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COM 200 Week 4 Interpersonal Conflict in Film


COM 200 Week 4 Interpersonal Conflict in Film fin571

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About this Document

COM 200 Week 4 Interpersonal Conflict in Film
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by an elite notetaker on Tuesday November 10, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to fin571 at Kaplan University taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 21 views.

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Date Created: 11/10/15
Interpersonal Con ict in Film Interpersonal Con ict in Film NAME COM 200 Professor DATE Interpersonal Con ict in Film 2 Watching the movie Hitch it gave me insight as to how we can see and react to others issues but then we fail to see them when they happen to us The interpersonal con ict in this movie that I am choosing for this paper is how Alex Hitchen can help every other guy get a girl but cannot use the same skills he teaches in order to land his dream girl It is easy for us to observe and give advice on things we see but sometimes using interpersonal skills for our own advantage can be harder than we think The two main interpersonal con icts I identified were practicing what we preach and also to be ourselves when meeting someone new Allow me to elaborate further in the following paragraphs on these two topics In this film Hitchen gives advice to many men about how to pick up their dream girl He teaches them how to dress talk and act Although Hitchen possess the same skills in which he taught in the film he lacked the ability to use them himself It was almost as if he was living vicariously through the men he taught Given the fact that Hitchen had before been hurt in a relationship he used his learned skills and successes to help others succeed but was unwilling to fall in love himself Our text provides that as painful as the end of such a relationship might be it is only through exposing your true self through interpersonal communication and risking rejection or loss that you can hope to establish the intimate relationships that most people long to have in their lives Sole 2011 Comparing this to my real life it reminds me of how I teach my son to eat vegetables I do not lead by example which I should I tell my son to eat vegetables because it will make him grow up strong and healthy However I do not eat many vegetables myself because I have eaten them before and did not like them If I am going to tell him to do something I should myself be willing to do this regardless of my passed experiences It also reminded me of another situation in my professional life I tell my employees to always tell me when they have a new idea problem question or anything along those lines When it comes to my new ideas or problems I try to resolve Interpersonal Con ict in Film 3 them myself or work through them without consulting others I need to learn to lead by example or else I risk losing credibility with my peers and family When Hitchens from the film teaches the men how to snag their dream date he forgets the most important part to be themselves The men he was teaching are taught to be something that they may not be Being yourself This helps you to keep a relaxed state of mind and positive attitude as well as avoiding false images for the person you are speaking to Shorn 2010 It is difficult to keep up with a lie This is an interpersonal con ict in many relationships toady in real life It is very common when people start dating that they try to impress the people they are trying to date or gain the attention of Thinking back to when my wife and I started dating she was a sweet little ball of fire with a squeaky voice and a lot of passion for life Although she is still most of that she hid many of her faults from the beginning in order to make me feel as if she was the one for me I too was guilty of hiding my true self from her in the beginning I would open doors for her leave notes in her coat pockets or send her owers for no reason That was not the real me The real me wanted to just tell her how I felt and have a romantic evening I did those things so that she would think I was worthy of her time and affection Deceit in this movie and real life is an interpersonal con ict that exists whether in large form or small It could be a big lie or a simple stretch of the truth Either way we look at it deceit sometimes can land us the dream girl but also cause problems down the road Hitch was a good movie example of how a simple plan of acting like something we are not can come back to bite us in the end In the end it is clear that we need to be able to lead by example if we are going to give others advice as well as be ourselves in order to gain the interest of our dream mate or any one we wish to engage Leading by example will gain the trust of those around us and set the precedence for that of which we speak Being ourselves when meeting new people not only weeds out those interested in us for who we are but also saves us time potentially wasted in deceiving others into thinking we are something we are not After all relationships are only successful if we are honest about who we are Interpersonal Con ict in Film 4 REFERENCES Shorn R 2010 June 12 Meeting new people Web log message Retrieved from httDezinearticlescomMeetingNeWPeopleampid44701 15 Sole K 2011 Making connections Understanding interpersonal communication San Diego CA Bridgepoint Education Inc httpscontentashfordedu


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