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MGT449 Wk 5 Quality Improvement Implementation Paper


MGT449 Wk 5 Quality Improvement Implementation Paper fin571

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About this Document

MGT449 Wk 5 Quality Improvement Implementation Paper
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by an elite notetaker on Wednesday November 11, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to fin571 at Kaplan University taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 26 views.

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Date Created: 11/11/15
Quality Improvement Implementation Paper 1 Quality Improvement Implementation Paper Team C University of Phoenix Quality Management and Productivity MGT449 Teacher Date Quality Improvement Implementation Paper Introduction Quality is the basic element which should be highly emphasized when a company wants to attain greater market share and acceptability Through this paper we ll discuss the quality improvement systems or processes adopted by Hartman Industries in order to gain and retain more and more customers and success According to Hartman Industries LLC 2009 the company is considered to be colossal and a leader in plastic injection molding To be massive and in top positions Hartman Industries has adopted strategies to manage their accuracy and exactness in regard to plastic injection molding Hartman Industries succeeded because of their efforts in implementing and improving the ISO 9000 standards They have come up with their own quality control programs which ensure that the quality delivered is up to the mark and as per the requirements of the present trends The company is highly renowned for their quality work which they deliver in accordance to their outstanding quality control standards These standards are set and maintained with the help of Six Sigma thorough research and pertaining to the advanced technology Identify a quality management system for process or organizational improvement As per UOP 2009 Hartman Industries can be considered as the leader and on the top position in the field of plastic injection molding This leadership and renowned position has been attained by the company through the total quality management system which they have adopted to deliver the best quality According to Goestch 2010 Fredrick Taylor brought the concept of total quality in 1920s The company does not compromise on quality and is well aware with the needs and wants of their potential customers therefore strict measures and prevention are approved which tend to deliver the unsurpassed According to Goestch 2009 the better the quality the higher will be the customer satisfaction When steps are taken to achieve total quality then efforts are made to surpass the customers needs Certain goals are set in regard to the requirements of the customers and on the basis of these the total quality management system is based There are certain attributes of total quality which are explained by Goestch 2009 The attributes consist of using of scientific approach for decision making and problem solving focus on customer internally and externally fascination for quality working unitedly as a team extensive training and education longterm commitment unity of purpose empowerment involvement of every employee and member of the team and continuous improvement All these characteristics focus on maintaining and sustaining the organizational strategy Total quality is far better than the traditional ways of conducting businesses According to Goestch 2009 Total quality is a responsibility of everyone in the organization whether an employee or the management In fact the management has to bear 85 of the share It is not only related to quality of the product and design rather its main focus is on effective control techniques Furthermore the imperfections are measured per million instead of per hundred when pertaining to total quality Summarize the requirements of the chosen system In order to ensure total quality Hartman Industries must make sure that all the attributescharacteristics given by Goestch 2009 are present in the total quality management system Explain how your quality management system will benefit the organization Quality management system ensures that the outstanding quality which is in accordance to the customers needs should be delivered in the productservices of any organization For this purpose the organization must undergo all the basic requirements and overcome all the hindrances For quality improvement the company has to adapt to the changes occurring in the surroundings and Who fails to do this has to suffer The major responsibility in regard to Quality Management implementation and its success lies With the upper management The quality is done by first identifying the problems and its root causes and on the basis of these causes the measures to overcome these problems are decided and implemented Furthermore it is made certain that these problems do not reoccur One of the quality control program adopted by Hartman Industries is Lean Six Sigma Process Which is an addition to the Six Sigma Process Through this process the quality and simultaneously customer satisfaction is enhanced This process also aids in increasing the market share and enhance the market growth The Lean Six Sigma is a continual improvement process All the organizations need the continual improvement in order to gain a competitive edge and a strong position in the market This process concentrates on the improvement level organization process and on continuation of the process ow There are five phases of the lean six sigma process The outcome of every phase differs