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HSM 270 Week 6 Checkpoint - Revised Evaluation Plan


HSM 270 Week 6 Checkpoint - Revised Evaluation Plan fin571

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About this Document

HSM 270 Week 6 Checkpoint - Revised Evaluation Plan
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by an elite notetaker on Wednesday November 11, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to fin571 at Kaplan University taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 25 views.


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Date Created: 11/11/15
Revised Scenario Evaluation Plan 1 Revised Scenario Evaluation Plan University of Phoenix HSM 270 Revised Scenario Evaluation Plan When evaluating the Santa Rosa Philharmonic Youth Symphony it is important to look at the processes the program plan is going through to make sure they will be effective Does the program provide a certain number of days and hours per day the students can practice together How many teachers are dedicating their after school time to better the student s talents Questions like these will draw out quantitative and qualitative data and allow the evaluator to document whether or not the program is appropriate and acceptable for the community and also if it is working hard enough to get the desired results in the end To determine whether the program is making any process the staff should be evaluated extensively by documenting how often they meet how many staff members are new and to what extent they are trained This will uncover the truth to whether or not they are prepared for the curriculum of the program s plans Process evaluations are taken care of through staff interviews questionnaires and other surveys The progress of the program relies heavily on the input received from the questionnaires If the staff is not doing a good enough job the parents will know through their children and this step is vital to improving on any needs or problems that are not being met The timelines are also being considered when doing an evaluation and since evaluations show areas that need to be improved it is important to have a team with a backup plan of a way to better implement the program to reach its goals in a shorter timeline The process evaluation of the Santa Rosa Philharmonic Youth Symphony keeps a close eye on the staff and what they are doing to better the music careers for their young musicians how the community is responding to the time dedicated to the new program and at the same time keeping the project s goals objectives and cost analysis in mind The focus of the process evaluation is to make sure that the needs and problems statements that were generated in the 2 Revised Scenario Evaluation Plan beginning are being met The problems of the youth symphony can easily be turned around with the right amount of staff and programs receiving funds to produce To make sure the Symphony passes all outcome evaluations it is important to make sure the programs are all dedicated to a strong outcome of a strong symphony that is well practiced performs well and receives community appreciation The outcomes of the music programs need to focus on the support of the community and whether they were affected by the powerful movement of the symphony whether every supporter in the community was able to enjoy the performances and whether or not the program is capable of replicating another program for the community to enjoy To achieve success in evaluating the Youth Symphony I believe the evaluations should both be internal and external I think an empowerment evaluation would be the best for the symphony because their ratings are based on performances and community involvement I think when an insider is focusing their time and dedication to better the performance of a student they will understand firsthand the improvement of the individual However since the evaluation is of the entire program and not solely focused on one individual I believe it is more effective to get an outside evaluation done An outside evaluator is less likely to be sensitive to feelings of the people because they are less personally connected to them and therefore are less sensitive to hurting the feelings of the program An outsider can provide critical instructional feedback to allow the program room for growth and improvement A few ways the empowerment evaluations would work could be that the students would be given handouts to take home to their parents to evaluate their child s recent behavioral 3 Revised Scenario Evaluation Plan performing and academic performances Using people who are close to the program are helpful and it is a good idea because they know inside information and they are familiar with how everything works However I think that if you decide to do an internal evaluation it is important to evaluate the staff first to make sure they are not going to be corrupt in their analysis People take great personal offense to their programs and if you ask them to find out the problems with their program they may not provide you with the full honest truth With that being said I believe an external evaluator would be better suited for the program I believe the evaluator should focus on giving a projectwide evaluation because the evaluation includes the big picture and the big idea Since the main idea of the program is to get the children to perform and receive recognition for their performances it is important to take a step back and see if the performances are reaching maximum potential All the questions of the evaluators will be focused on the big picture and overlook the minor details Since evaluations are important and can only go one way I believe it would be important for the staff to focus more on the objectiveoriented goals than the evaluators Since the evaluators are looking to see if the objectives and goals have been met it is the job of the staff to make sure the accomplishments are being met by reinforcing rewards to their students when they accomplish an objective Evaluations are also detrimental to see if the program is going to provide a payback to any grants taken out to help the program get started A budget line showing how much each staff member will make in the fiscal year along with the program costs material costs any costs or repairs to instruments or lessons to students as well as venues to perform shows in will be 4 Revised Scenario Evaluation Plan important to demonstrate to a grantor and to include in a program proposal The cost of education per student should be taken into consideration to allow the Youth Symphony to know how many students will be allowed into the band by doing tryouts With a demonstration of the budget the program proposal will include how much money it will spend and how much it plans to make in the fiscal year To continue topnotch performance a good way to continue optimal results is to have indiVidual performances for students to have chair tryouts so they can determine which students are practicing the hardest and which students deserve to sit at the front of the row and become leaders I also think that reinforcing good behaVior with fun musical reward days would be a rewarding treat for the hard work that the young students and staff have all put forth 5


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