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CJA 454 Week 4 Case Study Out-of-Town Brown and the Besieged Probation Supervisor


CJA 454 Week 4 Case Study Out-of-Town Brown and the Besieged Probation Supervisor fin571

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About this Document

CJA 454 Week 4 Case Study Out-of-Town Brown and the Besieged Probation Supervisor
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by an elite notetaker on Wednesday November 11, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to fin571 at Kaplan University taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 71 views.

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Date Created: 11/11/15
Running head CASE STUDY OUTOFTOWN BROWNBESIEGED PROBATION Case Study Outof Town BrownBesieged Probation Supervisor Name CJA454 March 5 2012 Instructor CASE STUDY OUTOFTOWN BROWNBESIEGED PROBATION 2 Case Study OutofTown BrownBesieged Probation Supervisor Probation officers are important because they are the ones who help the criminals get the necessary treatments needed to stay out of jail Probation officers supervise offenders on probation through personal contact with the offenders and their families Probations officers spend much of their time in the courts where they will learn all the facts of the accused criminal to understand their background Understanding the background of the accused allows them to see the reasons why the crime may have been committed There are many sentences that probation officers can arrange for the offenders The sentences can be substance abuse rehabilitation community service job training and wearing an electronic device These smaller sentences can be a warning to let them know that committing crimes will not be tolerated Probation and parole agencies also seek the assistance of community organizations such as religious institutions neighborhood groups and local residents to monitor the behavior of many offenders In the situation with Joan Casey she has to make the decisions that are best for the Collier County s Probation Department The Collier County s Probation Department deals with many different types of criminals and sentencing them usually is done by Jack Brown Jack Brown is the main person who is in charge of all the other probation officers Any decision that is made and if it is the wrong one it will fall onto Jack Brown s shoulders since he is the chief probation officer The department has had previous problems in the past and any case that is dealt with must be looked over to ensure the decisions are the right ones Facts of the Case CASE STUDY OUTOFTOWN BROWNBESIEGED PROBATION 3 Joan Casey begins her career as a probation officer Then she quickly advances to a supervisory position which consists of eight experienced probation officers As a newcomer to the unit Casey faces several problems from the start To begin with the Collier County s Probation Department exposure by the local newspaper twice in one month about lenient sanctions given to offenders One headline describes a stalker receiving only probation and another insinuates the county as too soft on crime As a result of these public announcements the chief probation officer Jack Brown calls a team meeting to discuss the department s alleged problems Brown suggests to the team they should conduct better presentence investigation reports on offenders It has been assumed offenders are receiving lenient sanctions because of inadequate presentencing reports To ensure that people in the communities and news do not come down on Collier County s Probation Department discussing which sentences individuals will get must be kept quiet The department needs to make sure that the Probation Officer s have understood the importance of not talking to media to protect the department The media usually will come down hard on the person who sentenced the individual especially if the criminals goes out and commits another crime The people in the community want to feel safe but if the criminals are walking the streets it is hard for them to think that way Just as the department s problems begin to escalate Brown takes his annual leave of absence and Casey is assigned as the designated officer in charge As a newcomer again Casey faces her first big challenge One of her officers is working on a high profile case and recommends intermediate sanctions for the offender Considering the department s CASE STUDY OUTOFTOWN BROWNBESIEGED PROBATION 4 shortcomings on their presentencing investigation report Casey probably reviews the report and agrees with the officer s recommendations based on evidence in the case Although Casey is familiar with the case she refuses to comment on the case when contacted by a wellknown reporter however she does disclose the sentencing on the next day Talking to reporters Casey s response to the reporter concerning the agency s recommendation for intermediate sanctions should explain the conditions surrounding the case Team B believes the reporter would understand the reason the agency requests intermediate sanctions if he knew the facts surrounding the circumstances Casey should not tell the reporter anything and advise him that the position of the team has been sent to the Judge and the records are not available until the Judge reviews them and makes his or her ruling The probation department is not able to release that type of information and he would have to wait till the information becomes public record Some reporters can be pushy because they are trying to receive information that can end up hurting the department The reporters have a way of asking questions that may portray to the communities that the department is having major problems To ensure that this does not happen it is important that only people with permission should talk to the media If there are too many people talking to the media it could cause a large amount of confusion The wellknown reporter understands that this individual is sentenced the prior day so waiting for the sentence is something that he can do Casey knows that Jack Brown wanted to make sure that the