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Assignment - Building an Ethical Organization Part 2


Assignment - Building an Ethical Organization Part 2 fin571

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About this Document

Assignment - Building an Ethical Organization Part 2
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by an elite notetaker on Wednesday November 11, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to fin571 at Kaplan University taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 19 views.


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Date Created: 11/11/15
Building an Ethical 1 Building an Ethical Organization Part Two Axia College of University of Phoenix Building an Ethical 2 Building an Ethical Organization Part Two According to the US Department of Justice 2009 a sexual assault happens once every two minutes When these assaults occur where do the victims turn for assistance Currently there is no central location for these victims and is determined to rectify that On January 29 2009 the Coshocton City Council accepted s proposal to equip the community with a sexual abuse victim s center This organization will reside at 338 Pier Street and will house a variety of services that victims of sexual assault can benefit from The SAVES building which stands for Sexual Assault Victim s Educational Safe Haven will be open 365 days a year 24 hours a day to meet the needs of the community The building will be operated by a nonprofit victim s advocacy organization of the same name and will offer counseling educational programs legal advice and much more By housing many services in one building it is s goal that victims will get the care they need and not fall between the cracks About the Organization SAVES was founded in 2008 by who herself was a victim of sexual assault was unable to locate services that would help her through the frightening and overwhelming process of dealing with her assault filing a report against her attacker wading through the red tape that is the justice system and locating a counselor or support group to help her deal with her emotions is not alone according to Campbell 2008 Rape victims encounter significant difficulties obtaining help from the legal medical and mental health systems and what help they do receive can leave them feeling blamed doubted and revictimized As a result survivors39 postrape Building an Ethical 3 distress may be due not only to the rape itself but also to how they are treated by social systems after the assault para 40 had a desire to change this and empower those victims who often feel less than adequate after their experience Services O ered has focused much of her attention on including families and friends of victims into her programs Many loved ones try to deal with their own emotional issues after an attack as well as help the victim refers to this as the ripple effect those surrounding the victim have little knowledge on how to help or how to handle the emotions of the victims SAVES goal is to change this A tollfree number will be staffed 24 hours a day for victims and their families and friends who are seeking advice want to report a crime or just need a sympathetic ear Those who call wanting to report an assault will be offered the services of a victims advocate This individual can accompany the victim to the police to file a complaint to the hospital to be examined and the advocate will also be available to support the victim at any legal proceedings that take place after the assault SAVES staff will be able to assist with pregnancy and sexually transmitted infection testing in the days after an attack These tests are confidential and additional counseling services will be offered to those with positive test results SAVES will also provide general counseling to the victims and their families as well as legal advice and support Individuals who are victims of sexual assault are prime candidates for post traumatic stress disorder PTSD Immediate and frequent counseling can help to lessen the damage caused by PTSD Tolin amp Foa 2006 which Building an Ethical 4 is one of the many reasons that counseling will be strongly advised at SAVES Victims need to know that they are not alone in the fight to convict their attackers a strong support system will make the journey less daunting The center will also provide voluntary support groups that will meet weekly has stated that the SAVES building will also benefit the community SAVES will hold selfdefense classes on a weekly basis These classes will be led by law enforcement officers who will teach the most effective means of preventing abuse and how to fend off attackers Selfdefense classes are not the only way the community will be involved Reducing the number of sexual assaults is possible with community involvement The center will offer community awareness programs focusing on educating members on the signs of abuse Involving the community and spreading the word about the center is imperative to the success of SAVES The Mission The mission of SAVES is to Provide a safe and nurturing environment for sexual assault victims and their loved ones Staff shall protect educate counsel and inspire clients and their families Individuals who seek assistance from SAVES staff members should feel as if their lives were enhanced and their privacy was protected Clients will be treated equally regardless of age sex race or economic status SAVES staff will treat each case individually and with respect s caring and empathetic nature will be re ected in her staff This reinforces to victims and to the community that the SAVES organization will be run in an ethical manner with no tolerance for immorality When a sexual assault occurs victims will have a safe and supportive environment to seek assistance from This organization and its safe haven will be run Building an Ethical 5 by welleducated professionals working toward the common goal of assisting victims in returning to a normal life Values Lee and Bourdage 2009 state that an organization that implements a values statement will have more ethical and moral behavior from its employees these employees will also align their values with the values of the organization if the organization publishes its values and makes them known to the employees SAVES worked with members of its staff at all levels as well as donors and community members to draft the following values statement All staff and volunteers of SAVES shall adhere to practices that are in accordance with appropriate laws and with ethical principles that re ect a high level of competency SAVES will continuously serve the public with integrity respect and dignity Clients from all walks of life will be encouraged and empowered by the staff s optimism empathy and compassion The values statement like the mission statement focuses on high moral standards within the organization Inspiring a change in victims who may have little to lift their spirits and fostering hope within the organization as well as within the community will be easily accomplished by SAVES capable and professional staff Code of Ethics Most individuals have a personal code of ethics which they adhere to s personal code of ethics was the basis for the code of ethics for SAVES The code was drafted by employees at all levels as well as community members Involving individuals from all walks of life as well as each individual within the organization allowed all opinions to be heard Because the code was drafted in part by its employees each individual within the organization has some Building an Ethical 6 ownership in the statement and is therefore inspired by it Holding employees to high ethical standards creates a feeling of confidence within the employees confidence in one s abilities to make ethical decisions creates individuals who are inspired to create positive changes in the organization and its clients The Code of Ethics for the SAVES organization follows SAVES staff will respect themselves and their limitations Knowing what they can and cannot do will keep staff from placing themselves in situations they cannot handle Respect for limitations allows for the personal growth of staff members letting them see where their weaknesses fall will give them an idea of where they need to learn and grow The staff will never stop learning every