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CIS 319 Week 2 Individual Assignment - Computer Data Storage paper


CIS 319 Week 2 Individual Assignment - Computer Data Storage paper fin571

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About this Document

CIS 319 Week 2 Individual Assignment - Computer Data Storage paper
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by an elite notetaker on Tuesday November 10, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to fin571 at Kaplan University taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 29 views.

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Date Created: 11/10/15
Running Head Computer Data Storage Computer Data Storage Input and Output Writer s Name Course Name Semester No Class Level Supervisor Name Computer Data Storage Computer Data Storage Computer Printed Questionnaires The mode of data input will be decided on the basis of model of printed questionnaire If the questionnaire consists of multiple choices optical scanner is the best choice The keyboard typing or uploading the scanned version of written paper is suitable for theoretical a paper which requires description about the topic Telephone Survey Automated computer system to capture the details of survey is best option as it reduces the margin of human error related to typo grammatical mistake etc if the instructions are clearly explained to participants Otherwise if it is abstruse paper which needs the presence of subject matter expert human interaction is essential where responses can be recorded into the system Retail Tags RFID for International bar code is best method of input in the case of identifying the information embedded in retail tags It can be problematic in the case when wrong bar code is attached to the item But it can be rectified easily by attentiveness of sales person or customer Still if there is lack of RFID process then human intervention is possible choice for recording the details Bank Checks Automated scanners of bank checks provide the optimal choice of getting the information in efficient manner to reduce the human errors Still manual check is required to verify the correctness of details whether system has uploaded the exact description mentioned in checks without losing some details due to customer s error or misinformation Computer Data Storage 3 Long Documents Automatic uploading process of scanned version of long document is most suitable choice if paper format of long documents is already available Manual typing becomes essential in the absence of paper version Hand Held Computer Personal Digital Assistant along with blackberry are leading products in handheld devices which can provide all the basic operations of computer like email Microsoft office internet access multimedia files It retains all the functionality of regular phone They resemble in high resolution of larger computer but there is definite gap in size of hard disk It is sufficient for small operations but ease of navigation in big screen through files makes them better choice for tedious assignment Portability is obvious advantages in handheld computers in comparison to laptops or desktops Color Photograph Professional quality of high resolution is difficult to match in the case of color photograph Arrival of niche products in digital cameras is reducing the gap from film cameras There is user friendly behavior of these cameras to upload on computers and take the print outs It provides good options for amateur which is cost effective also Multiple copies of any photo are also available at tip of finger Resume Electronic version of resume provides the accessibility to each stakeholders Without going through hassles of mailing process involved in sending the hard copy of the file It can be easily emailed to everyone Without any need of physical transportation Once the process of selection or need of resume is over it can be kept in the office file for the sake of record Internal Memorandum Intranet or internal email system with secured features provides the option of sharing the information Without threat of malicious attack of virus from outside Computer Data Storage 4 agency The firewall and monitoring system of company protects the information which can be leaked to external sources Still it is impossible to achieve full proof system because it depends on many factors including sincerity of employees Statistical Report This kind of report can be published using the internal bulletin in the form of PowerPoint presentations statistical graph in excel sheet or just as plain text on the dash board The highlights of important statistical achievement create visual impression to emphasize the relevant points If senior management can take the responsibility of presenting the papers in podium which allows human interaction to understand the process it will leave reasonable impact Afterwards the handouts for presentation can be messaged through mail to concerned persons Annual Report This is one of the important papers for discussion Paper format is costly as volume of papers will be high in the case of large documents Still paper form can be provided to important stakeholders along with messaging electronic version of annual report to each interested persons Investors and business client will find easy to maintain soft copy of the report to access them for financial analysis whenever they want Hard Disk Hard disk is high capacity storage that is made up of many circular and in exible platters where data can be stored electronically Miniature hard disk has greater storage capacities than ash memory but lesser than laptop hard disk External and removable hard disk is utilized for back up or transferring the file External hard disk is connected to system unit whereas removable hard disk can be inserted or removed Computer Data Storage 5 Floppy disk This has become obsolete after arrival of ash drive and other portable devices with higher data storage capacity It is useful in the case of small files It is slow method of storing data Current products of computer do not create oppy disk drive RAM RAM stands for random access memory which is used for carrying the task of runtime operations It stores the data in integrated circuit form in CPU where each data can be accessed randomly without any association with order of data or location It has second fastest retrieval time of data after cache Once the task is completed RAM releases the memory as it is case of volatile memory Latest series of computer products can provide up to 8 GB of RAM Clock Speed Clock speed of CPU is the speed at which data is processed or microprocessor executes instruction It is expressed in megahertz or gigahertz Expansion buses also similar clock speed like CPU with same frequency Ideally buses and CPU should have same clock speed but buses are slower in practical application CD ROM CD ROM is compact disc read only memory where contents cannot be deleted or changed Its capacity is around 650 MB to 1 GB In recordable CD you can write the content once but it can t be erased whereas rewritable CDs allow to record and write multiple times Arrival of recordable CD has given the option of collecting different set of images audio and video files at your own choice Tape Tape is useful for backups of huge volume of data which has slow data storage time Hence it is advisable to avoid using it in real time Still it is good choice of storage as back up in the case of crash of hard drive It has also become obsolete like oppy drive Computer Data Storage 6 FlasMJump Drive Flash Drive which is also known as Jump Drive can be plugged into any USB slot Its pocket size feature with data storage capacity up to 128 GB starting with 64 MB is setting it as standard device It is compatible with most of the latest PC versions with occasional cases of incompatibility Computer Data Storage References Website Anonymous 2009 Youtube Retrieved June 28 2010 from Discovering Computers Keyboards httpbcis 1301 ti Cedu course1ecturepptChapter07 pdf Anonymous 2007 AuthorStream Retrieved June 28 2010 from System Development Lifecycle httpWWWauthorstreamcompresentation K1iment 3 13 1 8 Chapter1 1 Chapter 1 1 Information System Development Programming Languages Obj ectives Life Cycle Progra as Entertainment ppt powerpoint Anonymous2004A DVD Primer Retrieved June 28 2010 from the Adobe Digital Video Group httDwwwadobecomdesigncenterencorearticlesenc1dvdprimer w ueencl dvdDr imerwuepdf


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