the functional and technical requirements There are siX identified techniques for data and information gathering which is reviewing the existing document observing the existing system and user input preparing the questionnaire to understand the requirement Interview with eXpert panel and management review committee Joint Application Design I AD system and research to find the suitability and solution of system Documentation keeps track of management knowledge bank testing data and information It summarizes the project deliverable s steps by including technical documents project schedule project reports diagram for any system or data ow chart of data model project design and details of other deliverables as required in project System Development Lifecycle 3 The planning phase can be defined as formal steps of project development design execution plan schedule and risk assessment in specified textual document which is approved by management committee and works as guideline and checklist to control and manage the project whereas analysis phase does the primary and detailed investigation and analysis Project planning concerns deploying the organisation s ISIT resources including people hardware and software Understanding the requirements Task definition Work breakdown structure Project breakdown structure Resource allocation Scheduling and Establishment of milestones are key steps in project planning Gantt Charts WidgetsaRaUs E002 January February March I priill M1311 June H July 1rill F39lrujiwlg me E i Eli I ij m it ill1 37 w 5531 Task m and mu 1 Task H 72 1 9 331 Task Task 1 ijm W11qu 1 Task Hi1 94m am Task BE me E 3 an 1351 BE ne I I ma System Development Lifecycle 4 Above figure is an example of Gantt chart used for project planning Difficulties in seeing and assessing opportunities Problems of matching project plans and organisational plans Problems of building systems Sustaining system performance and Problems of collaborating with systems builders are major bottlenecks in project planning Analysis phase consists of preliminary investigation and detailed investigation Preliminary investigation checks the feasibility of system development by understanding the nature of problem and whether solution is worth going ahead Detailed analysis also known as logical design assesses the present system and sees whether it is in alignment with user s requirement Then it proposes solution to make robust system by filling all the identified gaps and provide platform for missing functionality Conclusion Right understanding of different phases of system development lifecycle makes us aware of various aspects of information system The knowledge of system development lifecycle to introduce new system into organization or consumer market provides combating strategies to encounter the challenges and issues faced during the execution of project System Development Lifecycle 5 References Website Anonymous 2007 AuthorStream Retrieved May 16 2010 from System Development Lifecycle httpWWWauthorstreamcompresentation K1iment 3 13 1 8 Chapter1 1 Chapter l 1 Information System Development Programming Languages Obj ectives Life Cycle Progra as Entertainment ppt powerpoint


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