in regard to the type of an organization The first phase is to define the process The second phase is to measure the present performance by comprehending the process and identifying the risks Analyze is the third phase Where the data regarding input variables is analyzed The verification of the outcomes and design improvements are done in the improve phase The last phase is control phase Where long term ability to improve is confirmed The reason Why this process is taken up is to increase and enhance the productivity by utilizing lesser resources These resources are man money material and machinery The basic Lean Six Sigma process involves splitting of bigger processes into smaller ones so as to increase efficiency and decrease the time required Different approaches are adopted in this Lean Six Sigma process Like the inventory control ensures that accurate amount of inventory should be present and the over inventory and the underinventory can be avoided Similarly another approach works on preventing the overproduction De ne the variation you have identi ed in the asis ow chart The shortening of the rework process in the molding department is the variation in the as is ow chart Detail the implementation plan for your chosen quality improvement process SPC or Statistical Process Control will be a good choice for the quality improvement program for Hartman LLC According to Statistical Process Control 2010 the ability of any business to monitor the variations or differences in their product is done through the statistical process control Through the uses of various charts and graphs the company can monitor the productivity waste control and inventory control It also helps in monitoring the quality of the product and eliminates the differences In order to improve the quality and have a control over various aspects every department will have the SPC in order to be well informed about the changes occurring and the implementation of the quality improvement plan for product improvement In order that every manager and department is involved in the continual improvement process and to ensure that they are well informed a meeting regarding the significance of the new quality process will be conducted The employees will be facilitated with accurate and updated information of this process and its effects on their jobs Once every one is well aware of all the modifications to occur the planning committees will conquest The objectives of the SP are set by the planning committee who also ensures that everything is going fine The training and education of the employees regarding the new quality process is the responsibility of the planning committee This training will be a part of every new employee s training program Furthermore the management will ensure that every employee must have the sufficient resources available with them in order to cope up with the new quality program Examples of the quality tools plan to use for identifying and reducing process variability In order to identify and reduce the process variability various tools are used by the company For instance if the excesses are to be controlled the company can always know about them through the graphs The wastage that is taking place can be recycled and reutilized this will not only prevent the wastage but also will be beneficial for the environment and if the company shows concern for the environment it will have a good impact on the society and people thus enhancing the good reputation of the company Consequently lesser waste will bring in happiness for both the employees and the people around By using various tools the company can reduce the costs In case of inventory control the cost of storing the inventory can be saved and also the destruction or damage to the goods that may occur because of over inventory can be prevented With a proper quality improvement program much betterment can be done in the company thus reducing its costs and increasing its profit generation Conclusion Today s customer is well informed updated and Wise enough to make better decision for himself If one company is unable to offer according to their required standards the customers will immediately opt for the alternatives When opting for a product or a service quality is one of the major concerns of every customer Therefore companies need to adopt strategies and plans regarding the quality improvement and make sure that this improvement is an on going process Hartman Industries also adopted the Quality Improvement and Implementation program due to Which the quality of its products has increased a lot thus making them compatible With the customers requirements This improved quality Will ensure customer satisfaction thus increasing the number of customers and revenues Through this program the company enhanced its customer services and provided a favorable environment to its employees Which affected the employees satisfaction positively This program aided them in enhancing the quality reducing the cost and increasing the profits hence making Hartman Industries a leader in the market References University of Phoenix 2009 Hartman Industries LLC Retrieved November 21 2010 from https ecampus phoenixedu s ecure aapdJ S SBMGT449HIindexhtml Goetsch D L amp Davis S B 2010 Quality Management for Organizational Excellence 6th ed Prentice Hall Davis S B Goetsch D L Quality Management for Organizational Excellence Introduction to Total Quality Sixth Edition Published by Prentice Hall Copyright 2010 by Pearson Education Inc Statistical Process Control 2010 Retrieved on November 21 2010 from httpWWWreferenceforbusinesscomencyclopediaSelStrStatisticalProcess Controlhtml


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