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IMPACT OF BLACK DEATH- outline fin571

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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by an elite notetaker on Wednesday November 11, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to fin571 at Kaplan University taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 27 views.


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Date Created: 11/11/15
Impact of Blackoutline TITLE NAME COURSE INSTRUCTOR March 21 2012 Page Impact of Blackoutline The term black death refers to a pandemic which had ravaged Western Europe Middle East Asia and Europe during the 14th century It was a plague that had covered and was mainly spread in the European and Asian countries during the period 1347 to 1351 It had created havoc when it occurred and had plundered the lives of people then Black Death can be referred to as the period of black hour when it killed many people It can be referred to as the vicious circle of death that engulfed into it many lives People died in hundreds and thousands in numbers There were dead bodies seen in every place and in every family It even happened that many members from the same family faced death This had made people turn dumb They were all turned into living stones with hearts and minds but no feeling and sensation inside Black Death had created a complete atmosphere of gloomy in the entire Europe People had lost their peace of mind They cried so much that there were no more tears left to shed they shouted so much that there was no more voice that could be heard and they prayed so much that they lost their faith in God Black Death was a havoc that occurred and made a joke out of people s lives According to science and doctors Black Death was a pandemic that was caused by the widespread of bubonic plague This bubonic plague was a disease This disease was caused by a bacterium from a ea This ea was commonly found to be attached to the black rats These black rats used to travel from Asia to Europe thereby spreading the disease plague This was how plague occurred and then got transmitted through black rats to different parts of the world This gave birth to the advent of Black Death Now another reason even cropped up for the Page 2 Impact of Blackoutline widespread application of Black Death it was said that anthrax along with plague was also responsible for the spreading of this Black Death Anthrax was basically a form of cattle disease When it combined with plague and affected people it only proved more poisonous and helped in taking away the lives of humans much faster This was the scientific proof of the disease But the innumerous killing of people had so badly affected the minds of people that they started forming their own assumptions about it It led to develop a mental impact on people on people and stating their religious or rational belief they thought that the Black Death was happening because of the sins and immoral behaviors of the humans They believed that it was their bad omens and wrong practices that had caused so many deaths They were not ready to understand the fact that it was a contagious disease spreading through air and began cursing themselves for all the small mistakes that they ever committed in their lives knowing or unknowingly They even believed that Black Death was caused due to some black magic casted upon them or due to serpents and snakes It had so affected the minds and hearts of people that they that they wanted to get rid of their sin as fast as possible and in any way possible So they visited every church and clergymen to ask for forgiveness of all their small and big mistakes which they had ever committed in their lives This was even not enough they formed a group of people who visited from town to town whipping themselves for all their sins as well as violating violence and disorder wherever they went Now when this even did not bore any positive fruit so Europeans started leading a life of self constraint where they did not talk much had only the finest drinks only on special occasions did not wear good clothes locked themselves up in their homes and lead a very preplanned and Page 3 Impact of Blackoutline disciplined life Therefore it is seen here how this black death affected the physical and psychological mind sets of people Black Death had created so much frustration among people that they thought that it were the Jews who is responsible for everything that is happening People started thinking that Jews were poisoning their waters and well and is thereby killing everybody Thinking this notation to be true Jews were taken as captives where they were physically and mentally tortured to admit the crime which they had not committed Tired of this harassment Jews committed the fault and so they were thrown out of their native lands from where they landed to Poland and Ukraine Papal bill was passed by Pope Clement VI to stop this killing of Jews but was of no use There were hues and cries for whatever that were happening There were some who believed that it was because of their sins that this was happening to them so they spent hours praying to God to forgive them for everything Again there were few who believed that if God has turned his back upon them so they should also turn away their faces from him They partied dance sang and enjoyed to the fullest for the days that they have got and others have not spent their time in organizing dramas and dance that showed a procession between life and death Black Death had affected the field of modern medicine science and technology the peasant or the labor class and also the economy While the rich turned richer the poor became even poorer Plague had killed many working class peasants So land was huge but labors were less in number Realizing their importance and value peasants demanded that all their wishes should be fulfilled legal or illegal The shortage of labors in the agricultural and technical fields Page 4 Impact of Blackoutline had created skyrocketing price of labors and even the prices of the goods had increased Though food was not that expensive because the population was less that means there were so many deaths that enough people were even not spared to consume the left over stuffs Kings died in huge numbers leaving behind their immense property for their widow wives who used it for their marriage and self purpose which shows that the status of women improved during that period They had become more independent and confident to take their decisions and lead their life their own way So it can be concluded well that black death impacted various people in different ways and they reacted to it differently REFERENCE 0 httpwwwhvwcombookshistorvBlac0004htm 0 httpwwwmiddleagesorgukblackdeathhtm 0 httpwwwevewitnesstohistorvcomplaguehtm Page


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