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BCOM275 Week 4 DQ 2 - Persuasion v. Manipulation


BCOM275 Week 4 DQ 2 - Persuasion v. Manipulation fin571

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About this Document

BCOM275 Week 4 DQ 2 - Persuasion v. Manipulation
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by an elite notetaker on Wednesday November 11, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to fin571 at Kaplan University taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 28 views.


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Date Created: 11/11/15
Week 4 D02 Persuasion v Manipulation What is the difference between persuasion and manipulation How do arguments affect the difference How does language affect the difference RESPONSE 1 find that if I have a point of view that I want someone to agree with it comes down to a the issue and b the end result As parents we persuade our children all the time For example I will persuade my oldest in how I want her to spend her hard earned allowance Let39s say she has saved up some money and it took her a while to get there and she wanted to buy some candy with it I could go wellyou CAN buy that if you want to but I recommend you get this instead or keep saving your money for that toy or whatever you want Manipulation is in my mind the worse of the two only because there is an intent behind the issue that you want either retribution or pain involved in the scenario to prove a point or receive something out of the situation For manipulation I would use a brand new co worker that doesn39t exactly know how certain things work or if it could be done easier The more established worker manipulates the new person to do this paperwork for himher because quotthat39s how the company does itquot routine With both situation I believe arguments don39t help because it is harder to achieve your end goal it you have to browbeat someone into doing things the way you want them done Coming in with the buddybuddy routine gives off the quothey I39ve been in your shoes let me show you how to do itquot and the victim is none the wiser With children I would hope that all parents use persuasion to either educate or train their children I would hope that parents would not manipulate their kids but I see it on tv all the time with these reality shows like quotToddlers and Tiara39squot To me there can39t be any good coming out of that situation for the child at all Language can be a huge issue with the coworkers situation just in the mere fact like we were talking last week someone is brand new so maybe they don39t know the slang or acronyms so it is easy to manipulate someone into doing something wrong and they wouldn39t even know it RESPONSE 2 What is the difference between persuasion and manipulation Persuasion is the art of attempting to sway ones decision or belief based on a strong belief or conviction of the sender ln attempt to persuade the intent is without malice or ill will but an attempt to change the receivers mind based off of what you personally believe and hold to be factual To manipulate is to control influence or falsify to your own advantage By doing so it may not be based on fact and the outcome may be negative in nature To persuade the opposition in an argument by changing the point of view of another the sender will want to persuade them by delivering factual information and providing it in a manner that is showing clear intent When one is attempting to manipulate the delivery may include information to lead the listener to another conclusion that may not be based on fact Manipulation may even include outright lying on behalf of the sender to change the view of the receiver The end result may be extremely different depending on whether or not the sender is manipulating or persuading The outcome may be negative if the receiver believes the message is dishonest or incorrect ln attempt to persuade the receiver has little opportunity to argue fact unless the manner in which it was delivered was confusing RESPONSE 3 Hello Class Persuasion and manipulation are similar in that they are both used by people as a way to influence others The difference is that persuasion uses accurate and factual information to influence while manipulation uses trickery or lies it is usually an unfair form of in uence The arguments affect the difference by the information contained within the argument If the information is true and accurate then it is persuasion A sender will use true and accurate information to influence the receivers The receivers might take away a biased opinion from the argument but they were able to come to that Opinion based on the information presented in the argument With manipulation the sender uses lies and trickery to influence the receivers When the receivers leave with a biased opinion then it is because they were duped into that Opinion based on the tricks of the sendeh The language affects the difference also With persuasion the language is usually calm clear and concise A sender will lay the facts on the table and the receivers can do with as they may The language involved with manipulation can be stressed emotional and scattered For example using an angered language will trick the audience into being angry whether the facts anger them or not RESPONSE 4 Persuasion and manipulation are methods of convincing people to do something for you or to change their thinking to match yours The way each accomplishes the goal is through different styles persuasion uses facts in a positive light and highlights how these to the benefit the user manipulation does not use all the information and plays with emotions and generally convincing someone of a position Persuasion and manipulation are not binary states it is possible to have one with shades of the other While people persuade and manipulate in order to get others to do what they want When you persuade someone you are presenting your product service or argument in the best possible light You do not need to lie omit details or intimidate the other person Rather persuasion presents the facts It is giving people information they did not previously have in a clear logical manner in order to convince them by informing them Manipulation does not depend on the preponderance of evidence rather on the direction that the evidence points Causing the listener to sway to support the direction that the proponent is leading is the goal of the person using manipulation The facts are subordinate and only relevant when used to the end of swaying the listener to the desired position A persuader will serve the person he is persuading he will sell a product or service that he genuinely believes will add value to his customer39s business or life A manipulator on the other hand focuses solely on swaying the person to desired position He is not serving the other person but rather targeting him or her for his own ends RESPONSE 5 In persuasion person 1 is trying to influence person 2 that their point of view can be beneficial to both parties In manipulation only the person exploiting will benefit long term To be truly persuasive you must be logical and ethical How do arguments affect the difference Persuasion appeals to reason and logic rather than to emotion or feelings which is what arguments can mostly sway on How does language affect the difference When trying to persuade you use a calm voice creative word choices with your compelling information to try and encourage your listeners to really listen ln manipulation the tone may be more intense and the words more rigid and repetitive


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