new situation and every new client can teach something Being open to learning and seeing situations from another perspective will lead to a better understanding of those individuals the organization serves The staff shall not just hear what clients and coworkers are saying but rather listen to what is being said Listening closely to another individual shows a level of respect that can be missing when an individual just hears Not only is SAVES staff committed to learning but to teaching as well Staff members will teach what they know in an effort to better educate the clients they serve When teaching others it is vital that staff put their personal opinions aside letting others form their own opinions helps them determine their own ethical systems Having an understanding of one s beliefs will help that individual to stand up for what he or she believes in in turn empowering that individual SAVES employees will be advocates for these individuals helping them to realize their own potential while ensuring that the individual is not taken advantage of Building an Ethical 7 In dealing with each other clients and community members staff will be courteous even when they are in unpleasant situations Emotions can overcome people leading them to say or do things that they will later regret SAVES s will right any wrongs as soon as they occur If an individual has been offended or hurt staff will do all that is within their power to change the unfortunate situation Righting wrongs means accepting responsibility for what occurs in one s life and accepting responsibility includes admitting when one is wrong The staff at SAVES knows that in doing this they will remain humble and approachable which will gain them the respect of peers clients and community members Staff members are to maintain their genuine self no matter what the situation is Putting on false airs and pretending to be someone other than who they truly are can put staff in difficult situations with other individuals Remaining true to oneself will keep others from questioning the motives or morals of SAVES When an individual s morals and ethics are questioned people may have doubts whether or not the organization is trustworthy Employees shall trust that the clients they are working with are being truthful and shall be trustworthy themselves Trusting others can be difficult for those who have been hurt or wronged in the past this requires that staff have a proven track record of being trustworthy moral and ethical The Code of Ethics like the values and mission statements was drafted by those who are most closely involved in the organization One can easily determine from reading the three that high standards are in place for SAVES staff The goal of relating the Code of Ethics along with the mission and values statements was to keep this high level of moral and ethical behavior s reputation is on the line if her organization is run in an unethical manner so holding staff to these high standards is imperative Building an Ethical 8 Organizational Culture SAVES organization is focused on hiring and retaining the most professional employees By fostering an organizational culture that is professional and ethical believes that this can happen Employees who feel comfortable in their environment are more likely to stay with the organization would like to create an organizational culture that does not ask employees to compromise their beliefs To obtain this goal has worked diligently to set strict hiring policies SAVES employees will enjoy a work environment where meeting the goals of the organization can occur while maintaining one s individuality will maintain this type of culture by addressing employees concerns as they arise and by being approachable Staff will participate in group activities within the community such as a softball league to raise awareness for the organization and let employees socialize with each other outside of the workplace The values of the organization will be upheld during such events giving the public a view of the culture that exists at SAVES Leadership s role as director places her in a position of leadership a role she is looking forward to taking on Because is not only the director of SAVES but the founder as well she has a lot of stake in the organization Developing a professional culture will keep her reputation untarnished plans to maintain this type of culture by adhering to the code of ethics that is in place Leading by example is one of the best ways to teach It is s moral obligation to uphold the values and ethics of the organization at all times has stated that she will follow a transformational method of leadership Transformational leaders discuss concerns with their employees and focus on what is best for the Building an Ethical 9 team rather than an individual These leaders are in uential without being overbearing Legacee 2009 believes this type of leadership is important in the human services field due to the empathetic nature of the profession It has been said that one can catch more ies with honey than with vinegar in this case transformational leadership is the honey Allowing employees to have a say in what occurs at work will keep them happier in their careers leading to less stress less burnout and higher employee retention When an individual leads by example rather than with an iron fist he or she becomes the person others choose to follow Oversight Human service organizations must maintain ethical standards to be respected in the communities they serve Who monitors the ethics of an organization and what systems are used to oversee ethical activity SAVES has been working with members of the community to create an ethics board that will monitor the organization and its employees This board is made up of ethics professors members of the clergy law enforcement officers and employees of SAVES This ethics board will meet monthly to review any complaints from employees community members or clients Yearly the board will perform an ethics audit and review the code of ethics as well as the values and mission statements In doing this the board can make recommendations for change and ensure that the organization is still adhering to the guidelines that have been put into place SAVES is an organization that is looking to fill a void in the community Sexual abuse can occur anywhere at any time and it is the founder s goal to provide a way to mitigate the damages done to victims and provide support to families and friends An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and the selfdefense classes provided will only further this old adage To Building an Ethical 10 build a solid foundation for the permanency of SAVES must make sure she has the organization staffed with the most professional empathetic and ethical people available The best staff in the world would still need guidance in order to achieve their goals Guidance comes in the form of the mission and values statements the SAVES code of ethics and s leadership The staff can keep a strong image with community members by participating in community events and while doing so continuing to exude the values hopes SAVES will be known for Such extracurricular activities help to form relationships between staff members that only serve to pull the organization together more tightly Providing transformational leadership and regularly securing the opinions of professionals in related fields will help to ensure that the original SAVES location will remain a bastion of hope for victims in s community forever Building an Ethical 11 References Campbell Rebecca 2008 The psychological impact of rape victims39 experiences With the legal medical and mental health systems American Psychologist 638 702717 from EBSCOHost database Lee Kibeom amp Bourdage Joshua 2009 Similarity and Assumed Similarity in Personality Reports of Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 962 460472 from EBSCOHost database Legacee 2009 Transformational leadership Retrieved from httpWWWlegaceecomInfoLeadershipLeaderResourceshtml Tolin David F amp Foa Edna B 2006 Post traumatic stress disorder and sexual assault Psychological Bulletin 1326 959992 Retrieved from EBSCOHost database US Department of Justice 2009 Crime and victims statistics Retrieved from httpWWWojpgovbj scvicthtm


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