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PHL 251 Week 4 Team Assignment Evaluate Creative Thinking Paper


PHL 251 Week 4 Team Assignment Evaluate Creative Thinking Paper fin571

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About this Document

PHL 251 Week 4 Team Assignment Evaluate Creative Thinking Paper
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by an elite notetaker on Wednesday November 11, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to fin571 at Kaplan University taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 30 views.


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Date Created: 11/11/15
Evaluate Creative Thinking PHL251 Evaluate Creative Thinking Creative thinking is a certain thought process that improves the creative capability It enables being in an optimal state of mind for the accomplishment of new ideas Creative thinking is the intentional thought for obtaining ways to arrive at new thoughts As stated by Kirby and Goodpaster 2007 metaphors are quotan implied comparison between two thingsquot It enables us to perceive and understand the world In this activity each of us created metaphors of people events and things in our lives Our duty is to analyze these metaphors on the basis of the following aspects Perception SelfConcept Language Creativity Personal Barriers As stated by Kirby and Godpaster 2007 quotwho we are is how we thinkquot Examining Jennifer s metaphors proves her to be an optimistic individual with lot of hopes in her future Her metaphors about her sister and her pet cat are simple and display a positive and openminded approach to her life Her intimate relationship with her cats is seen by the way she mentions them as her babies Her use of larger sophisticated words for metaphors on her life leads to more intricate metaphors Her creativity is being in these metaphors and also displays her level of thoughts I speci cally fell that her words quotlife is a rollercoasterquot and quotlife is a journey not a destinationquot describe her receptive and bold nature Elizabeth s metaphors on graduation grandfather moving to a new state Iceland and a snowy day are so creative Her metaphors on lceland apprehend the activities of life as discharges to the quietness of life Her metaphors on graduation show that she perceives life as an array of graduations with commencements and endings joyful moments sadness responsibility and freedom Her metaphors on moving to a new state describe the orderly chaos in our lives the ways we try to t in it the treasures we discover and the memories we save from each state Her metaphors about her grandfather prove her love and respect towards him his knowledge and the fun they had together Her metaphor describing him as far to touch implies that he is gone and far apart to be touched To Elizabeth snowy days are a relief from the various obligations in personal and professional lives Jason s metaphors on his daughter show us the amount of love he possesses on her The language he chose to describe her proves that she is truly quotthe apple of his eyequot He also induces emotion in describing his father One cannot deny the love and respect he has for his father The use of the phrase quotthe shoulder to lean onquot displays his feeling for his family The words used by him to describe love and heartbroken enables us understand the impacts that these feelings could cause on us We have always felt at some point in our lives that love is both sweet and bitter Love is not always a bundle of joy but is lled with happy and sad times Hence quotshadow on a cloudy dayquot is an excellent metaphor to describe heartbroken When I examine Maria s metaphors they are lled with very deep feelings for the people in her life She describes in words that school is a peaceful place away from the outside in uences of the world She adores her father for his strength and wisdom The metaphor quotthe beach is a song that I don t want to stopquot truly captures her love and feeling for beaches Maria depends on her friends to guide her and comfort her during times of dismay The way she describes her children proves that her children are the main concern of her life She de nitely is a loving and a strong mother The overall perception of Maria would be that she is a one with loads of love and concern to her friends family and community The metaphor used by Debbie quotI m a night owlquot describes that she is a person who loves being active during dark I believe that this metaphor state that she would enjoy staying up late nights and that her thoughts would be more creative during night She is a quotdiamond in the roughquot depicts that she has unidenti ed hidden potentials that can make her unique and precious from the rest The use of her metaphor quotbattering Ramquot shows her ability to overcome hurdles and barriers that come in her way The metaphor used by Debbie in week 2 s assignment quothungry for knowledgequot displays her hunger for education and knowledge She describes her father as quotrock of Gibraltarquot which proves her father to be a strong and enthusiastic human being Her description of her mother as a quotsocial butter yquot describes that her mother loves socialization and probably has a lot of friends around her at all times Finally Debbie compares library to quotCornucopia of wealthquot the basic meaning of which is that library comprises of several books and articles that enable people to read and gain knowledge and information from them References Kirby G R amp Goodpaster J R 2007 Thinking An interdisciplinary approach to critical thinking 4th ed Upper Saddle River NJ Pearson Prentice Hall


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