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COM 200 Week 5 DQs


COM 200 Week 5 DQs fin571

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COM 200 Week 5 DQs
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by an elite notetaker on Tuesday November 10, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to fin571 at Kaplan University taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 23 views.


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Date Created: 11/10/15
WEEK 5 DQlQ One of the most frustrating situations in the professional world is to work with someone who is not professional in their job This often makes it a very disheartening work environment because of the low level of professionalism Have you ever found yourself in a situation where the work environment was not professional How did you handle the situation Share an example If your work experience is limited consider a time when you were working with others in a different context such as school or a club Also address how you can combat this in the future with effective communication skills DQlA I had a client many years ago that was a southern good ole boy as people called him He clearly believed women had their place at home and men were to earn the money When I would speak to him he would make certain comments that led me to believe he felt this way Being a guy and a supplier of his I just listened to his antics and tried to continue on with the professional topic Then a time came when my client was in town and came to Visit the office for a meeting One of my female employees was present I had anticipated handing off this account to her to handle going forward I wanted my client to get to know her and Visa versa Most of the meeting was spent going over account details However every chance he got he made references to her gender role He would say things about how he thought she might need a break to go powder her nose He also made a comment on the fact that she was wearing pants instead of a skirt He kept calling her Mrs Cleaver Her name was not Mrs Cleaver These comments were not only uncalled for but also discriminating in my opinion I felt bad for my employee as her boss I stepped in to say something I explained very professionally that she would be the new account representative and she was very capable of handling his account regardless of a skirt or pants I went on to explain that she was well qualified and had an established background of successes I finished by telling him in a joking tone but firm look that she was a tough cookie and she would put him in his place if he needed an adjustment Now I would not have done this to any client of course Each client would have been different Since he was a southern gentleman and a joker I knew I could use a little aggressive verbiage to get his attention and get him to quit picking on her This took place about halfway through the meeting At this point my employee jumped into the conversation more aggressively and made it very clear she knew what she was doing his account would be in her capable hands and she was not going to take his biased gestures Years later here we are and the customer is still in business with us Since the lady I assigned to his account has left us this client has actually requested another woman to be his account representative It took my professional recognition and addressing of his unwanted and unprofessional comments for him to realize the errors of his ways Going forward I believe that any client that wished to be unprofessional whether it is specifically gender related or otherwise would have to be handled on an individual basis Every person handled situations differently If I were to address a southern gentleman again about his cursing in meetings it would likely be done in a joking tone but in an aggressive way so that they knew it was an unwelcome gesture and unprofessional If it were a quiet or shy client that constantly made mistakes and blamed them on our company I would speak directly to them and openly tell them how it affected our business I would also discuss with him how we together could find a way to solve the problem without risking our business loss It is all about how you speak to the different types of people that you feel may be behaving or speaking unprofessionally as to how they receive the message If you say it in a condescending manor you are not likely to gain their respect or learn from their lesson If you observe their behavior and find how you could get the message across in a way that would be well received this is the most beneficial Sole K 2011Making connections Understanding interpersonal communication San Diego CA Bridgepoint Education Inc httpscontentashfordedu DQ2Q Social media eg email blogs Facebook Skype Twitter has played a major role in changing the way that we all engage in interpersonal communication As we have learned this week this form of communication through electronic media is referred to as mediated communication As with everything there are many pros and cons to using mediated communication in our interpersonal relationships How has mediated communication improved your interpersonal relationships How has it hurt them Provide examples to illustrate your point DQ2A Online media has proven a blessing as well as a curse First I will address the blessing aspect Since high school ended I lost touch with a lot of people It was due to either distance or people moving and getting married Some people I lost because I was holding a childhood grudge and did not want to work things out With things such as Twitter and Facebook I have been able to reconnect with many of those people There was one individual that I did not get along with in high school but after I added him as a friend we made amends since we are obviously adults now and are getting along much better Facebook has been the social media method in which I have reconnected with people I once knew It enables people who want to be found by others to be found Twitter has been one of the facets in which I can get to know more personal stuff about famous people My wife actually became good friends with a famous racecar driver through twitter she had never met him before Twitter and now they are good friends The connections or reconnection are the most positive interpersonal communication example to come from social media On the downside there are a lot of aspects that hinder our interpersonal communication First with social media come abbreviations smiley faces and acronyms I cannot tell you how many times someone has posted on my Facebook wall about something and I could not tell if they were serious or joking because there was not an 101 or smiley face after it In social media you become reliant on special acronyms or smiley faces to tell you the tone in which you should receive the text Additionally it has made people lazy There are abbreviations and acronyms for everything because people do not want or perhaps do not have time to write the whole sentence out appropriately My motherin law sends me posts and such and I cannot even read what she is writing because it is so abbreviated This is how miscommunication comes from which leads me to another downfall to social media in interpersonal communication Sometimes people can misconstrue your message if you do not place the appropriate lol or jk after a comment This openweb forum allows people to say anything about anyone If you made a comment either on Facebook or in person that someone did not agree with you better bet it will end up on Facebook This leads me to my last point of posting pictures Recently Ryan Dunn died in a car crash Because of his post on Twitter a few hours or so before the accident the police were easily able to see that Dunn was drinking and who his companions were while doing so this enabled them to easily identify his passenger in the wreckage The pictures that get posted on these sites can get saved to others computers and redistributed as well What we post whether words or photos is there forever and we cannot take it back Yes we can delete things but not before someone else has already seen it saved it or printed it out IfI posted a picture of myself at a store and tagged myself to the location it would be so easy for someone to come find me It is a scary though that some stranger could come say hello to me at the store There is a picture oating around through Facebook about a cashier at a store that looks like she is not wearing pants It is intended to be a joke but the lady is a real person and probably did not intend to be the center of such a cruel joke In the photo she is actually wearing spandex It was her choice but someone other than herself took a photo of her while she was working and posted it to the net and it has become a very popular photo on Facebook Social Media does not have limits besides the basic laws This is a large downfall for social media Although it is nice to reconnect with people or meet new people it is very important in order to keep positive interpersonal communication to keep the posts to a clean or general sensory Posting pictures of yourself or others posting pictures of you drinking a gallon of beer through a hose with your beer buddies holding you upside down may come back to haunt you when you try to get a job in the professional world or meet a real nice lady Posting something about how you hated the service at a specific restaurant could affect their business and also the jobs of the employees Through social media I have learned to be more cognizant of the consequences of What we post Sole K 2011Making connections Understanding interpersonal communication San Diego CA Bridgepoint Education Inc httpscontentashfordedu


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