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HCA 210 Week 4-Assignment - Case Study


HCA 210 Week 4-Assignment - Case Study fin571

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About this Document

HCA 210 Week 4-Assignment - Case Study
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by an elite notetaker on Tuesday November 10, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to fin571 at Kaplan University taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 23 views.

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Date Created: 11/10/15
Case Study 1 Case Study your name Axia College of University of Phoenix Mental illnesses are a variety of disorders or diseases characterized by impairment of thought mood or behavior Just like diabetes is caused by the pancreas mental illnesses are caused by the brain and can affect an individual s abilities to cope with normal daily demands of life Mental illness is a kind of disorder that can affect any age race religion or gender There are more than 200 forms of mental illness Some of the most common are depression bipolar disorder schizophrenia dementia obsessivecompulsive disorder and anxiety disorders There are several causes of mental illness such as brain damage alcohol abuse drug abuse environmental stresses genetic factors biochemical imbalances or a combination of these VailPlace 2007 Even though mental illnesses cannot be completely cured they can be kept under control with regular doctor visits and the right medication When the government first decided to try and treat mentally ill patients outside of a hospital setting deinstitutionalization was the solution Well deinstitutionalization did not go as well as they would have hoped making it a total failure for the medical community In 1964 federal legislation provided money to build community health centers for deinstitutionalize patients Officials hoped 2000 centers would have been built but unfortunately only 700 were Without getting extra funds from other sources many centers had to reduce services and some even closed down completely Axia College 2008 Without the proper amount of treatment centers and such little funding many people went untreated for their mental illnesses The people most affected by deinstitutionalization were the ones who did not have enough financial resources to continue getting treatment at community mental health clinics Numerous people who did not receive the right medical treatment because of failing clinics became homeless Approximately onethird of the 600000 homeless people in America have some kind of mental illness Out of the onethird 57 of those homeless should be institutionalized for their mental illness VailPlace 2007 Occasionally mental health problems can interfere with medical treatment Some mental health problems can be related to physical conditions which could limit patient s daily functions Some mentally ill patients have to gain the confidence to be able to live an independent life Some have to be taught how to live a normal life which would include taking their medication and keeping appointments with their doctors Mentally ill patients require more social activities advice communication understanding support and medical services such as substance abuse treatments and services to help patients get back to normal functioning Managed care Medicare and Medicaid are three government sources that cover mental health treatment Managed care covers individuals with disabilities depending on medical needs and financial ability Unfortunately managed care requires tons of paperwork for the provider and patient to fill out to get approval Patients are also limited to the number of doctor visit they can have in a month Managed care can be a real hassle for patients Medicaid covers adults with mental illnesses but many people do not qualify Each state has its own guidelines for the program Managed care reduces healthcare spending by screening patients first for symptoms and then referring them to the correct doctor Being sent to the appropriate doctor right at the beginning keeps cost down for insurance companies and for the patient Patients also have copayments they have to make at each visit they have With the doctor Healthcare cost is expensive no matter What services a person is getting done Mentally ill patients Will benefit from being put in the appropriate health facility With the right medical and social services they need Patients need a friendly community in the hospital environment Where they Will receive professional medical help and treatment according to their individual needs Every person should be prescreened to make sure he or she is in the right treatment plain for his or her particular diagnosis Patients should have rehabilitative and psychotherapeutic programs available for them in the event of them needing them All staff members should be well trained to take care of mentally ill patients of all ages cultural background and personal needs Mentally ill patients need constant supervision by a medical staff that can provide for their everyday needs References VailPlace 2007 Facts about Mental Illness Retrieved January 23 2009 from httpWWWVailplaceorgresourceshtmlinformation Axia College Ed 2008 Mental Health Services Retrieved January 23 2009 from Axia College Esource HCA210 Mental Health Services Week 3 Course Website


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