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ENG 221 Week 4 Individual Assignment; Manual Critique


ENG 221 Week 4 Individual Assignment; Manual Critique fin571

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About this Document

ENG 221 Week 4 Individual Assignment; Manual Critique
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by an elite notetaker on Wednesday November 11, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to fin571 at Kaplan University taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 23 views.

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Date Created: 11/11/15
Sony Manual Critique Name of Student University of Phoenix ENG221 Technical Writing Fundamentals Name of Instructor Sony Manual 1 I II III IV V Sony Manual 2 Sony Manual Critique Introduction This Sony manual critique will analyze how the document is organized the layout the use of Visuals and written instructions of the document Document Organization The user manual for the Sony Bluray DiscDVD Home Theatre System is well organized It includes a cover page with the title but does not have a Visual picture of the actual product In some products it is helpful to the consumer if the manufacturer has a Visual on the cover This ensures the customer that they have received the correct documentation for the product they have purchased Layout The layout of this manual is standard It includes the scope which is that it contains operation instruction for the product There are the warnings that are necessary for the safety of the consumer One section that I noticed it contains is the instructions for unpacking the product This is something that I do not normally see The unpacking instructions are combined with the parts list of the home theatre system The manual also contains the standard index instructions on how to hook up the system how to operate the system and how to make adjustments to customize the settings Use of Visuals The uses of the Visuals in the home theatre manual are detailed but general enough so not to confuse the consumer that is not technically knowledgeable This manual also includes a Visual of the remote with documentation describing the function of each button An additional Visual is that of the placement of the speakers in a room in order to produce the best possible sound from the home theatre system The only part of the Visual aspect of the manual that would have made it better is to have it in color simply due to the wiring being color coded Written Instructions Sony Manual 3 The written instructions in the Sony home theatre system are will written and concise They are written so the average consumer can understand and follow The manual is also written so that it gives the owner step by step directions on how to set up the system VI Conclusion Overall the user s manual for the Sony Bluray DiscDVD Home Theatre System is well written and easy to follow It includes all of the necessary information needed for the new owner to set up and enjoy the experience of a home theatre system Reference Gerson S J amp Gerson S M 2008 Technical communication process and product Retrieved from University of Phoenix eBook Collection database Sony Manual 4 2010 Retrevo Retrieved from httDZWWWI CI39ICVOCOl nddSDI OEI CSS doc68923d7e908d105328ff3faf255a3aedamprk013591916846100188 ltltltltltltltltltltltltltltltltltltltltltltltltgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtltltltltltltltltltltltltltltltltltltltltltgtgtgt


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