sanctions getting in the media before the case is finished could cause a large CASE STUDY OUTOFTOWN BROWNBESIEGED PROBATION 5 amount of problems The problems it could cause are for massive amounts of media to come where the case is decided Casey knows to make the right decisions and being the lead person on the case there is a large amount of pressure Discussing Sanctions Casey should not discuss the sanctions recommended until it is determined what the judge thinks If she wishes to talk about the desired sanctions after the judge ruling she should say that is the recommendation of the team and not just the officer She should advise this is the recommendation due to the fact that the facts found for the case and that they are responsible to make their recommendations due to their findings and protocol The judge always has the last word in any decision in court so it is important to get permission before discussing parts of a case The case could receive media attention causing the criminal to be put in danger if people are speaking about the sanctions they may receive Discussing recommendations If Casey elects to discuss her officer s recommendation for some form of intermediate sanction she would base sanctions on offender s prior record mental state and evidence The offender s age with no prior or violent record is remarkable What is more she should be sure to let the reporter know that the accused had been an incest victim since he was 5 years old and this should help justify the recommended sanctions Team B believes the television anchor would understand the reason the offender is considered a nonviolent person and a low recidivism risk Casey should also let it be known that the accused had suffered awful abuse by his stepfather CASE STUDY OUTOFTOWN BROWNBESIEGED PROBATION 6 This piece of information is enough to give the offender a chance to make amends for his actions In addition the offender s mental state is taken into account Based on these facts both officer in charge and Casey s recommendations are correct As a subject that was abused early in life with no prior criminal record locking him up in prison will not reform him These kinds of circumstances insist that the offender is eligible for intermediate sanctions rather than receiving prison time Recommendations for this offender would entail a psychiatric evaluation with some type of psych rehabilitation because of extended history of abuse therefore sentencing to a psychiatric facility would be sufficient Team B believes that counseling intensive probation fines community service such as graffitiremoval cleaning a park repairing a house and picking up litter could be suitable punishment What is more shock incarceration such as a split sentence in jail and out of jail and home arrest would be appropriate punishments The individual needs to be sentenced for the crime of murder and have the mental help while being incarcerated Just because of his prior abuse does not give him the right to kill anybody The mental health treatment will help him with dealing with the issues of his past and help him move on as he continues with his life Casey took in consideration that the person being charged has suffered many years of physical and mental abuse This type of abuse may have been the reason he chose to murder his stepfather There is no justification for murder but when a person is pushed to a certain point must protect themselves from continual hurt Rehabilitation will allow this individual to get the help that he needs and speak to someone about all the situations that he has experienced In some situations expressing the feelings being held inside can help a person out so much CASE STUDY OUTOFTOWN BROWNBESIEGED PROBATION 7 In conclusion Casey made the choices that she believed was right in the situation that she was given It is important that criminals are sentenced the right way to prevent them from returning to jail Criminals usually return to jail when they are given minor sentences and they do not have the chance to learn their lesson Some criminals may need to have a few months or years in jail for them to understand the consequences of their actions Consequences are something that everyone has to deal with when they put theirselves in situation which they have to go in front of a person to be sentenced Intermediate sanctions can help or hurt the person being charged with the crime depending on their experience with the law Most individuals who have experiences with the law may have never learned their lesson Media Policy for Collier County Probation Department The policy I would draft would be that no staff member or support staff member may discuss any issues or concerns about the Collier County Probation Department All media questions and concerns should be directed to the director of Collier Probation department The media must only be talked to with proper permission from the director if any probation officer gets questioned Any member that releases any information without going to the director shall have sanctions placed upon them including termination Suspensions that happen should also be kept quiet to ensure that they are not targeted for their wrongdoings After a certain amount of suspensions it should lead to termination to let all other officers know that the department is serious The department making sure the right sanctions are handed out will reduce the amount of individuals inside a jail or prison The reducing of overcrowding ensures the minor crimes to be handled with sentences on the outside CASE STUDY OUTOFTOWN BROWNBESIEGED PROBATION 8 References Jones 2007 Police and Media Relations How to bridge the gap Retrieved March 05 2012 from WWWfdlestate usContent39oneslarr final a er 1 as X Peak K 2010 Chapter 12 Corrections Issues and Practices 6th ed Upper Saddle River NJ PrenticeHall Bureau of Labor Statistics US Department of Labor Occupational Outlook Handbook 2010 11 Edition Probation Officers and Correctional Treatment Specialists on the Internet at httpwwwblsgOVocoocos265htm Visited March 05 2012


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