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Final Systems Development


Final Systems Development fin571

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About this Document

Final Systems Development
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by an elite notetaker on Wednesday November 11, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to fin571 at Kaplan University taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 28 views.

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Date Created: 11/11/15
Bead Bar 1 Bead Bar Systems Development Your Name Axia College of University of Phoenix Bead Bar 2 Bead Bar Systems Development The purpose of this project is to identify a computerized system that will align with the Bead Bar s company goals The Bead Bar is a company that supplies customers with workshops and materials to produce their own costume jewelry using items such as wire beads and string The Bead Bar is 15 million dollar company founded in 1998 that employee 15 full time employees and 20 part time employees The company has three divisions that consist of studios franchises and Bead Bar on Board The studio division oversees the company owned siX studios across the Eastern part of the United States The franchise division is in charge of managing the supply requirements of the five franchises The last division is Bead Bar on Board which designs the portable studios that are located on crew ships Malaga 2005 The Bead Bar would like to expand their organization however the current processes cumbersome and not necessarily accurate In order to develop an information system that can handle future growth and allow better communication between outside sales offices and the head office certain steps need to be followed The executives of Bead bar would like the ability to communicate to every location and pull information such as inventory and sales The basic requirements are as follows network without noticeable cables in the studios connection between headquarters and all studio locations and access to corporate network remotely improve data collection from all locations electronic retrieval of sales information and improved work ow systems to reduce paperwork They are also interested in a strong database to store information from sales and inventory to personnel information Bead Bar 3 Proper infrastructure design and implementation is imperative to meet all the Bead Bar s requirements I have listed below the steps needed to implement the recommended information solutions Planning Phase The current needs for the Bead Bar are to have a point of sales POS terminals company wide network and a SQL database This project should take approximately four to six months to implement the entire system throughout the company Keep in mind the lead time for the installation of the wide area network WAN in the studios and Bead Bar on Board Each branch will receive multiple POS with a client platform that will connect to the corporate server System Analysis Phase The current business process of tracking inventory sales orders and maintaining personnel records needs to be evaluated The Bead Bar still uses several paper based forms and they are finding that several orders have been lost invoices have been inaccurate and there have been delays in fulfilling orders Malaga 2005 The major issue with these methods is the potential room for error With the design of a computerized system many of the current paper methods can be eliminated This would reduce employee time spent figuring out inventory tracking orders financial statistics and would better serve the customers Design Phase The system will consist of a main server that is kept at the corporate building that collets all the information from each store Each main store will have two POS and a client based PC that will collect sales information from the POS terminals and report them to the corporate database Bead Bar 4 Each branch will have a wireless networking along with routers and switches to connect back to the head office The computers will run Windows XP Professional edition The system will have a local database that will collect the information and upload to the main office after hours The network topology would be a star topology and client server architecture with wireless networking in the headquarters and the studios The network will use the TCPIP protocol This solution will require the installation of Digital Subscriber Lines DSL in the studios and the implementation of a Virtual Private Network VPN solution The issue with regard to the Bead Bar on Board would have to be a satellite solution Satellite communications cards can be purchased and will have a monthly service fee The network topology is mixed for the Bead Bar The headquarters is a local area network that is using the star topology Each device will connect via wireless to a Wireless Access Point WAP and the WAP will connect to the servers The remote sites would typically be on a dedicated WAN Due to the cost of a dedicated line for this service the recommendation is to use VPN This will allow the remote sites and telecommuters the ability to access the company s network through a secure tunnel via the internet Development Phase During this phase the equipment would be installed at each location The database will be created and evaluated Software will be loaded and placed on the system All the branch networks will be setup including the DSL lines and the wireless networks in the studios Testing Phase During this phase we will put the system in a series of test making sure that everything is working as planned The testing that will be conducted will be verification and validation The Bead Bar 5 verification test will be done by various simulations to ensure it works The validation testing will be done during the implementation phase to make sure it works during the real world environment Implementation Phase During this phase the system will be introduced to the employees and each employee will receive specific training on the proper use of the system Employees will be tested on their skills using the system to ensure problems do not occur due to poor training Maintenance Phase During this phase information technology IT staff members will make sure that the servers database network and all the other systems are working as intended Service Desk support will be provided during normal operating hours There will be on call staff for after hours emergency support for any errors or issues that may arise Backups of the database will be scheduled every night These backups will provide the recovery of data in case of a system failure The illustration below represents the layout of the network Bead Bar 6 Bead Bar Network Diagram Sammy 182003 A a Bead B r Head Of ce Sewer vf39 7 Bead Baron i V a Board 44 I I 3 INT ERNET Lo rug lala nd Studio New Canaan Studio ED sin n Studio Cannamimt Studio Washington IDC Studio Home Customers The following is the inputs and the outputs that the system will have Point of sale data from every Bead Bar counter the input will include the price at which the sale has been made the quantity and quality of beads sold and the time at which the sale took place The system will automatically input the information about the transaction into the local database The output will be the sales bill at the point of sale the new level of inventory and the total sales statistics Afterhours the local database will output the daily sales information to the SQL database at the head office The output will also give warnings if the reorder level of beads has been reached in any bead bar Database Model Due to size and demographics of the Bead Bar the enterprise database solution is the best option The database management system DBMS that is recommend would be Microsoft s Bead Bar 7 SQL Server if properly designed the database will be able to grow with the company The SQL database is appropriate for multiple locations and can store a large amount of data everything from customer and employee information to sales trends and inventory levels The next recommendation is the type of database if it is going to be centralized or distributed Due to the studios and Bead Bar on Board the best option would be the distributed A small part of the database with prices and inventory can be stored on a computer in each site In the evening the systems can send data back to the main database This way each studio can track daily sales and inventory levels daily The office will in turn pull the data from the main database and will also be able to make price adjustments that each studio will have in the morning The relational database model would work well for the Bead Bar The relational database is exible and easy to use This database model uses fields and records which are grouped into tables The tables can then be linked together through a common field Microsoft s SQL database will also support the possible use of Data Warehousing that Meredith asked about and the Data mining that Miriam is curious about With a strong database the Bead Bar will be able to store all their company related information electronically and will be able to access it in a matter of seconds With the implementation of the new company wide computerized infrastructure Bead Bar will see many benefits The studios will be using a POS system that will process customer purchases and will immediately process bills update inventory and send sales information back to the main office This will allow Bead Bar to better manage our sales and inventory levels The new accounting system will produce financial statements for any day or any location easily and effectively The website will allow customers the ability to view the catalogue sign up for Bead Bar 8 workshops make purchases check shipment status and pay their bill all Within a secured environment The implementation of the extranet Will allow Bead Bar to set base inventory levels so When inventory levels reach a certain point the supplier is automatically notified and an order is placed These features Will help the Bead bar expand outside of the US Which Will increase customer base and improve yearly revenue The main office Will have complete control over all the Bead Bars and stores on cruise ships Reference Malaga R A 2005 Information systems technology New Jersey Pearson Education Inc


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