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SCI 241 Complete Course DQ


SCI 241 Complete Course DQ fin571

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SCI 241 Complete Course DQ
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by an elite notetaker on Wednesday November 11, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to fin571 at Kaplan University taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 27 views.


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Date Created: 11/11/15
SCI 241 Complete Course DQ s Week 2 DQ 1 Use the Internet to retrieve articles on at least two common digestive problems Suggested resources include the following o The Health and Wellness Resource Center located under the Specialized Article Databases in the Axia Library at httpsecampuswintuedusecuregotoLibraryasp quot href quothttpsaxiaecampus phoenix edusecuregotoLibraryasp quotgthttpsaxiaecampusphoeni x edusecuregotoLibraryasp o httpwwwwebmdcom o httpiournalselsevierhealthcomperiodicalsyjadahome What are some of the ways these two digestive problems can be remedied or relieved Do you think home remedies might work better than some of the suggested treatment methods you have read about Why or why not Explain your answer including appropriate APA citations from your database search Heartburn or what most have come to know as acid re ux disease is a painful burning feeling just below one s throat a result of excess acid build up When one s body has an excess of this acid the only response is to try and release the pressure resulting in the acid going up through the throat and burning everything that it comes in contact with Some only have a minor recollection of what this feeling is because it is a minor rejection hence minor sensations are felt while others deal with this on a daily basis creating a much different sensation The over the counter medicines are the best defense for such an offensive intrusion to our bodily functions such as prilosec or even the WalMart equivalent Some home base remedies do help but not to the extent that the medicines do The reasons that most people have this disease is caused by an over active body creating more acid than what is needed and home remedies only mask what the problem is but they do not help the problem The over the counter remedies help control the body s production of acid which in turn helps reduce the acid re ux that occurs when the buildup becomes too much Constipation is when one has problems passing or excreting what the body no longer needs or wants The normal bowel movement depends from person to person and there is no time frame for the same reason Each person is unique and their body is unique however one should not go beyond three days between movements The longer one goes between movements the harder the stool sample becomes and the more dif cult it becomes to pass safely The best way to prevent this type of problem is by drinking plenty of liquids and avoiding solid foods if constipation is present Over the counter medicine is probably the most pro cient however there are some home remedies that can help The best home remedy that I can think of would be eating watermelon and drinking a glass of milk right after the chemical makeup of the watermelon clashes with the chemical makeup of the milk and causes one to have diarrhea an almost instant cure of constipation Week 2 DQ 2 Think of some of your favorite foods when you were 10 years old Are they still your favorites Do you think you will be eating the same foods you eat today 20 years from now What are some of the reasons dietary modifications may be needed in different life stages Provide three examples to support your answer Wow that is a big gap to try and remember what I liked when I was 10 years old Considering that was 29 years ago and I have changed my geographic area I would say there have been some major changes Back then one of my favorite foods was freshly made deer jerky and freshly smoked salmon both done by my dad Other than that I would have to say pizza was up there as well as Ramon noodles Now my favorite foods consist of Pozole made fresh by my wife as well as her green chicken enchiladas especially when they are made very hot spicy When we get older our body changes and the need for changing ones diet is very real and a big necessity Due to metabolic changes in one s body if we do not change our diet we can start to gain weight because we do not burn what we used to burn Another problem that occurs the older we get is heart burn or gastro esophageal re uX disease GERD which is caused by eating the wrong things or an excess of the wrong things during our life In my case I already have GERD but the food I like is hard to give up I really enjoy food that is very spicy hot and I cannot see myself eating something different For that sole reason I feel that in another 20 years I will most likely have the same diet I have right now with minor changes Week 4 DQ 1 In our society there are weight loss programs that recommend low fat nofat or high protein diets Should we eliminate fats from our diets altogether and increase proteins What are some of the benefits that unsaturated fats and proteins provide when included in a balanced diet Explain your answer Eliminating fats from our diets could be catastrophic to our bodies and should not be done It is however recommended that one controls the amount of fats they eat because too much can cause us unwanted health problems as well Completely eliminating fats from our diets would be almost impossible unless one wants to live by eating plants alone There are not many proteins that are fat free except those found in plants which create another problem the lack of enough proteins in plants Plant sources of protein supply some B vitamins iron zinc and calcium but not nearly as much as the proteins in animal based foods Another problem with trying to eliminate fats is the possible elimination of absorption of certain vitamins such as vitamins A D E and K since these vitamins are soluble with fats only The benefits of eating a balanced diet is the absorption of those vitamins by the fats consumed as well as fats help our brains stay healthy and aide in the building in hormones Fats are also used as an energy source by our body either for immediate use or stored in fat cells for future use With an appropriate intake of protein and fats there will be proper manufacturing of steroids and hormones and there will be enough fatty acids phospholipids and amino acids which are key elements for growth and proper regulation of many body functions I would not recommend anyone going on a diet that tried to eliminate fats our even proteins everything if consumed in recommended amounts keeps us healthy and active Week 4 DQ 2 If you have ever poured oil into a glass of water you have seen that these two substances do not mix Knowing this how do lipids move through the body so they can be digested and absorbed How are lipids stored in the body Explain your answer After chewing and swallowing food it travels through the alimentary canal and into the stomach In the stomach food mixes with acids and enzymes which further break it down The mixture called chyme enters the duodenum the first part of the small intestine Bile salts are produced by the liver and stored in the gallbladder When a meal with fat is consumed the gallbladder is stimulated to release bile into the duodenum