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Week 1 assignment Healthy Eating Plan


Week 1 assignment Healthy Eating Plan fin571

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About this Document

Week 1 assignment Healthy Eating Plan
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by an elite notetaker on Wednesday November 11, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to fin571 at Kaplan University taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 20 views.

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Date Created: 11/11/15
Healthy Eating Plan 1 Running head HEALTHY EATING PLAN Healthy Eating Plan Student Name College Name Healthy Eating Plan It is hard to say exactly where I should start in order to make an eating plan that is healthy After seeing the results of what I actually do eat compared to what I should eat it makes me wonder why I do not have any real health problems I lack the nutrients and vitamins from the milk group as well as the fruit group but I do eat an excessive amount of vegetables and meat and beans The problem will not be in the consumption of fruit or milk based products but in the actual control of trying to balance everything to make it as healthy as possible According to the results that I received it will be a long road with many sacrifices in order to accomplish what I will set forth in this paper After submitting all the pertinent information in the food pyramid I found that I lack in certain areas while I excel or over indulge in others The recommendations I received from my customized food pyramid results should help in creating a balance Starting with the milk group the recommendations are to go from my usual consumption of no milk products to an equivalent of 3 cups a day That will be an increase of 300 percent but something I will be able to manage As for the meats and beans recommendations I am to drop from my current consumption of 188 ounces a day to only seven ounces a day This is where I will find it hard to change I have eaten meat beans and potatoes or even just one of them for every meal since I can remember No time like the present to make a change for the better Now the vegetable recommendations were remarkably close to what I normally consume on a daily basis I will need to change very little but some change will be required instead of my normal 75 cups a day I will need to reduce it to only 35 cup or the equivalent I was always under the impression that the more vegetables one ate the better off they were maybe it is time to rethink some of what I thought was right Moving on to the fruits section this will defiantly be a challenge for me I rarely eat any type of fruits dried or otherwise for some reason I just do not like fruit So I will have to change my normal eating of zero cups of fruit a day to an equivalent of at least 25 cups a day Finally we have the grains section of the pyramid recommendations In this section I have fallen quite short of the recommendations as well it seems I will need to raise my current consumption of 45 ounces a day to at least the equivalent of 10 ounces a day I can say with some certainty that this will prove almost as difficult as raising my fruit consumption since I am not a big fan of breads cereal or even tortillas However after seeing the recommendations I can firmly say that I will attempt to combat my unhealthy eating style and improve on what I actually do consume Although my consumption habits are a bit shaky from what is recommended on a daily basis I have found out that not everything we eat is as healthy as we might think Most of the foods that I consume are said to hold certain nutrimental value while in fact they are less than what the labels dictate Due to our population the process of creating product with a longer shelf life has lead to the process of removing certain values from the food Williams 2009 p 1 However I can say that the food item I eat the most contains quite a bit of carbohydrates which is what gives us energy to burn The other proteins I receive from the foods I consume are proteins vitamins minerals and water While proteins help our bodies promote growth and development as well as regulate body functions it is also another source of energy The vitamins minerals and water help promote growth and development as well as regulating our bodily functions Susan S Kim Jeffery Radecki p 1 Considering that my entire diet consisted of whatever I could make in a short amount of time the first thing I will need to do in my healthy eating plan is dedicate more time in preparing a healthy meal With more time to choose and cook I will be able to construct or fabricate something with more of what is required to stay healthy Usually I stumble out of bed after 10 o clock in the morning now I will make an effort to rise at least by nine o clock With that extra hour to spend I should be able to make an appropriate meal consisting of the required food groups and portions Now that the times have been increased I will now use My Pyramid Worksheet to give me an idea of what I need to do on a daily basis The first thing needed to make this worksheet readily available is to purchase a magnetized clipboard and attach it to the refrigerator I will print out the worksheet for a seven day period and keep them all on the clipboard so I can track my actual food intake and try to keep my consumption within the desired amounts By creating a schedule for the entire week I will know what I need to prepare before I actually have to giving me an advantage of trying to make that decision at the moment of cooking Since all the food I will prepare will also constitute what I will take for my lunches at work I will need to make a meal with at least 3 of the food groups as well as a reduced amount to allow for eating the same thing twice A well balanced meal is what I will be aiming for as well as for allowing for snacks in between meal times One of the food categories that will help out with my snacks will be the fruits perfect for eating with minimal time needed Considering that I am required to eat at least the equivalent of 25 cups a day I will need to only take a minimum of two fruit items a day The milk group I should be able to eliminate first thing in the morning when I wake up Instead of drinking my usual 2 or 3 cups of coffee I will replace this with drinking milk At least I can replace some of the coffee I drink I will still need to drink my coffee but I can replace the non dairy creamer with real milk to help with attaining the 3 cup equivalent requirement Aside from the changes that I have mentioned the only other change that will be required of me is how and what I purchase at the grocery store Normally my family buys what looks good while we walk through the store we usually only take a small list of what we need Some of the items that we will need to swap out will be the large amount of cookies chips and other junk food items normally purchased for the healthier food items More fruit will definitely be one of the major changes we make considering we usually only purchase bananas and occasionally some oranges Since this will be a new avenue for me I will try a little of each type of fruit offered at our local supermarkets this way I can figure out which ones I will enjoy the most and avoid those that I will not like Besides changing our purchasing of fruits we will also look into obtaining natural crackers that contain the grains I will need Since I really do not like breads of any kind I think this will be my best option I feel very optimistic about this plan working and will follow it as best that I can One really cannot afford to not be healthy if the price of health care does not scare us then the thought of heart attack or death should It is fortunate for those who have the knowledge of how to stay healthy and tragic for those who do not care I have always been one for maintaining my body in the best shape I can but I have fallen out of practice and I can defiantly feel it This will be a renewal to a life style I once followed almost religiously and hopefully I can continue to follow what I will learn here References Susan S Kim Jeffery Radecki Nutrients FAQSORG Williams P 2009 Why Our Purchased Foods Lack Nutrients suite 0 Retrieved January 28 2010 Retrieved from httpVitaminsminera1ssuitcom


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