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BCOM275 Week 2 DQ 4 - Validity, Credibility, Reliability


BCOM275 Week 2 DQ 4 - Validity, Credibility, Reliability fin571

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About this Document

BCOM275 Week 2 DQ 4 - Validity, Credibility, Reliability
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by an elite notetaker on Wednesday November 11, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to fin571 at Kaplan University taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 37 views.


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Date Created: 11/11/15
Week 2 DQ4 quotValidityquot quotCredibilityquot quotReliabilityquot What are some reasons you might consider data or information to lack validity credibility or reliability Explain your answer by using at least 3 examplesat least one for each concept Please number your examples and make sure that you understand the specialized meanings of these terms before responding to this DQ RESPONSE l 1 The best example of something lacking validity is a recent letter my wife received from the VicePresident of US Airways Basically it was a poor attempt of quotPhishingquot as there was no letterhead the body message was poorly written and the closing section was not documented properly with the appropriate initials via the secretary As most people know the VicePresident of a major airline would not be sending out a letter personally asking me to call their 1800 number to get my winning roundtrip tickets up to 140000 Unfortunately there are people everyday that fall for attempts like this without bothering to go the extra mile and verifying if it is real or not 2 An example of credibility is the 2008 bailout of AIG and within a few days of receiving an 85 billion bailout from the US Government executives from the insurance firm went on a week long resort to the St Regis Resort in Monarch Beach CA After digging the executives were apparently from a subsidiary of AIG itself and not the overarching umbrella company which was in much better financial state than the parent company itself Mainly constituents were upset in general by lumping the subsidiary together with the parent company and wondering why AIG is sending its top executives on a paid vacation within a week of a huge bailout 3 An example of reliability would be taking your vehicle for any repairmaintenance service to a jiffy lube or quick stop place vice an actual dealership I know personally that l have been burned before by paying for service that I didn39t need because it was recommended but not required all in the name of sales With the maintenance department of an actual dealership there is more peace of mind due to all of their work is guaranteed 100 due to any kind of faulty maintenance with qualified personnel who know the ins and outs of your car way more intimately than a jiffy lube establishment would In addition I can ask honest questions about when I should perform certain or take care of my car39s maintenance without feeling like I am being taken advantage of RESPONSE 2 There are many reasons that you will think information to lack validity credibility or reliability One is the fact of who is gathering the data such as the website wikipedia It is considered an online encyclopedia but what it really is a place to get information that anyone can put in making it highly unreliable Another form of this is anyone speaking in our government They are all completely biased because of what their goals and views are and will only give you the information that supports their case so it is hard to distinguish what is right and what is somewhat accuratewhich makes it lack in validity Of course along that same lines even today39s media coverage has shown biased against some things without sharing all the information so that it makes a much more appealing story and gets everyone39s attention which really makes you wonder how credible these stories are RESPONSE 3 If I could think of a better example to share with the class I would use another example from my time in the Navy I made the rank of Chief Petty Officer back in 2007 I went through a six week quotinductionquot process that gives CPO selectee39s a foundation of the changing of mindset from the junior enlisted ranks to the senior enlisted ranks I enjoyed pretty much every moment from the induction season and when l was pinned as a Chief on 21 September 2007 I instantly became quotThe Chiefquot For those of you in the military especially in the senior enlisted ranks can relate when I say that at that instant I became the be all end all In the Navy there is a term of quotAsk the Chiefquot That statement is absolutely true get questions every day ranging from work related questions to career relating questions to uniform issues I am the one stop shop of quotReliability Credibility and Validityquot If I give a Sailor bad information I ruin my credibility and reliability When I also answer questions that relate to confirming someone else39s information and it is wrong I lose my validity power base I truly love being a Chief and with that comes the responsibility of all of these aspects which keep me on my toes at all times RESPONSE 4 1 Data or information to lack validity would have to depend on it39s source Having valid data or information would mean it has come from a reliable source Dealing in retail I sometimes come across customers who look up coupons on eBay that are 20 off Unfortunately for them The Home Depot does not manufacture or offer 20 coupons Customers will purchase them and attempt to redeem them in the store After explaining to them that the coupon is not valid or real for that matter they get angry but I tell them they need a valid source to receive discounts and unfortunately the counterfeit coupons found online are not it 2 Data or information to lack credibility also hinges on the source For the most part the news media looks for credible sources of information to report the news like data from surveys or studies An example I find humorous was when I attended interview and interrogation training or what we call quotWicklanderquot During our training we are presented with the Bill Clinton interview of him telling the country he was innocent of the alligations concerning him and Monica Lewinsky As we learned some of the ways the body responds to stress President Clinton39s answers began to lose credibility The interviewer would ask an easy question and Bill would respond with in his behavioral norm The interviewer would then ask a hard question and Bill would respond with a nervous tick Bill turned out to be a horrible liar 3 Data or information being reliable I would also say depends on the source Looking up information on wikipedia or someone39s blog would not be recommended or be considered reliable One should always check their sources and see if the author is perhaps an expert in their field Even if you have found a reliable source even the experts can be wrong sometimes Looking at our text and reading about the fella that was advising the bush administration during the Iraq invasion was not surprising Knowing this person was an interested party and yet seemingly not checking the validity of his claims was embarrassing for President Bush I would like to think that our government would know better but I also think they used this fella as a means to an end Get into Iraq and get that oil RESPONSE 5 I would consider information to lack credibility validity and reliability for many different reasons There is figuring out who is the author if contact information is available what is the purpose of the information if information can be verified and how well the information is organized just to name a few I would be cautious of the credibility of some information when I receive a call from an unknown caller This happened to me not to long ago someone called claiming to be my bank and wanted me to verify my bank info I was not sure of the intent so I called my bank directly and they said that they never call and ask for personal information I was glad that I did not trust the credibility of that call l have a hard time determining the validity of information especially if there is no author I can not deem information from wikipedia valid because there is no stated author and the information can not be verified This is really the same for reliable information I cant deem information reliable if it is not from a reliable source If the information comes from somewhere that is questionable to me I will not use it as reliable info


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