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ENG 125 Week 5 DQs


ENG 125 Week 5 DQs fin571

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ENG 125 Week 5 DQs
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by an elite notetaker on Tuesday November 10, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to fin571 at Kaplan University taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 21 views.

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Date Created: 11/10/15
Week 5 DQl Question Throughout this course we have explored the similarities and differences between the literary forms of the short story the poem and drama For example one major difference is that both poetry and drama frequently place a strong emphasis on performance before an audience that is physically present while the short story is more commonly intended for individual reading With that said it is important to remember that all literary works cannot always be easily classified into a single genre Moreover literary works which might be classified as belonging to one genre might possess many qualities more typical of other genres For example Shakespeare s Macbeth is classified as drama but in many respects takes the form of poetry In other words sometimes the differences between categories like drama poetry and the short story are not so easily defined Often a short story might contain poetic or dramatic qualities or a poem might include narrative and dramatic features In your post summarize the major similarities and differences between the forms of drama poetry and the short story Demonstrate your ideas with textual examples from the course readings In your response include at least one example of each literary form If you wish you may also point to examples which indicate the blurring of literary genres eg the poetic qualities of Macbeth or the dramatic elements of Gift of the Magi DQl Answer Poems have always been my favorite of all three forms of literature we have learned about in this course The rhythm one can expect or perhaps the rhyming it all intrigues me This course has allowed me to explore poems further and read into hidden meanings or symbolism Short stories have never truly been this intriguing to me They do not rhyme or set forth a rhythmic tone that you can follow along Although any of the three forms of literature can be read out loud poems are best to be read to an audience Short stories are best to be read to one39s self Plays and drama are meant to be acted for an audience and read by actors For this class reading Shakespeare39s Macbeth was difficult However when I watched a clip from an actual performance on a popular web site I found it to be more compelling I felt the drama that the actors were able to portray though the words that Shakespeare had written When reading it I was not able to capture the very drama that they could present on a stage It was a visual image in my head opposed to in front of me In this class I also experienced poems being read to me opposed to reading them silently to myself I rather enjoyed this When hearing quotThe Pool Playersquot read by Gwendolyn Brooks I connected to the poem better It provided a preface to what the poem was actually about Had I not listened to her preface I would never have known this was about a pool room and the greasertype guys This was something I had never considered in regard to reading a poem to myself Short stories are best to be read to one39s self This is mainly because the writer has one path that they create for the reader to follow and it is an easy path to follow There are not any hidden meanings or benefit of reading these out loud Symbolism can be found in any form of literature however it is more prominent in a poem When reading quotHills Like White Elephantsquot I initially could not depict any symbolism I had to read a few parts over again to understand if the writer Hemingway was trying to get me to find a hidden meaning When he wrote of the hills that quotthey were white in the sun and the country was brown and dryquot I started to understand more of the underlying meaning the symbolism which was ironic symbolism White was to mean life however in this case it meant a calm uncertainty When reading the poem quotUsed to Live Here Oncequot the symbolism was in nearly every line Rhys wrote of colors to express emotion in each scene She described it as quota fine day a blue dayquot that quothad a glassy look to itquot The used of color in this poem allowed me to find the underlying meaning that Rhys wanted to convey to me the reader In the play quotTri esquot by Susan Glaspell I was surprised to even find symbolism in this drama as well In the very beginning of the play Mrs Peters says quotI39m notcoldquot This pause this hesitation along with the word quotcoldquot gave me the idea that Mrs Peters was prefacing the audience for the bitter or crass things we were about to watch her do Dialogue is an important part of a play somewhat for a short story and rare for a poem When watching a play the audience is there to experience the dialogue that is written for them to read to us through a real life experience In a short story we read the story and the dialogue helps us along as the writer wants us to follow In poems it is rare to see dialogue as it is a pattern of words rhythms symbolism and the like If we were to read Macbeth and replace all of the dialogue with phrases such as quotand McDuff went on toquot we would be seeing this story from third person instead of first person narrative If we were to read a story without dialogue it too would be primarily third person unless it was written in first person which could