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POS 355 Week 2 DQs


POS 355 Week 2 DQs fin571

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POS 355 Week 2 DQs
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by an elite notetaker on Wednesday November 11, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to fin571 at Kaplan University taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 27 views.


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Date Created: 11/11/15
Do you agree or disagree that throughput and capacity are determining factors for effectiveness of a system more so than processor speed Why or why not Throughput is defined as the total amount of data processed by passed through a system when operating at maXimum capacity The data is measured in bits bytes blocks cells frames or packets per second The throughput is always less than the bandwidth The rate that the data is transmitted is less than the signal rate Capacity refers to storage and the processing capability of the computer network andor data canter With that being defined I do not think that throughput and capacity are determining factors for effectiveness of a system more so than processor speed I think that the entire system has to be looked at overall in order to determine its effectiveness Even if a computer operates at it maXimum capacity it may not be as effective if the processor speed is slow When looking a computer system I look at several factors The processor is one of the main ones but I also look at the memory or the maXimum upgrade options for the memory The operating system is also important Some OS require more resources than others I found that Windows Vista is a resource hog Therefore we had to double our RAM in order for our system to run effectively I have found that Windows 7 is not as bad When looking at a system you have to look at all of the specifications in order to determine its effectiveness What security issues must be resolved now which cannot wait for the next version of Windows to arrive Are we looking at a patch or a workaround to solve the present issues A security issue is defined by Microsoft as something that could allow an authenticated local attacker to compromise your system and gain control over it Microsoft 2010 Although Windows 7 does not have as many security issues as Windows Vista Windows 7 still has some things that need to be worked through to protect users Microsoft operating systems see more security issues than any other OSes because they have the largest user base worldwide One big issue that I have found in the article referenced is the Windows 7 firewall Although it is better than the one introduced in Windows XP the article states that the Windows Firewall needs improvement and it is way behind the third party software firewalls Microsoft also needs to ensure that the firewall does not become a system hog Firewalls are important for PC users to protect their computers and data from intruders They are currently looking for a fiX to the problems and Microsoft has already introduced service packs and security updates for Windows 7 One problem that I personally had was when trying to install these updates my notebook locked up and continued to loop and never would start back up I had to restore my computer to factory settings to resolve the issue Partho 2009 Windows 7 Security Issues That The Users Should Know Retrieved aug 24 2011 fromhttpblogtaraganacomindexphparchivewindows7securityissuesthatthe usersshouldknow Based on Ornes 2009 article what are the improvements that a memristor might have over current physical and electronic storage devices Is a memristor a green technology A memristor is only a few nanometers wide This could enable researchers to build a machine like the human brain This could revolutionize computer memory Memristor is short for memory resistor The memristor could make the technology that we currently have smaller I believe it would be a green technology because it draws a smaller amount of power than computers do now They are energy efficientI also say that it is green because it is less that would need to be recycled if something went wrong Based on the article by Polakovic and Stefani 2008 what are the main requirements to reconfigure software on the y How do the authors define a computer component The main requirement for reconfiguring software on the y are 1 Identifying the reconfiguration target 2 Target must reach safe state 3 The target must be recaptured and transferred to the new component and the change is now ready to take place 4 Make changes 5 Redirect to new components The authors define a computer component as well defined encapsulation units that isolate state They code behind the well defined access points or interfaces


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