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BIS219 Final Exam 5


BIS219 Final Exam 5 fin571

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About this Document

BIS219 Final Exam 5
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by an elite notetaker on Wednesday November 11, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to fin571 at Kaplan University taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 32 views.


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Date Created: 11/11/15
1 are selfcontained selfdescribing business and consumer modular applications delivered over the Internet that users can select and combine through almost any device ranging from personal computers to mobile phones a XML c Object Services d Information Services e HTML 2 The most traditional model of client server computing uses the to act as a database server providing data for analysis done by the PC clients using spreadsheets database management systems and application software a personal computer c mini computer d super computer e micro computer 3 The part of the supply chain includes the activities of a manufacturing company with its rsttier suppliers which can be manufacturers andor assemblers and their connection to their secondtier suppliers a downstream b midstream dinterna e none of the above 4 The part of the supply chain which is mainly concerned with production management manufacturing and inventory control is a downstream b midstream c upstream e cross stream 5 is the highlevel map or plan of the information requirements of an organization which is used to guide current operations and plan future ones a Information infrastructure b Conceptual data model c Logical data model e Telelnfo architecture 01 includes the system hardware development software networks and communications facilities databases and information systems personnel a Physical data model c Systems architecture d Information architecture e Logical data model 7 A handles the daytoday routine repetitive tasks that are essential to the operation of the organization Activities supported include the monitoring collection storage processing and dissemination of the organization s basic business transactions b management information system c knowledge management system d office automation system 00 was the dominant computing architecture until the mid 19805 Very few organizations use this type of architecture exclusively today due to its in exibility and poor pricetoperformance ratio b PC computing environment c ClientServer computing environment d Distributed computing environment e Network 9 In a computing environment processing work is divided between two or more computers The participating computers can be all mainframes all PCs or as in most cases a combination of the two types They can be in one location or in several a Mainframe b PC c Hybrid e Network 10 Technically what distinguishes the Internet is its use of a set of protocols called b MCPIR c PCPIP d TKPIR e TCPITP 11 The purpose of the architecture is to maximize the use of computer resources It provides a way for different computing devices to work together each doing the job for which it is best suited a mainframe computing c PC computing d centralized computing e network computing 12 A wellknown gridcomputing project is the project In this project PC users worldwide donate unused processor cycles to help the search for signs of extraterrestrial life by analyzing signals coming from outer space a BETI project b RETI project d CETI Home project e jETl project 13 architecture is the basis of le sharing over the Web and the basis on which companies such as Napster Kazaa and Gnutella operate a Mainframe computing c BZB d P2C e 626 14 A provides periodic information about such topics as operational efficiency effectiveness and productivity by extracting information from databases and processing it according to the needs of the usen a transaction processing system c executive information system d office automation system e management system 15 Which of the following is the most accurate de nition of an extranet b It allows remote users to securely connect over the Internet to the enterprise s main intranet c It allows remote users to securely connect via private networks to the enterprise s main intranet d It allows remote users to connect via private networks to the enterprise s main intranet e It allows remote users to securely connect via private networks to the Internet 16 Which of the following statements about Legacy systems is NOT true a Legacy systems are usually transaction processing systems b Legacy systems are usually housed in a secure location c Legacy systems are usually pure mainframe systems or distributed systems in which the mainframe plays the major role e Legacy Systems are those with which a company has great affinity 17 The function of corporate portals is often described as quot since they support decisions central to particular goals of the enterprise a casting b broadcasting d webcasting e webtransmit 18 Which of the following statements is NOT true about the changing role and structure of the IS department ISD a The role of ISD is changing from purely technical to more managerial and strategic b The ISD is creating business alliances with vendors and IS departments in other organizations c The ISD is educating the IS staff about business and educating nonIS managers about information technology IT e The ISD is in control 19 Which of the following statements is NOT true about the utility computing concept a The vision behind utility computing is to have computing resources ow like electricity from virtual utilities around the globe b Preparing for this era of utility computing IBM is moving aggressively into the application services provider area c Some experts believe that all software will become a service and be sold as a utility one day e Distributed computing concept is best 20 Which of the following statements is MOST true about the utility computing concept b A wellknown grid computing project is the SETI Home project c The grid does the computing very efficiently but at a higher cost d According to this concept unused processing cycles of all computers in a given network can be harnessed to create powerful computing capabilities e The grid does the computing less efficiently but at a lower cost 21 The describes organizational plans visions objectives and problems and the information required to support them b clientserver architecture c information infrastructure d serviceoriented architecture e none of the above 22 A supports the monitoring collection storage processing and dissemination of the organization s basic business transactions b web based system WBS c enterprisewide information system EIS d decision support system e none of the above 23 architecture is a special clientserver architecture that provides some additional new and useful functionalities a Mainframe b Legacy c Distributed e Clientserver 24 A is a computer such as a PC attached to a network which is used to access shared network resources A is a machine that is attached to this same network and provides services a client cient c server cient d server server e all of the above 25 connect several intranets via the Internet by adding to the Internet a security mechanism and possibly some functionalities b lntranets c lnternets d ISP e ASP 26 FedEx s business model supports hour delivery to anywhere in the world a 9 18 b 12 24 d 48 96 e 97110 27 is a computer program designed to support a speci c task or business process such as execute the payroll b Data Items c Information d Database e Data warehouse 28 consists of stored data items organized for retrieval b Information c Data Item d Knowledge e Software 29 are data that have been organized so that they have meaning and value to the recipient a Data items c Knowledge d Network enternet 30 consists of data andor information that have been organized and processed to convey understanding b Data Items c Network d Internet e Binary 31 Information systems that connect two or more organizations are called b EIS c TPS d DDS e ICP 32 Information systems that serve several departments or the entire enterprise are called a IOSs b TPS cDDS eESS 33 The rst type of IT system that was developed in the 1980 s to improve communications with business partners was a IOS s b EIS c TPS eESS 34 supports the monitoring collection storage processing and dissemination of the organizations basic business transactions b EIS c EDI oi DDS eESS 35 deal with daytoday operations of an organization b Managerial activities c Decisional Activities d Organizational Activities e Decision Systems 36 also called tactical activities or decisions deal in general with middlemanagement activities a Organizational Activities c Operational Activities d Employee Activities e Director Activities 37 Which of these is not one of the 5 major components of the information infrastructure a networks and communication facilities b databases d computer hardware e software 38 In computing environment processing work is divided between two or more computers The participating computers can be all mainframes all PCs or as in most cases a combination of the two types They can be in one location or in several a mainframe b PC c hybrid e Networks 39 Typical Information Systems the follow the Organizational Structure is NOT right quotOrganizational Structures are quot afunc ona b enterprisewide d interorganizational e intraorganizational 40 Which one of these is a worldwide system of computer networks that are accessible to hundreds of millions of people b intranet c extranet d corporate portal e public portal 41 According to Bill Gates computing is computing that is available reliable and secure as electricity water services and telephony a wireless c grid d pervasive e mobile 42 The major function of information systems in an organization in order of importance are a human resources manufacturing operations marketing nance and accoun ng b nance manufacturing operations accounting marketing and human resources c manufacturing operations accounting nance marketing and human resources e none of the above 43 Which of the following would NOT be considered data b letter c word d number e ordinal 44 An is a network of interactions and relationships over which information service and payment are exchanged a electronic exchange b the enterprise web d wireless computing e mobile computing 45 The type of IT system that was developed in the 1980 s to improve communications with business partners was a knowledge work system b executive support system d group support system e TPS


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