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BCOM275 Week 1 DQ 1 - The Onus Is on the Receivers of Messages - Copy


BCOM275 Week 1 DQ 1 - The Onus Is on the Receivers of Messages - Copy fin571

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About this Document

BCOM275 Week 1 DQ 1 - The Onus Is on the Receivers of Messages - Copy
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by an elite notetaker on Wednesday November 11, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to fin571 at Kaplan University taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 20 views.


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Date Created: 11/11/15
Week 1 D01 The Onus Is on the Receivers of Messages Do you provide useful feedback to messages you receive What are some ways in which receivers of messages provide feedback when listening to or reading a message What effect does this have on the message Provide at least 2 specific examples RESPONSE 1 In my experience and I honestly can39t remember when I started doing it but when I am the receiver for any type of communication especially in the work environment I do the head bob acknowledgement Some peeple might call it a tick and I may do it more frequently than needed but I have always thought it is a very good nonverbal form of communication to show the sender that I am indeed paying attention not only to the fact that you are talking number one but that I am intentionally listening to what you are saying and processing said information I have always prided myself on being a good listener and most people would agree with that except maybe my wife but I always do my best to tune everything out and focus on what the person is saying because I know what it is like to have a receiver not give me their full undivided attention and then having to rehash all or most of the info that l was putting out In a message setting I will use an email example since I deal with emails pretty much as the major form of communication for me in the Navy As a Chief we get emails constantly from our Command Master Chief who is the head enlisted person in a command He will divvy out tons of emails to keep us not only informed but to get taskers from us to get things done for the day or week So for me in my experience make it a priority to either reply as soon as get the email to show that l have received it or if I have the time and I am up anyway I will walk to his office to give him the verbal quotI39m on itquot or the nonverbal thumbs up to let him know that I am on it The nice thing about using Microsoft Office for your emails and I am sure there are other email engines that use them but Office for sure has the ability to put the option for when you send a message to have either a read receipt or a vote box attached to them I find both of these options to be helpful in a short fuze time frame but for me as always the best form of communication is either person to person or via the phone to know that nothing was lost in the message RESPONSE 2 I try to give feedback when I receive messages and or letters sometimes the effect may seem harsh but it is always helpfull for example a letter was sent to me giving me instructions on a project that needed to be done the letter went in circles I could not understand what specifically was needed so I sent back a copy of the letter with corrections and changes that I thought he was trying to convey he did get angry but understood my point another example was a text message that was sent for information that was neededl replied that certain items could have been changed or worded differently so not to offend the recipients Criticism in feedback is always helpfull it39s needed to help you grow and improve RESPONSE 3 Reading the post that have been submitted so far I get that the almost everyone tries to respond with an acknowledgement of receipt In my business field it is easy to receive a few hundred emails a day l separate my emails automatically using a Lotus Notes mail rule which allows me to put emails in folders based on whether or not I was in the main distribution list or only on copy This allows me to prioritizes when reading emails to ensure I can respond the ones in which I was directly asked to perform an action When I am copied on a email chain which does not seem to be reaching a solution instead of sending a reply or acknowledgment I simply pick up the phone To me sometimes a direct call is the best acknowledgement and it shortens the lead time of the resolution RESPONSE 4 A receiver of a message can provide feedback verbally or nonverbally when listening to or reading a message Nonverbal feedback could include eye contact facial expressions or head nods The eye contact lets the sender know that you are focused on listening to the message The facial expressions and head nods provide instant feedback to the message whether positive or negative This instant feedback can effect the message and the sender The sender needs to use the feedback received to change or alter the message if necessary Verbal feedback can come during the message or after the message The feedback during a message could come in the form of agreement words such as okay or uh huh These types of words let the sender know that you are listening and accept the message The feedback after the message is usually more extensive The receiver is able to tell the sender that he agrees or disagrees with the message and why Again the sender needs to use this feedback as way of establishing a shared understanding and make improvements to the message if necessary RESPONSE 5 I provide solid feedback to any message I may receive whether it39s verbal or written I was taught as a child that when someone is talking to you looking the person in the eye is always the best form of acknowledgement When I39m having a conversation with someone I take the time to look them in the eye and occasionally follow with some form of a verbal response to continue acknowledgement If the conversation is not of interest to me or I have something else on my mind I tend to take in background noise and it becomes distracting Therefore I always make an attempt to take an important conversation to a more quiet atmosphere or do something to mitigate the background distractions In the workplace the most common form of communication is email We learned valuable lessons in communicating in the written sense at work and some of them without negative intention have been hard ones It39s important for the sender or the receiver to maintain a calm level of emotion and never respond in angst Proof reading is critical to not only ensure your point is delivered with clarity but you are viewed as the intelligent employee employer that you are As email continues as the leading form of communication in the workplace other forms of acknowledgement can be given without even a reply such as read receipts or accepting meeting requests


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