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Week 5 Assignment Dehydration


Week 5 Assignment Dehydration fin571

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About this Document

Week 5 Assignment Dehydration
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by an elite notetaker on Wednesday November 11, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to fin571 at Kaplan University taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 28 views.

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Date Created: 11/11/15
Dehydration 1 Running head DEHYDRATION Dehydration Student Name College Name Dehydration When talking about health care one usually thinks about exercising eating the correct foods and maybe even taking the right vitamins One crucial detail that some overlook is the need to keep the body properly hydrated Dehydration can cause severe damage to the body and even death if not kept in check and maintained Water is a key element is maintaining a healthy body apart from keeping it hydrated it helps in removing toxins from the body Every day the body uses around 700 ml 018 gallons of water to dilute toxins and skin irritants Dehydration Symptoms Organization DSO 2009 p 1 without the proper amounts of water these dilutions can be affected A better known analogy of what water does is called osmosis Osmosis is when water passes through a membrane wall to balance out the concentration of solutions on both sides By being able to accomplish these kinds of tasks water is able to maintain the body s uids Other things that water helps with are in lubricating the joints as well as lubricating the mouth with saliva With the lack of water and the above mentioned functions that water provides for the body one can picture the problems when there is a lack of water Dehydration can cause severe medical problems if not dealt with in a timely manner The most severe effect dehydration can cause is death with the lack of water the body goes into shock and then shuts down Besides that there are still other problems associated with dehydration such as exhaustion constipation low or high blood pressure eczema and obesity Exhaustion is caused because the lack of water causes the body s enzymatic activity to drop while constipation is due to the fact that the intestine track absorbs too much water fro to stool in order to send it to other parts of the body The lack of water also affects the body s blood pressure because the blood volume going through the veins and arteries is insufficient and does not fill the veins or arteries to capacity Two items that can cause dehydration are very popular drinks alcohol and beverages containing caffeine These two items slow the activity of ADH and speed up the process of water loss allowing for dehydration The proper hydration is imperative to keep the body fully active Over hydrating the body can cause some unwanted side effects much the same as dehydration does When one is over hydrated the dilution of needed minerals in the body in lower even if the water is as a correct level Electrolytes are some of those needed minerals and they are needed in a balanced environment These electrolytes are dissolved by the water and converted into positive and negative ions which are used by the body and are necessary for normal function of our cells and organs Stoppler nd p 1 The more common electrolytes are sodium potassium and chloride and each have a job of their own to do The sodium electrolytes are the major positively charged ions in the uid outside of the cells These electrolytes control the water amount in the body as well as the transmission of sodium into and out of cells Stoppler p 1 Bodily processes such as in the brain nervous system and muscles require electrical signals to for communication and the movement of sodium is critical for this to happen Sodium does need to be controlled however to much or not enough could be dangerous Potassium also positively charged ions are just as important to the body as sodium but do a different job Instead of it being found outside of the cells it is actually found inside of the cells Potassium has any functions and among them is regulating the heartbeat and the function of muscles As with sodium potassium can also be harmful if the correct levels fall below the normal or go above the normal amount a person needs The amount needed does vary person to person and that is why that variance is 35 to 50 milliequivalents per liter mEqL Stoppler p 1 Now while the other two are positive ions the chloride electrolyte is a major negatively charged ion found inside the uid outside the cells as well as in the blood Having a high amount of chloride in the body can be dangerous and can cause certain kidney diseases as well as other medical problems As can be seen these three electrolytes are different being utilized in different areas of the body but still very crucial for a healthy body By looking at the similarities and differences it shows just how important electrolytes are and why one must keep their bodies hydrated Depending on many variables depends on how much water a body loses heat walking running playing sports or just sitting and watching television No matter what a person s activity level is they lose water on a daily basis through evaporation whether it is through breathing or sweating Wedro nd p l and this water needs to be replenished There are many ways one can maintain a well hydrated body however during heavy exercises workouts or just a hard day on the job some extra steps might be needed During hot dry days a person might sweat more than usual releasing minerals as well as just water For this reason plain tap water might not be enough it would work to replenish the water loss but not the mineral loss For this reason drinking Gatorade Powerade or other drinks that provide electrolytes are needed By drinking beverages such as these the minerals lost by excessive sweating is being replaced as well as the water These types of drinks can also help out athletes as well as those who just enjoy an excessive workout to keep in shape Besides drinks such as these there are vitamins that one can take with plain tap water that would work just as well it all depends on what a person wants to spend to keep hydrated and keep their minerals in balance Just as a reminder dehydration is very dangerous and is something that people need to try and avoid Whenever one finds themselves in situations where they will be sweating excessively it is a smart idea to prepare ahead of time and have the needed items to replenish the water loss as well as the mineral loss involved with sweating A rule of thumb that can be followed is drink whenever you feel thirsty even if you do not want just water drink it anyway References Dehydration Symptoms Organization 2009 12 symptoms of chronic dehydration Dehydration Symptoms Org Stoppler M C nd Electrolytes Retrieved February 24 2010 from httpWWWmedicinenetcom Stoppler M C nd Hyperkalemia Retrieved February 26 2010 from httpWWWmedicinenetcom Wedro B C nd Dehydration Retrieved February 27 2010 from httpWWWmedicinenetcom


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