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HSM 270 Week 3 Assignment - Steps to Writing a Grant Proposal


HSM 270 Week 3 Assignment - Steps to Writing a Grant Proposal fin571

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About this Document

HSM 270 Week 3 Assignment - Steps to Writing a Grant Proposal
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by an elite notetaker on Wednesday November 11, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to fin571 at Kaplan University taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 25 views.

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Date Created: 11/11/15
Steps to Writing a Grant Proposal 1 Steps to Writing a Grant Proposal University of Phoenix HSM 270 Steps to Writing a Grant Proposal 2 Of the Grant Proposal the first step is to request for a proposal and develop a logic model to outline the target population problems goals and corrective measures attempting to be met To receive a grant proposal for the Youth Symphony there would first need to be an abstract statement This section of the proposal is the most important because it allows the grantor to become personally connected to the situation and importance for a stable music education for children The statistics are important to include in the abstract as well as the problems goals and greater outcomes predictions The next step is to include a table of contents The table of contents is an outline of your grant proposal that shows all the information listed for quick reference It should be easy to read and clearly comprehensible Following should be a specific aimsbackground and significanceneeds and problem statement For the Youth Symphony the aim of the proposal would be based on the reason for developing the programs which would be to provide funding opportunities for young elementary school aged children needing musical instruction The aims need to explain the importance of providing the young children with early music opportunity The specific aim statement needs to sound clear and to the point For the Youth symphony a good example would be Understanding the importance of our children and future musicianship they may obtain we know that our funds are currently insufficient to instill early musical development The programs the children could do to receive funds would show a need for continued funds and hopefully a better environment for children since the benefits of music education include a greater success in society school life and also in developing intelligence The needs and problem statement is Steps to Writing a Grant Proposal 3 explained by Coley and Scheinberg 1990 to provide a useful outline for the writeup of a needs and problem statement is as simple as this The needsproblem statement examines what is happening that requires attention attempts to explain why it is happening and discusses what currently is being done to address it The Youth Symphony s problems are that they don t have enough funding to provide elementary musical education to their children and what programs or activities they can participate in to receive more funds The next outline bullet covered is the target population This section of the draft should talk about the Youth Symphony and why they should be funded over other groups who are in equal need of services The descriptions should explain how the program would be beneficial to the population and how urgent it is to get the funds The Approaches and Methods section spreads out all the proposed interventions that are hoping to bring change to the issues The section should include the goals objectives and activities and timelines Starting the section with a summary of the goals and plans is an easier way to clearly see and understand the proposal It should be written in a way as to gain support and to bring help to the effected population Long and short term goals for the youth symphony would need to both include short term reachable and practical goals These would be objectives The objectives would be to provide a program to students where they can express their individuality and have a program to stay committed to The goal overall would be to have prestigious young musicians with a steady career and skills from early development The process outcome and impact objectives are to include the processes needed to take place to reach the outcome desired community involvement in the education of our young Steps to Writing a Grant Proposal 4 children It should include how we are going to try and gain support and the outcomes of each brainstormed situation The objective of having funds and support for an elementary musical education would need several routes of achievement and detail of how to reach each outcome The impact objectives should re ect the purpose of the importance of musical education Activity plans and scheduling should provide a detailed outline of the programs and activities that would be provided to the Youth Symphony that would gain the support of children s parents and draw in community support It is important to include a calendar of upcoming events fund raisers and be direct in the times and also in how much time you hope to have the program up running and receiving sufficient funds The evaluation plan is an ongoing process that needs to be integrated into the program at all times Constant evaluation allows workers to assess the progress and results of the program It is important to have several supporting factors that will successfully re ect the effectiveness of the program including statistics and reevaluation of goals Agency capacity and project management is important because it helps the grant applicant stand out from all the others It is good to be a prestigious and righteous company to have a good reputation The objectives need to be met and the goals need to be worked on to improve the overall quality of the system This part of the grant needs to convince the grantor that you will use the money in a trustworthy way to reach the program goals The management of the project needs to be identified so the grantors know how the money will be used Budget and budget justifications are estimates for the total costs of the program and getting it up and running There are several ways to create a budget and they are helpful because they show the grantor where the money is going how much is being used there and Steps to Writing a Grant Proposal 5 even allows ideas for change in the direction of the money The budget needs to have in detail how much money is spent per year for personnel equipment and supplies Scenario Needs and Problem Statement The younger elementary population of the community of Santa Rosa from Kindergarten all the way up to high school are not receiving any musical education due to lack of funds The Santa Rosa community which is a community that has a strong and prestigious background in the finer art of music has experienced a lack in funds and the community is worried that the values of a music loving community will soon diminish The values of the program have always been held close to the hearts of the community members as the musical education helps with transforming youth into capable young citizens with a love for music create excellence in musicianship and scholarship through challenging and attractive musical opportunities excellence in leadership training as well as skilldevelopment to demonstrate individual professionalism education integrity and preparation The music education develops an appreciation in students for the education of music as well as a respect for others in working in groups There is an opportunity for the music program to receive funds by presenting live performances exhibitions or screenings in the visual performing and literary arts To qualify for a grant it is necessary to participate in at least three touring companies artists or exhibitions Steps to Writing a Grant Proposal 6 per year pay a fee for these activities and manage local presentations The organizations must be 2 years old and have one professional staff member The need for funds is necessary to sponsor the events needed to qualify for a grant There is currently no group that is available to organize the public exhibitions and no current funds to provide the supplies equipment venue and staff The need for funds is great in this case since the community is built on its love for music and performing arts To have a successful music career it is necessary to begin the education early so the children are interested early and show a long term dedication to a project The self values gained from being a member of a band group team or organization is critical to the well being of a child s development Having money to fund programs to continue their music education is a great way to keep the children active and professional in their own lives as well as constantly wanting to better their work ethic group membership skills and professionalism If these children lose the music program that has founded the community they will turn to other extracurricular activities that may not be as beneficial to their safety health or even lives If the education is limited to high school and college only the program will continue to get weaker and diminish until it is gone The children of the Santa Rosa community deserve a chance to be educated in music early in their developmental years Steps to Writing a Grant Proposal 7 References Practical Grant Writing and Program Evaluation YuenTerao 2003 BrooksCole


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