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HSM 270 Week 1 Assignment - Program Planning and Evaluation Paper


HSM 270 Week 1 Assignment - Program Planning and Evaluation Paper fin571

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About this Document

HSM 270 Week 1 Assignment - Program Planning and Evaluation Paper
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by an elite notetaker on Wednesday November 11, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to fin571 at Kaplan University taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 23 views.

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Date Created: 11/11/15
Program Planning and Evaluation Paper 1 Program Planning and Evaluation Paper University of Phoenix HSM 270 Program Planning and Evaluation Paper 2 Human Services are based on timeless amounts of planning It focuses on planning and proposing programs designed to meet the needs of suffering people Program planning provides a frame of home by incorporating well defined goals and objectives According to Yuen and Taro Program planning concerns all events that have taken place in the past as well as ones that will happen To find the concerns that begin the program planning process it is a prerequisite to do a needs or problems assessment The assessments give human service workers good direction to what areas need the most focus and what kind of help the people need most 2003 While planning a program it is good to brainstorm all the possible avenues and outcomes of all situations Human service workers need to be prepared for all situations and have feedback on how well their programs are working Typically the next step in the program planning process is to evaluate the program It is necessary to have a program evaluation because it brings the results to light In order to meet the well defined goals and objectives of program planning it is essential for human service programs to have feedback on the effectiveness of the services they are providing so they can continue to satisfy their consumers Program evaluation is needed so workers can remove anything from their program that was not needed or add more attention to another direction of the program Yuen and Taro explain that a program evaluation measures and assesses the desirability and quality of the plan and its program 2003 Since the needs of people are always changing it is important to have a program plan with a frequent evaluation Evaluations can change the plans to better fit the everchanging needs of the people For the Santa Rosa Philharmonic Youth Symphony program planning and program evaluations are both needed to make a successful turnout in students striving to have a successful Program Planning and Evaluation Paper 3 career in music There is need for a plan to receive grants for performing art centers Since the grant qualifications are to have at least three touring companies artists or exhibitions that charge fees per year create local shows and have an organization that is 2 years strong with one professional staff member To reach these qualifications there would need to be a great amount of planning In order to plan this program here would be need for a music staff committee that could teach instruct and give private lessons to their music students It would be necessary to hire at least one professional who could give direction to the rest of the staff In order to receive the grants there are many requirements Some involve a budget which is included and not limited to having a place to perform having appropriate accommodations for guests attending having a way to advertise scheduled events include a fair payroll for the workers and having appropriate materials to spread advertisement A program evaluation would aid in making sure that the needs of the community were met at the performance so they continue to support the musical careers of the students as well as providing feedback at what areas need to have a greater focus on development For instance if more money is spent on advertising than any other avenue in the proposed plan and the displays and shows are nothing more than a poor performance the budget would need to be redirected or a new planned proposal would need to be put into effect to accommodate the expenses of a better trained professional staff member who is highly accredited and more experienced at transforming learning children into great musicians While working to reach the goals of this program it is known that there will be technical and political aspects Netting Kettner and McMurty 1999 wrote in their book that political means the process by which the organization obtains power and legitimacy Economic means Program Planning and Evaluation Paper 4 the process by which the organization gets resources such as clients staff and funding p219 I believe to keep the political and economical goals producing a good program evaluation it is important to be sensitive to the feelings of people contributing to the cause While working with the music students it is necessary to keep in mind decent times of practice and to consider when the program events are scheduled To schedule events on major holidays would be a good cause for a bad program evaluation It is important to keep the interests of the audience in mind as well when performing arts In the case of a Christmas concert it would be critical to evaluate the audience s needs and to decide whether they should veer from a Merry Christmas type of program to a Happy Holiday s type program that doesn t incorporate any Christmas religion or tradition To have a program that involved songs based on Christmas Jesus and other religious culture might cause a bad program evaluation from the demographic of atheist or agnostic group of people in the community To stay neutral on the political side of the economy would be the best benefit for the interests of the people According to Yuen and Terao Technology is the combination and application of the theories knowledge approaches methods skills and techniques that produce the services Germain1983 states that a particular area of practitioner action such as observation engagement data collection assessment contracting setting goals and planning and achieving goals Technique is used to designate a more specific procedure within such an area of skill p 31 A different technical aspect of the program would be finding a better answer to receive more funds Perhaps having more students take on solo performances would be another way to achieve a better result and better evaluation After using program planning taking into consideration the political and technical needs of the Program Planning and Evaluation Paper 5 community and the program and receiving a program evaluation there can be a way to get these children the money they need to succeed in their fine arts careers References Germain C 1983 Technological advances In A Rosenblatt amp D Waldfogel Eds Handbook of clinical social work pp 26 57 San Francisco J osseyBass Netting E Kettner P amp McMurtry S 1999 Social work macro practice 2nd ed New York Longman Practical Grant Writing and Program Evaluation YuenTerao 2003 BrooksCole YuenTerao 2003


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