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POS 355 Week 2 DQs


POS 355 Week 2 DQs fin571

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About this Document

POS 355 Week 2 DQs
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by an elite notetaker on Wednesday November 11, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to fin571 at Kaplan University taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 34 views.


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Date Created: 11/11/15
Huffman Trucking 1 Huffman Trucking Operating Systems Huffman Trucking was founded in Cleveland Ohio in 1936 by K Huffman Huffman Trucking currently has locations in 4 states There are currently plants and offices in Ohio New Jersey Missouri and California Huffman has networks installed at each location The computers on these networks consist of a variety of OS These come with Microsoft XP200098 95 Windows 31 Windows NT Novell NetWare 411 and Mac operating systems Each network is setup for the locations specific needs Microsoft Windows XP Professional provides many features that are useful for business I believe that these features are the reason that Huffman Trucking chose Windows XP Professional Edition These features include user management workgroup networkingjoining domains disks security and folders NTFS drivers remote desktop access backup program and automatic system recovery ASRWorkgroup networking allows the computers workstations to be connected to a workgroup network and join domains Windows XP offers full security based on the user management Helmig 2002 These security settings are set up by the system administrators Windows XP Professional offers a maximum of ten simultaneous filesharing connections Full disk and folder security settings are also set up by the system administrators Remote desktop access is a feature offered on Windows XP that allows users to share their desktop to allow users on other computers to view what they are doing Windows XP Professional offers a system backup program Helmig 2002 The backup program allows the user to select certain folders or drives to be automatically backed up on a schedule or when the user chooses to ASR is a recovery program built into Windows XP Professional that allows the user to recover the system Helmig 2002 This can be done a couple of ways The system Huffman Trucking 2 recovery may be stored on the original system disks on a separate partition on the hard drive or on system disks that are created by the user All of these features are great for business systems and they allow the users to have freedom of the system without compromising security Another available feature is the SKUs Active Directory Windows 2000 Server Edition has some higher system requirements than the Professional Edition Answerscom 2010 Huffman Trucking has chosen to use Windows 2000 Server Edition to have a main computer to act as a server and to provide compatibility Microsoft Windows 98 was release in the second major in the 9X OS Windows 98 is MSDOS based with a boot loader Windows 98 offers Web integration driver models USB support multiple video adapters for multiple monitor connections network enhancements system tools and has very low system requirements Answerscom 2010 I believe that Windows 98 was chosen for Huffman Trucking for older systems that could not be upgraded any more This way Huffman still gets the use out of these machines that are not needed for high end projects or software Microsoft Windows 95 was designed for maximum compatibility with MSDOS This allows the users to still use programs that are ran in DOS mode Answerscom 2010 Windows 95 was probably chosen to work with the older printers and equipment that is still installed on the network This saves the company money because if they switched operating systems or computers a lot of other components may need to be replaced as well or adapters would have to be purchased Windows 95 offers a basic user interface The user still has Internet access when needed Answerscom 2010 Huffman Trucking 3 Microsoft Windows 31 is a major upgraded version of Windows 30 which made drag and drop available and offered a more stable environment Windows 31 is a 16bit operating system Windows 31 migrated to Windows for Workgroups which added peertopeer networking Answerscom 2010 Windows 31 was probably kept for similar compatibility reasons as Windows 95 Microsoft Windows NT created a milt and high level LangThese are made to fit those of the UNIX system It was the first 32bit version of Windows I believe that it was chosen for all these features Windows NT is considered a portable operating system and has amazing compatibility support Answerscom 2010 Novell NetWare 411 is called a big solution for small networks NetWare 411 was designed for networks with 25 or less users This edition comes with security simplified manage and also installation process Other applications included with NetWare 411 are network fax backup and virus protection Stevens 1998 I believe that Huffman Trucking chose NetWare 411 because of the smaller networks at each location They do not require anything really large for their small business network Mac operating systems are a GUI based operating system created by Apple Inc Answerscom 2010 Mac operating systems offer exible built in networking support Macs can be used to coincide with Microsoft operating systems to create a powerful network It is said that the Mac operating system is more stable than others because of the lower risk of virus infection and malware which is due to the amazing security features of Mac WIFINOTEScom 2010 I believe that Mac s were chosen for the marketing department for these reasons plus Huffman Trucking 4 their amazing photography and imaging capabilities as well as web design Another reason may be due to Mac hardware that has been installed on the network I believe that these operating systems were chosen for Huffman Trucking because of their abilities to handle small businesses The networking capabilities on these operating systems are phenomenal and all work together very well They implicate each other and work to the company s advantage Using each operating system s strengths these nine combined are definitely a plus for Huffman Trucking The only recommendation that I might make would be to upgrade the Server Editions to either 20032008 windows Server Edition to be more secure with today s updates available as most of the operating systems that are being used no longer offer support through Microsoft Huffman Trucking 5 References Answerscom 2010 Windows 2000 Retrieved July 24 2010 from httpWWWanswerscomtonicWindows2000 httpWWWanswerscomtonicWindows httDWWWanswerscomtonicWindows98 httDWWWanswerscomtonicWindows 31 Helmig J 2002 Differences between the XP Home and Professional Edition Retrieved July 24 2010 from httpWWWWindowsnetworkingcomarticles tutorialswxpdifshtml Stevens S 1998 NetWare for Small Business 411 A Big Solution for Small Networks Retrieved July 25 2010 from httDsuDDortnovellcomtechcenterarticlesnc 1998 08bhtml WIFINOTEScom 2010 Advantages of Mac Operating System Retrieved July 26 2010 from httpWWWWifinotescomcomputeroperatingsystemsmacadvantageshtml


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