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MTH 156 Reflective Paper


MTH 156 Reflective Paper fin571

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About this Document

MTH 156 Reflective Paper
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by an elite notetaker on Wednesday November 11, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to fin571 at Kaplan University taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 28 views.

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Date Created: 11/11/15
MTH 156 ALL DQ39S Weekl DO 1 Post your response to the following What are three ways in which you can communicate mathematically Which method do you prefer for an onine environment and why How do multiple representations help facilitate mathematical understanding Three ways you can communicate mathematically is by graphs symbols and through words The method I would prefer for an online environment would be words I think through words and the online world it would be easier to understand and follow Having multiple representations help facilitate mathematical understanding because we all learn in a different way So since there are many ways to understanding math it helps everyone learn DQZ Post your response to the following Everyone approaches problem solving a little differently What steps do you take to solve problems For each step what strategies do you find most helpful What strategies do you find least helpful Why To solve math problems the rst thing I do is read the problem and make sure that I understand it fully before I attempt to solve it I will nd the key conditions and important data then gure out what operation I need to do to solve it I will then solve the problem and once I have my answer I will go back over it and make sure the answer is reasonable The strategy I nd the most helpful is just making sure I understand the problem because if I don39t then I will be lost and get frustrated and wont get the right answer The key is to take your time and be patient with math I don39t really nd any strategies least helpful Im going to use any and every strategy I can to solve a problem Not all problems are the same so I may use different strategies for different problems Week3 DO 1 Post your response to the following What is an example of a calculation using one operation addition subtraction multiplication or division that cannot be easily computed mentally What are some strategies you can use to mentally solve this expression Which mathematical properties does your strategy require An example of multiplication that can not be easily computed would be 2834x185 Multiplying big numbers in your head is not easy Some strategies I can use to mentally solve this expression would be to use the compensation technique I can change the original calculation to one that is easy to do mentally Then keep track of howl adjusted the original calculation then nd the answer to the original calculation by compensating the answer to the adjusted calculation DQ2 Post your response to the following You notice that one of you classmates is struggling with estimation He or she has posted the following message in the Main forum Subject Help Anyone Please l have read the section on estimation at least three times and I don39t get it l have so many questions Can somebody please help I am desperate How do you know when it is appropriate to use estimation and when you should just do the calculations I read the example about using compatible numbers top of page 146 and I could not figure out why the author chose those numbers for the compatible numbers Shouldn39t the author have chosen numbers that end in a zero HELPllllll Sincerely Dazed and Confused What advice do you have for this student with regard to the appropriateness of using estimation and how to pick appropriate numbers for compatible numbers Provide an example that supports your explanation The advice I would give to this student is that since there are several different techniques you just want to pick the one that makes the most sense In estimation you can do rounding subsitute front end and clustering Pick the one that will make it easier for quotyouquot to do mentally Not everyone is going to ise the same technique An example would be of rounding 15935 8940 I would round to the nearest thousand That would give me 16000 9000 7000 7000 is my estimate I think a lot of it comes down to the individual person and what is easier for that person to gure out Some are a very good in math and can do a lot of math problems mentally that some others cant So it will come down the individual person and what is easiest for them I would encourage the student to keep trying and not to get frustrated and to pick what is best for her to nd the correct answer or estimation to a problem Week5 DO 1 Post your response to the following How are the concepts of the Greatest Common Factors GCF divisibility and Lowest Common Multiple LCM used when computing fractions Provide an example and demonstrate how the concepts are used Concepts of Greatest Common Factors When computing fractions we need to nd the common factor for both numbers The highest number is the GCF that is a factor for both numbers Example 1230 12 1234612 30 12356101530 GCF is 6 Divisibility When computing fractions we use divisibility to reduce a fraction We need to nd a number that both the numerator and denominator can be divided into to get a whole number Example 714 7 goes into both makes the fraction 12 Lowest Common Multiple LCM with fractions is the smallest natural number that is a multiple of both the natural numbers Example 515 5 10152025303540 15 3045607590 LCM is 30 D02 Post your response to the following What are prime and composite numbers What methods can you use to find prime numbers How are prime numbers used in mathematics How can you use prime factorization to find the GCF and LCM Provide an example Prime numbers are numbers that has exactly two distinct factors Where as composite numbers are numbers that have more than two distinct factors To nd prime numbers you can use the Greek Mathematician Eratosthenes developed called Sieve of Eratosthenes Its a list of consecutive natural numbers Each time multiples of a number are crossed out numbers that have that number as a factor are eliminated Then you are eliminating all numbers that have more than two factors When that39s done all you have left are prime numbers Another method is by using a scienti c calculator to identify prime numbers How can you use prime factorization to nd the GCF and LCM LCM of 8 and 10 82x2x2 102X5 2x2x2x5 LCM is 40 GCF of 36 and 54 362x2x3x3 542x3x3x3 2x3x3 18 GCF is 18 Week7 DO 1 Post your response to the following What models can be used to help explain the concepts of addition and subtraction of rational numbers What are the benefits to using such a model What limitations does the model have Create an addition or subtraction problem and demonstrate how the model might work Models that can be used would be drawing pictures pie charts and number lines These help you identify the whole represented by the integer and separate that whole into equal parts and use a pair of integers to describe the desired portion of the whole It also helps to actually get to see how the number work I would say that some limitations would be when you have big numbers to add or subtract This could be hard and very time consuming to make a chart with big numbers Example 12 14 Common denominator is 4 That gives you 24 14 34 You can make two pie charts and divide each with 4 sections In the rst one color 2 sections red in the next one color 1 sections red That leaves you with 34 DQZ Post your response to the following How do you add and subtract fractions Provide an example and demonstrate the steps you would take to arrive at the answer What strategies would you use to help a student struggling with the concepts of adding and subtracting fractions When adding and subtracting fractions you have to nd a common denominator Find the least common multiple of the numbers and that is your common dominator then you add or subtract the fractions Example 13 34 33 42X2 3x2x3 12 LCM Common denominator is 12 13 412 34 912 412 912 1312 1112 A strategy that I would use to help a struggling student with adding and subtracting fractions would be to use models I think it would help a students a lot to be able to quotseequot the fractions and help better understand the problem


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