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COM 200 Week 4 DQs


COM 200 Week 4 DQs fin571

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COM 200 Week 4 DQs
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by an elite notetaker on Tuesday November 10, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to fin571 at Kaplan University taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 27 views.


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Date Created: 11/10/15
WEEK 4 DQlQ In this week s readings the author discusses emotional intelligence a concept which measures people s ability to understand emotions as well as express them appropriately As you have learned this ability is crucial to communicating effectively in interpersonal relationships One of the major components to having emotional intelligence is being able to empathize with others First describe in your own words what it means to have empathy Second share an example of a time when you found it difficult to empathize with someone else How did you handle the situation What could you have done differently to empathize with them DQlA Empathy is one s ability to be able to find a way to relate or understand the emotions of another person If I were an unemotional person I would not likely be able to relate to how someone else was feeling I may not express emotions therefore others may not be able to share their emotions with me However since I am intune with my emotions I try to find ways to understand how others are feeling when we are discussing a topic as well as show others my emotions within reason of course I have a recent example of how I used empathy to gain the trust of a work peer There was an employee of mind that was having a difficult time getting her work completed by the end of the day Many of her other peers were able to complete the tasks in the time frame allotted but she was still unable to I called a meeting with her and asked what her reasoning was for incomplete daily tasks Her response was one I had not personally experienced She told me that she recently lost a family member not an immediate family member but one that she was closely emotionally connected to Since it was not an immediately family member our work policy did not allow her time off to mourn I did my best to understand how she must have felt and asked her if she would like to take a few vacation days off or take work home with her and work the extra hours She is a salary employee so I wanted to give her options I knew the death must have been hard on her and I am certain it was hard for her to concentrate on work but she could not take bereavement days because of company policy She was grateful for my offer to take work home with her She told me that she felt she could concentrate better for a week if she worked a few extra hours at home and she could pace her work better I think she was glad I was understanding of her situation and did not write her up for incomplete tasks I have also experienced situations in which I was unable to be empathetic to a situation of an employee As an example a few years ago I had an employee going through a divorce I could not relate to his situation since my wife and I are happily married However I did my best to understand that these things can be painful and sometimes take away from our concentration on work However I found it hard to cut him any slack on the job I could not understand why he needed to constantly have personal calls throughout the day It was taking away from his concentration and dedication to work To me work is a way to make ends meet I feel that if you are dedicated to your job and taking care of your family you should put forth all of your effort toward work during work hours In my mind he could have done the personal calls after work and spent more time and focus on his duties I did not mind a few personal calls here or there but it became extensive to where it was bothering others around him at work I ended up writing him up after several warnings about the multiple personal calls per day In pulling the phone records it was even more intense than I originally had thought I had a hard time empathizing his personal situation with the divorce and I do feel I could have improved on some aspects of the situation I think within the three components of emotional intelligence I could have improved on my ability to effectively communicate negative emotions After all it is what you think about that circumstance and more important the way you translate your thoughts into feelings that creates the effect on you Sole 2011 I could not allow a divorce to interfere with the work that needed to be done for clients The only thing I think I could have done better is to sit him down in my office and discuss the situation further before writing him up Although he had many warnings prior to the writeup I should have been able to understand that a divorce requires phone calls to lawyers that may not be open in the evening after he got off of work or that he needed to speak to insurance companies about changing policies and so on Since I had never been in that situation I did not think far enough into it to be able to understand why the phone calls may have been occurring so often and at work Sole K 2011Making connections Understanding interpersonal communication San Diego CA Bridgepoint Education Inc httpscontentashfordedu DQ2Q Chapter Eight of Making Connections Understanding Interpersonal Communication addresses the various elements that attract us to other people when we are rst entering a relationship It might be one thing that we find attractive in another person or it might be several things that we like about them What do you look for in other people when you rst meet them This could be a potential romantic partner or even a platonic friend Either way we all have things that we look for in others and are attracted to when we meet people Also share an example of a time when you first met someone who you did not get along with but as you got to know them better you developed a friendshiprelationship with them What changed for you DQ2A When I was in the dating world I was a very picky man There were several things physically I looked for but also emotionally intellectually and romantically Distance was not an issue for me since I travel for work it was possible I could meet someone in a different state and still love her just as much I believe firmly that you cannot judge a book by its cover but outer beauty is What initially attracts us each to a person of the opposite sex When you walk into a bar you do not just walk up to an unattractive person and ask for their number You need that initial attraction which is one of the things I first went for When I met my Wife I saw her and knew I wanted to get to know her better because there was indeed a physical attraction She had these cute shorts on with long tanned legs gorgeous eyes and this unique smile Once I got passed the part of realizing the physical attraction I started conversation The way she smiled made me realize that there was a mutual attraction This I believe enabled her to open up to me and let us get to know each other better The things beyond the physical attraction that I needed to find out were how we connected emotionally intellectually and romantically This took some time because you cannot find this all out on the first date I needed to know if we were at the same stages of our life that we were ready to pursue a deeper relationship I needed to know if she was a crybaby or if she could handle life I needed to know if she could hold a conversation about things I liked like stock market stuff or dirt bikes I needed to know if there were sparks was there a romantic connection These were all things that only a deep conversation and a kiss could tell me Deep conversation also showed me how much we had in common This was something I had never really looked for up to this point in my life but now I realize how important it is to a relationship Eventually all of my wants in a relationship were confirmed in the person that she was and still is When I meet people today for work or just out and about I typically initially look at their face You can tell a lot about a person s face You can see how well they care for themselves if they are a happy person or a sad one and so forth I can read people pretty well so if it is a business meeting I look for how well I can read them For me it is not about who they are or how we connect because it is for a business relationship Now on the other hand when I am meeting new people and potentially a new friend I look for honesty sincerity common interests and also personal or perceived gain Those traits are all pretty much self explanatory all except for the personal gain Allow me to elaborate My wife and I tend to always be the friends in a relationship that have their finances household and lives in order Many times we will find new friends that like to feed off of that or ask for money or depend on us for one reason or another It becomes taxing on a friendship to always have someone depend on you When my wife and I get a new friend we like to consider what we offer them as a friend and also what they offer us If we find ourselves in a situation where we are always buying groceries for our new friend and we only call when they need something we know that the relationship is not a mutual one and we end the friendship slowly It is important for us to find a friend that shares common interest is honest and sincere but also has something to offer to the relationship About five years ago my wife had a friend that was going through a separation Her friend kept telling us how awful this guy was One day we helped her move her stuff from his house Unfortunately it was a sticky situation because he was actually there when we moved her stuff It was our first time actually meeting him He seemed like an angry person so we rushed the task through For several months we just disliked him because of what she had told us of him and our first impression of him was not the best Then my wife s friend decided she needed more stuff moved from the house I went over there alone and knocked on the door to get it as my wife s friend asked me to I ended up sitting there drinking a beer with him He was nothing like he was the first time we met him nor did he seem like as bad as a guy as my wife s friend told us I realized we should not take someone else s word for how someone really is nor should we let first impressions deter us from getting to know someone better Today my wife is no longer friends with that woman long story short she had lied to my wife too many times Additionally the guy I had the beer with her ex and my wife and I are all best friends now for about four years It was the fact that he was honest with us that initially made us secondguess our opinion of him Additionally we share a lot of common interests and views He has as much to offer to our friendship as we do so it makes it so much easier not to have a friend that depends on us solely Sole K 2011Making connections Understanding interpersonal communication San Diego CA Bridgepoint Education Inc httpscontentashfordedu


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