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BCOM275 Week 3 DQ 2 - How Do You Communicate with Your Boss


BCOM275 Week 3 DQ 2 - How Do You Communicate with Your Boss fin571

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About this Document

BCOM275 Week 3 DQ 2 - How Do You Communicate with Your Boss
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by an elite notetaker on Wednesday November 11, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to fin571 at Kaplan University taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 20 views.


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Date Created: 11/11/15
Week 3 D02 How Do You Communicate with Your Boss What would be the most effective channel to communicate with your boss in a hierchical or investor owned organization Why is this Are other channels less effective RESPONSEI In my opinion and maybe it is my military background anyone who is senior to me will always get my information the first time up face to face with any future correspondence on the same subject via email either for oh by the way39s or clarification As an individual gains seniority in pretty much any business the more responsibility you have and ultimately more correspondence I work with my Command Master Chief Highest enlisted person in each command on a daily basis and it floors me how much work he has on his plate on a daily basis He normally works with me via email and if the subject needs more attention or clarification he will call me into his office but I personally would not conduct the start of any communication process outside of a face to face unless there is no open door policy and in that case I would do either a phone call or email There is too much to be left by the wayside and easily mistaken if not done in a face to face manner RESPONSE2 The most effect way to communicate is to use channels in concert When involved in a project a cc email to the supervisor during communications that have are pivotal helps them stay in the loop When an appointment is required then an email stating the nature of the material to be addressed in the meeting is appropriate This approach allows the supervisor to review the material as needed to make the meeting productive This approach is good even in an open door of ce as the supervisor is up to speed on the topic and does not look bad The face to face is necessary yet the adage is if the boss looks good you look good goes a long way in what information is provided to the supervisor The other part is that all emails on a project are printed out and put in a binder for that project When I go to a meeting with the boss if the topic is known the binder for that topic goes with me The supervisor is a busy person and often forgets having communicated on a matter having the email at hand helps clarify issues RESPONSE 3 I39ve found as l conduct business with my subordinates to operate in a face to face policy as much as possible When distance between myself and my supervisor prevents face to face meetings we communicate via email and many messages flow involving other teams I39m still a little 39old school39 in the sense that face to face meetings and handshakes are still the way to go I believe it promotes understanding and teamwork while still maintaining the hierarchy Weekly meetings are conducted in person with all team leads and the supervisor Task organization is assessed and distributed for the weeks agenda and everyone is involved with discussing and addressing issues or concerns Having this face to face streamlines the initial outline of the weekly duties while clearing up any confusion before we get started Follow ups are conducted via email and telephonically RESPONSE 4 The most effective channel to communicate with the boss would be a facetoface meeting This allows for questions to be asked and answered and it provides instant feedback The employee and the boss will be able to obtain ample information about the subject and they should both leave the meeting feeling as though the subject has been resolved Emails and phone calls are less effective With e mails the employee and the boss might have to exchange a series of emails in order to fully gather all the information Emails might sit in an inbox for a while before being read also If the subject is urgent then this would not be helpful The effectiveness of a phone call is similar to the email With phone calls a situation where a voice message might need to be recorded is probable Then it will depend on when the boss is able to check this message Again this would not be helpful if the subject was urgent RESPONSE 5 I love this question and have been asked it by many people that have worked for and with me over the years The most effective way to speak with your leader is dependant on what the topic to be covered is the importance of the issue and most importantly the preference of the leader you are working with The topic is the most important factor in determining what is to be discussed For example when talking to you leader about a potential raise and promotion that you are interesting in scheduling a meeting with them and doing the meeting in a face to face fashion is the ONLY way this should be done You are making a case or selling yourself to that leader and you want to exert confidence in that case you are presenting while also alloting time that both of you can be uninterrupted Importance or urgency is a necesary factor as a more important message should be relayed at least by the phone where a less important matter can be done via email or text All of this is dependant on the leader that you are working with Some do not like to have anything dealt with in any other matter than face to face or email so knowing your quotaudiencequot mus tbe taken into account Understand that the less actual talking to are doing with verbal communcation the less effective the communcation becomes and it also is harder to completely deliver messages because words via email and text can be interpretted in so many different ways


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