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PSY 360 Week #4 DQ 1


PSY 360 Week #4 DQ 1 fin571

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About this Document

PSY 360 Week #4 DQ 1
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by an elite notetaker on Tuesday November 10, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to fin571 at Kaplan University taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 26 views.


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Date Created: 11/10/15
PSY 360 WEEK 4 DQ 1 What factors affect language acquisition Which factor do you believe has the largest in uence on language acquisition Explain why According to American linguist and Doctor Noam Chomsky humans are born with a language acquisition device LAD This is an innate set of neural structures for acquiring language We learn language as children at very young ages This device operation allows children to be born knowing the features that are universal to language There has been much debate over when the true critical time for language acquisition occurs however the common consensus seems to be within the first three years of life Another debate among this topic is the interplay of nature and nurture How much depends on the brain we are born with and how much depends on our environment I feel that there needs to be a strong balance between the two and if one area lacks maybe the other can somehow compensate if it is strong enough and supported by caregivers In addition I believe that the factor that has the greatest impact on language acquisition is neurological development Neurological development is the foundation and is key in cognitive functioning learning quotChildren have to grasp a concept or at least a rudimentary version of it before they can produce the language for itquotLessow Hurley 2005 Among the cases reported of uncultivated children that had not been exposed to proper language skills within their informative years most all of them were never able to overcome or break through the barrier to develop proper etiquette Many people consider language to be of spoken words however sign language should also be learned in the crucial one to three years to avoid learning disabilities Late learners generally do not catch up to early learners in their ability to use sign language They have more trouble learning to comprehend the language uently rapidly and with little effort Kowalski amp Westen 2005 p 489 PSY 360 WEEK 4 DQ 1 Lastly I believe that the largest impact on language acquisition is from the caregivers of children between the informative years of one through three Iv heard often a child will learn the most in the 1st 35 years of their life then they will combined till they die This is why I am not a fan of baby talk and have always avoided talking to my daughter like this when she was a baby as well as exercised throughout my 9 years of daycare I do not feel children are dumb and they should be spoken to like normal human beings References Kowalski R Westen D 2005 Psychology 4th ed Hoboken NJ Lessow Hurley J 2005 The Foundation of Dual Language Instruction 4th ed Prentice Hall Inc Hello Renny There are many theories of language development Children can pick up their vocabulary from their native language by putting words together into sentences With reviewing the levels of language phonemes words sentences and texts words is the primary contributing factor that affects language acquisition One of the concepts that we have discussed during Week Four is the critical periods of language acquisition If there is a critical period for language what might this fact imply about learning multiple languages in school Dr Byno Ph D GCDF Faculty University of Phoenix PSY 360 WEEK 4 DQ 1 Yes there are many theories and arguments sometimes it s hard to decipher or sift through However I do feel there is a critical period in which one learns the best As I have mentioned previously the critical years I feel are in the first 35 years of a child s life For instance I have nieces who are triplets Sense the age of l 12 they have all had ear infections which have been caused by a residual incline to their hearing impairment and for various reasons First they re mother was is a chronic smoker at which the doctor informed us as being a contributing factor and then after getting tubes in their ears the parents were instructed to keep their ears from getting wet Nearly impossible considering that all three were in the tub at the same time let alone the swimming season Nonetheless this affected their hearing their ability to speak properly was grossly impaired and being they couldn t hear so well they learned to read lips and now some sign language As the years approached this setback in uenced them significantly and by the time they were of age to go to school they were severally behind their peers These beginning stages of not hearing correctly has now affected their whole lives So providing that a person learns correctly within what I call the informative years the question is then whether there is a certain biologicallydetermination going hand and hand with this critical period at which that person can achieve further languages using one or two different mental methods In return this would probably result in a higher level of academic achievements thus learning multiple languages I think we can all agree that learning multiple languages is easier when you re younger development stages as opposed to when you re older Just my humble opinion


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