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MGT 216 Week 4 Individual Assignment Ethical Issues in Management


MGT 216 Week 4 Individual Assignment Ethical Issues in Management fin571

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About this Document

MGT 216 Week 4 Individual Assignment Ethical Issues in Management
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by an elite notetaker on Tuesday November 10, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to fin571 at Kaplan University taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 24 views.

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Date Created: 11/10/15
Ethical Issues in Management 1 Ethical Issues in Management As a manager one is faced with challenges each day that test the moral and ethical values of the individual Among many organizations a common ethical issue that is faced throughout the company is that of harassment Many organizations are committed to providing a working environment where harassment of any form is unacceptable Within an organization harassment is viewed as being offensive towards coworkers or customers and an action that creates an uncomfortable environment for the employees of the organization Though individuals hold their own personal values and ethics as management of an organization it is essential to maintain ones personal values along with the ethical values that are set forth by the organization The company policy that is established by organizations establishes set ethical values for the organization that employees are expected to follow McNamara nd Aside from the moral and ethical values that are established through an individual s childhood environment the individual is also expected to follow their employers moral and ethical values which include but are not limited to treating all coworkers and customers with respect providing a working environment that is free of discrimination not participating in violent of unlawful acts and making decisions that are best for the shareholders McNamara nd Organizations determination to avoid harassment ranges into many forms of harassment Harassing behavior can be in the form of making threats to another insulting another individual mocking or making jokes that one may find offensive making inappropriate comments to another individual or touching another individual in any inappropriate way To provide insight into the company policy regarding harassment all employees are required to take training classes that consist of antiharassment videos Ethical Issues in Management 2 Tribulations and controversy relating to social issues affect not only the individuals involved but those surrounding the situation McNamara nd Social issues can range from harassment pertaining to an individual s race or gender through discrimination or possible abuse or crime as well as gay rights as a social issue Aside from existing throughout society these social issues are also largely present in the workplace As management it is their responsibility to be aware of their employees and ensure that they are all following the organizations harassment policy Providing rights to individual s sexual orientation reduces harassment based on the given rights of these individuals As management there were two employees who found it amusing to discuss the problems associated with relationships of individuals who have relationships with others of the same sex The two employees had nothing positive to say about people with this sexual orientation and would loudly speak about their dislike for those types of individuals Being that there were people of this sexual orientation working within the office the type of conversations were forms of harassment to these individuals The specific individuals with a homosexual preference began to feel unwelcomed within their work environment After making reports to the human resource department the issue was finally addressed though the harassment of the homosexual employees had taken place for many months Due to the fear that the homosexual employee felt the issue was not promptly addressed till the individual felt that they had no other options After investigating the issue the two employees were addressed with concerns over their behavior and ultimately fired for their harassing behavior The homosexual employee was scared to report the issue of harassment in fear of retaliation from the two Ethical Issues in Management 3 employees though eventually felt that the harassment was worse than the retaliation that was possible The complaint process involves speaking directly to ones supervisor or if the issue is regarding the supervisor and unable to be resolved through friendly communication it is possible to address management with the concern or complaint The human resources department is also available to address complaints and require that all complaints be written in paper to include all facts pertaining to the incident Following receipt of the written report the incident is investigated till a verdict on the complaint is reached in which time the complaint is then closed The complaint will be made through confidentiality so the details of the report remain confidential along with the information regarding who made the complaint Based on the findings of the investigation the appropriate action will be taken to address the situation It is essential that the organization develop a set policy regarding harassment and the actions that will be taken regarding employees that choose not to follow the policies and participate in harassment in the workplace To begin the harassment policies the harassment must first be reported in writing to the human resources department Once the written harassment complaint is received the investigation into the complaint will take place Throughout the policy there should be a set of terms regarding those who choose to violate the policies To ensure that the harassment policy is completely understood by all employees it will be addressed during employee orientation and a test will be given upon starting the position Any complaint that is being made must remain confidential by both the individual making the complaint and those working within the human resources department that is responsible for addressing the harassment complaint Written complaints of harassment must receive immediate response with the use of a Ethical Issues in Management 4 thorough investigation that is performed in a sufficient matter of time If the organization requires that all of the complaints regarding harassment are immediately addressed with a thorough investigation then the level of harassment within the organization with drastically decreases Some complaints made through the human resources department may require that law enforcement agency is involved Many cases of harassment are considered illegal some may require that restraining orders are placed or legal action is taken against the individual The use of legal force may be required for individuals who are sexually assaulted or harmed in any way Employees are informed of the possibility of seeking legal assistance when written complaints are made The human resources department would address the individual who made the written complaint to inform them that their complaint is a form of harassment that allows them the option of taking the issue further and making a legal complaint The decision to report the harassment to the police is left up to the individual to decide Though the situation is difficult it is important that all employees act professional throughout the scenario Regardless of the situation harassment is not acceptable in the place of business It is essential that employees of the organization realize the seriousness of harassment and address their management with any concerns As the management team it is essential that they watch over their employees to ensure that harassment is not occurring before their eyes There is a concern for harassment to occur during periods of time when management is not watching Management must inform all of their employees on the seriousness of harassment and the consequences of participating in harassment at the workplace Employees should be aware that they are provided with the openness of filing written complaints and that these complaints will Ethical Issues in Management 5 be addressed immediately With a thorough evaluation Management can make a large impact of controlling the situation of harassment at work References McNamara C nd Complete Guide to Ethics Management An Ethics Toolkit for Managers Retrieved on May 23 2010 from httpmanagementhelporgethicsethxgdehtm Ethical Issues in Management 6


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