Bile mixes readily with fats increasing the surface area and thereby helping facilitate enzyme action on them The enzymes are produced in the pancreas These enzymes are also released into the duodenum and together help to break apart lipid droplets This enzyme action and the peristaltic action of the muscular duodenum help in releasing individual fats so that they can be transported out of the intestinal lumen and into the bloodstream Lipids that have not been digested or absorbed are stored in the body in the form of fat cells Week 6 DQ 1 What are some of the health problems associated with anorexia nervosa bulimia nervosa and bingeeating disorder Explain from a physiological standpoint how eating disorders may lead to health problems Provide at least three examples to support your answer Eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa bulimia nervosa and binge can cause severe physical and mental problems is not taken care of Individuals with anorexia nervosa are unable or unwilling to maintain a body weight that is normal or expected for their age and height Academy For Eating Disorders AED p l Bulimia nervosa or the feelings disorder is emotion based and may be deferred or dulled by overeating bingeing and coped with by subsequent purging Wolfe 2009 p l Binge eating may involve rapid consumption of food with a sense of loss of control uncomfortable fullness after eating and eating large amounts of food when not hungry Feelings of shame and embarrassment are prominent Teens Health p 1 Eating disorders are serious business and cause 20 of all those with an ED to die from complications attributed to their unhealthy eating habits Wolfe 2009 p 1 Not to mention all the other problems associated with eating disorders such as neuropathy blindness kidney damage and impaired circulation Week 6 DQ 2 Visit the American Obesity Awareness Web site at and read about the health effects of obesity What does the Web site tell you about obesity that you were not aware of before Explain what you have learnedhttpwwwobesityorginformation ractsheetsasp Coming from a family that has a history of obesity I thought I knew a lot on this subject I was sure surprised I was unaware that obesity is considered the most prevalent fatal chronic relapsing disorder of the 21st century I knew that it is bad and year by year more people are becoming obese but I had no idea that it was getting this bad Another little bit of information I was unaware of was the amount of recorded deaths obesity causes the article says that each year around 112000 excess deaths are caused by obesity Now when one talks about obesity I never figured that the conversation would involve cancer as well Cancer alone is a leading health problem in the US but now with it being attributed to obesity as well it seems like it is unstoppable The article reports that approximately 51 of all new cancers reported in women are linked to obesity while among men it is at 14 of all new cancers reported This article really opened my eyes about how obesity is affecting our nation and its people it might be time to shut down all those fast food restaurants that are feeding us foods which help increase this problem Week 8 DQ 1 Review the following Web sites 0 httpwwwfdagovfooddefaulthtm o http39www ghtbacorg o httpwwwfoodsafetygov F oodborne illnesses may cause serious health problems How are foodborne illnesses contracted What are some ways you can protect yourself and others from foodborne illnesses at home Provide three examples to support your answer Food borne illnesses are contracted by only one way ingesting contaminated foods The contamination can be bacterial parasitical by viruses or chemicals and even by fungi located in the food that was consumed There are many different ways that food can become contaminated it could be stored for a longer period than recommended washed with water that is contaminated or even adding a contaminated ingredient such as pepper or onion powder can contaminate the food being prepared for consumption Some other areas of contamination comes from ones home such as counters not being properly cleaned and sanitized causing bacterial growth the preparer s hands not being washed and sanitized or even the utensil s used could be dirty causing unwanted contamination Some other interesting facts that can cause contamination in foods is under cooking the food and leaving it out of the refrigerator to long Personally I know that when I marinate some steaks for the grill I leave them out of the refrigerator for hours in the brine that I make Refrigerating the steaks and the brine causes a lack in avor but it seems that I will use a little more caution when cooking like this or cut down the soaking time This is why food safety at home starts with clean and sanitized surfaces as well as hands and utensils Sound food handling practices consist of four basic sanitation measures wash hands and surfaces often don t cross contaminate cook to proper temperatures and refrigerate food promptly Week 8 DQ 2 Review the following Web sites performing a search using the key words hunger poverty and malnutrition for the first three Web sites 0 http39wwwwhointen o httpwwwunice or2 o httpwwwunorgsummithungerhtml o httpwwwthporgwhat we doprogram overviewintro video Undernutrition continues to be a chronic problem for many countries throughout the developing world What are some of the health problems associated with undernutrition Explain the cycle of malnutrition Who does it affect Explain your answer Under nutrition is what happens when the body does not get the nutrients it needs for good health or cannot use the nutrients it gets Under nutrition may result from not eating enough food or even when enough food is eaten if the foods chosen do not contain enough of the needed nutrients such as proteins vitamins and minerals these foods are called empty calorie foods A well balanced diet helps combat under nutrition since it is filled with all needed proteins minerals calories fats and so on When the diet is irregular or unbalanced then under nutrition is the result This problem is worldwide and is not localized in just one particular region or country There are signs of it everywhere one looks and could even be happening right next door to us all This af iction is usually centered on the poor or the older communities here in the US as well those addicted to drugs Some health problems that occur because of under nutrition are Marasmus Kwashiorkor and of course starvation Marasmus is a severe deficiency of calories and protein that tends to develop in infants and very young children which typically results in weight loss and dehydration Kwashiorkor is a severe deficiency of protein rather than of calories This causes one to look bloated because they retain uids The last is starvation and is caused by a total lack of essential nutrients for a long period of time The usual cause of this vicious cycle is the lack of or the ability to purchase what is needed for maintaining a healthy life style This includes the shelter where one lives the sanitation for the area and the absence of proper education on the subject of nutrition and for some outgrowing their ability to sustain their family This means that if one can maintain their spouse and one child with a decent income and living style do not have another unless you can afford the increase


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