indeed be an autobiography Poems being typically short in verbiage does not require dialogue We do not need to know which person is speaking to whom because the purpose is to allow the reader to fill in the blanks with their own experiences or version of what the writer is truly trying to tell the reader through words DQ2 Question All literature involves some kind of performance which is intended for an audience Sometimes however the performative quality of a work ie the fact that it is being presented to an audience is more obvious than at others Drama and poetry for example tend to emphasize overt performance more than do short stories which more often are read silently and in solitude How is the more direct performative aspect of drama andor poetry re ected in these forms Consider for example each genre s uses of literary structure language technique and style How do these literary elements affect your reading experience In your post identify key qualities of drama and poetry which emphasize their performative qualities Discuss how these characteristics shape your reading response Support your views with at least one example of a dramatic text and one example of a poem DQ2 Answer The style of writing of a play is what I look at first In a play the writer gives very specific stage direction so that the audience or reader has a full understanding of what the actor or actress is to do when the play is performed In the play quotTri esquot the writer narrates quotThe women draw nearer quot The use of parenthesis allows me to see or imagine an action opposed to just hearing it as part of a story Additional to the style of writing plays are also best known for their dialogue abundance The play is performed between two or more people and is a constant dialogue whether to one another or a soliloquy The mere fact that an actor or actress has been provided with enough direction by the actual written piece to perform for an audience is amazing to me The writer has written down in this case Susan Glaspell a set dialogue for the actors to follow Each character is defined by the narration that the writer has set forth In drama ashbacks and foreshadowing are common However it is difficult in a play to depict when the ashbacks are happening Foreshadowing is a bit more understood because it can be identified by narration or soliloquies It to me is imperative for a play to have a preface at the beginning of the narration This can tell me which character is which For example in quotRiders to the Seaquot the preface tells me that Maurya is an old woman I would not have understood this just by reading the drama unless the writer really puts descriptive words such as quotold Mauryaquot or quother gray hairquot within the play itself With this being a performative form of literature the actual preface is not required because the audience can see this by the appearance of the actress The audience can feel emotion by tones in the actors39 voices or expressions on their faces This makes plays a bit more enjoyable A poem is a little more difficult to feel if read to ones39 self versus experiencing someone reading it to them I for one realized this with quotThe Pool Playersquot When I listened to Gwendolyn Brooks read this I felt differently about the poem than when I had read it myself When I read it I did not get any feelings of who the poem was about I did not know if it was about boys or girls or where it took place When she read the poem she started out with a little background on the poem This helped me to understand the setting of the poem and When the words rolled from her tongue she paused and emphasized different parts of the poem than I had in my reading Each line ending with a quotwequot she emphasized the quotwequot as if she was preparing us for another line Her tone and pitch of her voice gave me the feeling that when she wrote this she was mocking the boys at the pool haul Just in reading the poem I would never had gotten that same emotion from this poem The performatory essence of this poem was behooving in order for me the audience to feel as Brooks wanted me to feel when experiencing this poem The actions in the written text of a short story are what the reader depends on in order to imagine the setting and events There is not someone acting it out for the reader Therefore the writer is forced to put more detail into the short story Where the detail is lacking the reader is succumbed to making assumptions and therefore variance of comprehension between readers can occur In quotStory of the Lots Sonquot there is dialogue but more so the narration of the story Instead of being as a play filled with dialogue and the actions being visible to an audience instead of being like a poem and experienced by an audience through means of tone emphasis and prefacing a short story is mostly observatory detail An example of this would be when the father divided the belongings between the two boys quotIt wasn39t long before the younger son packed his bags and left for a distant country There undisciplined and dissipated he wasted everything he had After he had gone through all his money there was a bad famine all through that country and he began to hurt He signed on with a citizen there who assigned him to his fields to slop the pigs He was so hungry he would have eaten the corncobs in the pig slop but no one would give him anyquot What this did for me the reader was enable me to see from the outside what the writer saw from the outside I did not have much room for assumption in this particular passage but I did draw emotion as to how the one hungry son may have felt


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