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Week 7 assignment Healthy Eating Plan Comparison


Week 7 assignment Healthy Eating Plan Comparison fin571

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About this Document

Week 7 assignment Healthy Eating Plan Comparison
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by an elite notetaker on Wednesday November 11, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to fin571 at Kaplan University taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 34 views.

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Date Created: 11/11/15
Healthy Eating Plan 1 Running head HEALTHY EATING PLAN COMPARISON Healthy Eating Plan Comparison Student Name College Name Healthy Eating Plan Comparison Since the beginning of this class I could see how bad my eating habits really are However that has changed a little and I hope for the change to continue until I have reached my eating habit goals In the past I ate whatever was easily prepared because of time restraints now that I have removed the time restraints what I eat has made a drastic change It will still be a long road to completely change my habits but as this paper will show that the first steps have been made The biggest change that was made is in the milk and fruit groups In the past those groups were nonexistent in the foods which I consumed now I have included both groups and will continue to do so Since I rarely consumed items from this group in the past my results from week 1 were at zero percent now the milk group has increased 200 percent The recommendation of milk consumption is set at 3 cups or the equivalent and my consumption is up to 2 cups a day Student 2010 The fruit group was also at zero since I rarely consume any fruit now that I have decided to change my eating habits I have included fruits in my meals The increase in fruit consumption is at 200 percent going from zero to 2 cups a day The recommendation of fruits in my diet is at 25 cups a day or the equivalent I would say that I am almost there These groups are the ones that I have actually done very well in changing the others still need to be corrected to show a positive change The meat and beans group shows a slight change but it is still above the recommended amount At the beginning of this class the amount reported was 188 ounces or the equivalent this is 118 ounces above the recommendations given Student 2010 Now after changing what I consume the amount was reduced to 126 ounces or the equivalent It seems there is still some need to reduce this even more but for right now it will have to do Another change that I will do in order for reducing the amount of this group will be to reduce what I eat at breakfast Instead of eating extra bacon or sausage I will only eat a small portion This should reduce the ounces to the recommended amounts and help me stay on a recommended and healthier diet The vegetable group is almost right on and considering my love for vegetables this was a hard change Last time I reported on my eating habits the amount reported was 75 cups a day or the equivalent on a recommended amount of 35 cups a day or the equivalent Student 2010 That amount has been reduced to 45 cups or the equivalent which is almost right on for the recommendations given To be able to drop the extra portions I eat right now will prove to be most difficult and will probably remain the same for now So the last group to mention has just as good a change as the rest The grains group of the pyramid has proven to be very easy to change During the first week of class the amount of grain consumption reported was 45 ounces or the equivalent with the recommendation set at 10 ounces or the equivalent Student 2010 That amount has been raised to 92 ounces or the equivalent by following some online tips from the healthcom web site One of the changes I made in my eating habits is having toast in the mornings as well as eating Mexican styled doughnuts without sugar or frosting added in the mornings with my coffee if breakfast is out of the question These changes have been hard and they are things I never would have thought about in the past but now that I can see how bad things were and how things are starting to look now I am glad I decided to change in the areas where I could With all the changes I have made my nutrients intake and calorie intake have changed as well According to the pyramid tracker I am only receiving 2308 calories on average per day this is low compared to my recommended amount of 2825 calories With these new developments I will undoubtedly need to start taking some vitamins to compensate for those nutrients where I am lacking This pyramid track really helps one to realize where they are going wrong and gives sound advice on where and what to change It has helped me recognize my eating errors and make acceptable changes which are very noticeable Before this class I would sometimes experience a lack in energy no doubt due to me eating habits Now with the changes I have made my energy levels have increased and I find myself with an excess of energy as well As well as the energy level increase I have found it easier to concentrate on jobs that I need to accomplish which I also contribute to my new found diet These major changes would not have happened ifI never had the chance to realize how bad I was actually treating my body This has opened my mind and made me aware of many things I never knew before Since I was raised with meat and potatoes being served with every meal I thought it was good for us and never really thought about the repercussions I am now aware that over eating a certain type of food can cause health problems especially if not mixed with the other groups in the food pyramid My awareness of how each age group is recommended to eat is something I will continue to pass on to my children and grandchildren in the hopes of improving my entire families eating habits In conclusion this class has helped me in understanding exactly what I was doing to my body and how to change If it was not for this class my body would probably not last as long as it will now not to mention my ability to process things better I propose a challenge to anyone who reads this paper try the pyramid tracker and find out exactly how your eating habits are and if you need to change anything References Student 2010 Healthy Eating Plan Unpublished paper College Name yourCity State Student 2010 Healthy Eating Plan Unpublished paper College Name yourCity State Student 2010 Healthy Eating Plan Unpublished paper College Name yourCity State Student 2010 Healthy Eating Plan Unpublished paper College Name yourCity State


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