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BSA 375 Week #3 Individual Assignment(Analyze HR System GÇô Part 2)


BSA 375 Week #3 Individual Assignment(Analyze HR System GÇô Part 2) fin571

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About this Document

BSA 375 Week #3 Individual Assignment(Analyze HR System GÇô Part 2)
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by an elite notetaker on Wednesday November 11, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to fin571 at Kaplan University taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 24 views.


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Date Created: 11/11/15
Service Request SRrmOO4 Analyze HR System 1 Service Request SR rm OO4 Analyze HR System Part 2 University of Phoenix BSA375 Fundamentals of Business Systems Development Your Instructor s Name Date Service Request SRrm004 Analyze HR System 2 Riordan Manufacturing is a global manufacturer of plastics and an employer to 550 people The company has annual earnings of 46 million Apollo Group 2006 The owner of this company is Riordan Industries which is a Fortune 1000 enterprise that has annual revenues of over 1 billion The company has state of the art design capabilities that allow them to manufacture innovative plastic designs that are well known across the globe The seal of Riordan Manufacturing is attention to detail accuracy and keen quality control Apollo Group 2006 The company manufactures plastic containers for beverages in Georgia where they have a plant custom plastic parts in Pontiac and Fan parts in China Apollo Group 2006 Its corporate headquarters are in San Jose California where research and development is carried out Its customers include Apollo Group 2006 0 Automotive part manufacturers 0 Beverage makers 0 Aircraft manufacturers 0 Bottlers 0 Appliance manufacturers and 0 Department of defense Apollo Group 2006 Human Information System HRIS Application Architecture and Process Design The Human Resource Information System HRIS can be defined as software that provides a database for data entry data tracking and all data information that is required by the human resource accounting and payroll departments of an organization Satzinger Jackson Burg amp Service Request SRrm004 Analyze HR System 3 Johnson 2004 A business should choose a system that re ects its capabilities Some of the information in a Human Resource Information System HRIS includes employee attendance pay raises and grades positions held training received and training needs potential employee identification and tracking of applicants data Satzinger Jackson Burg amp Johnson 2004 A look at Riordan manufacturing s HRIS shows that it includes all information that allows the company to track and analyze employees and applicants Satzinger Jackson Burg amp Johnson 2004 It has obtained a system and then customized it to meet its needs As a result of this system s ability to enable employees change their information and update their benefits the human resource officials have extra time to focus on other strategic issues Satzinger Jackson Burg amp Johnson 2004 The system provides all data that is required in managing employees developing employee knowledge creating an opportunity for equal treatment of all employees and career development Through such a system managers have in an ethical legal and professional way been able to facilitate the success of those under them Satzinger Jackson Burg amp Johnson 2004 When the current Human Information System HRIS is analyzed the results indicate that it was put in place in 1992 The Human Information System HRIS which is part of the financial systems package keeps a database of employee information relating to Satzinger Jackson Burg amp Johnson 2004 0 Personal information that includes name address marital status and next of kin 0 Salary Service Request SRrm004 Analyze HR System 4 0 Personal exemptions from taxes 0 Date of employment 0 Seniority date 0 Information regarding the organization 0 Vacation hours for non exempt employees Changes to employee timesheet information are recorded on special forms in form of writing The payroll clerk is responsible for entering this timesheet and special forms information into the system Satzinger Jackson Burg amp Johnson 2004 A training and development officer is responsible for entering records relating to training and development is Excel sheets Human resource officers keep files of application data in case of any open position Application letters and resumes are filled in a storage area and applicants statuses are tracked using an Excel spreadsheet Satzinger Jackson Burg amp Johnson 2004 There is a separate entity who manages workers compensation plan who keeps his own records that are distinct from Riordan s HRIS system human resource managers are responsible for maintaining employee files as there is no central employee file area and they also track leave absences Outcomes of job analysis salary surveys and individual compensation decisions are maintained in an excel spreadsheet by the compensation manager Satzinger Jackson Burg amp Johnson 2004 System Design can be defined as the process of developing a system basing your design on some very clear set of requirements while at the same time developing deliverables and documentation that is appropriate for proper system functioning There is need for integration of Service Request SRrm004 Analyze HR System 5 the Human Resource Information System HRIS with software that develops 3D product models works in a network connected environment and uses the leading CADCAMCAE capabilities weigh up in meeting the ever growing needs of the company The following work ow diagram shows the current Riordan Manufacturing Human Information System HRIS H Lli l l a rm F e 5 0 MIN 6 5 Imtmlmatien Epstein HJFZIE Mama t at Kc 5 395 t rut real Em is I e e e F e c e rd 5 4 39 tilll lit H i at 5Cquot I EesouBee Specialists 39 quot 3 Bart ILgm lll HZI II he atlas J to la El c that loll I o Imp a n S at in ti ti 395 H a e In a r in m p e n 5 all i 15 n 7 Training Ellrill at 7 Enu nyee llElllll lll 39 il Service Request SRrmOO4 Analyze HR System 6 P a mpg Accounting Conclusion Implementing the proposed Human Resource Information System HRIS will enable Riordan Manufacturing to manage employees develop employee knowledge and create an opportunity for equal treatment of all employees and career development It will have effective software that provides a database for data entry data tracking and all data information that is required by the human resource accounting and payroll departments of an organization Service Request SRrm004 Analyze HR System 7 References 1 Apollo Group Inc 2006 Virtual Organization Riordan Manufacturing Inc httpsecampusphoeniXedusecureaapdCistvopBusinessRiordanRioMngome002ht m 2 Satzinger J W Jackson RB Burg SD amp Johnson R 2004 Systems Analysis and Design in a Changing World Retrieved from University of Phoenix httpsecampusphoeniXeducontenteBookLibraryContenteReaderh Service Request SRrmOO4 Analyze HR System 8 assetidedb90735 3878 47aa 95fb 62126bfb8Cfe7ampassetmetaid4b0efa6l 48f5 4272 a367 b38224337302 3 Shelly Gary B and Cashman Thomas J 2003 Systems Analysis and Design 5th Edition


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