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Study Guide. Test 2. Articles

by: Marina Subbotina

Study Guide. Test 2. Articles PSC 103-001

Marina Subbotina

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About this Document

Summaries & main points of articles covered in class.
International Politics - AH
Kimberly Weir
Study Guide
International politics, Politics, Articles
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Marina Subbotina on Monday March 28, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to PSC 103-001 at Northern Kentucky University taught by Kimberly Weir in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see International Politics - AH in Political Science at Northern Kentucky University.


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Date Created: 03/28/16
Study Guide. Exam 2. (All of the notes are technically on the exam, plus the articles- in a separate attachment. Good luck!) US-EU trade deal: 6 reasons to care  UK & UK 2 largest economies in the world. Importance of the trade deal: Reason 1: cheaper shoes; since only 1% of US shoes are made in the US, making tariffs as high as 66%. Reason 2: Europe would be become less reliant on Russia for gas, making American shale gas available to all members of the EU. Reason 3: good news for European car firms- import cost will fall & agreeing on one safety standard (instead of 2) for airbag standards and crash tests will reduce cost for regions and 3rd-partymanufacturers. Reason 4: Chinese standard edged out- globalization of each and every product would reduce cost, since Chinese wont have to build different versions of products for different markets and improve global investment. Reason 5: more good cheese- American cheese market has been sophisticated in reproducing European cheeses, so removal of barriers would bring more money to US for exporting cheese. Reason 6: cheaper drugs- transporting authorizations take a very long time and a lot of money, same standard would save time and money. It would also increase competition- free market. Stressed are the Cheesemakers Issue: when is “feta” really “feta”?- does it have to come from Italy? Americans consider certain food names generic (ex: a type of cheese, instead of a brand name), while Europeans consider the same food made specific to their continent/state/city. EU demanding protection of 145 food names, often related to a city where it was originated. US thinks EU wants to simply raise prices by reclaiming words that have long since passed into general use. Effect: could stop trade agreement; viewed as trade barrier- unless trademarked (ex: Parmigiano Reggiano) Snapshot: the Mounting Issues Facing the World o Ukraine: Russia annexed (conquered) black sea. Now at war- 2,600 people already dead. NATO relationship with Russia is crumbling. o Syria: govn’t v rebels, as well as jihadists (on both sides & on the third side)- military strikes, chemical weapons attack, contributes to the rise of ISIL, an overall mess. o Islamic State: taken over eastern Syria & northern, western Iraq. Brutal tactics, mass killings, abductions, etc. Goal- global jihadist Islamic state/Islamic caliphate. o Militant Islam: other extremist groups. Boko Haram- kidnapping 200 school girls. The group is against women rights, especially their education. 2 o Afghanistan: political crisis over disputed presidential election- democratic transfer. Militants at fight- 24% casualties. Waiting for UN to better equip its soldiers. o Israel-Gaza: Israel v Palestinian militants- Israeli air strikes- reconstruction of Gaza. o Ebola outbreak: rapidly spreading, many deaths, affecting tourism. Piracy: The Ungoverned Sea Nigeria- mostly under piracy attacks. th Nigeria Delta- 8 for oil supply. West coast of Africa: piracy for cash & oil. East coast: ransom. “Bunkering”- theft of oil. Politicians protecting pirates to fund their elections. EU voted unanimously (5 votes) to help- 1 unanimous decision since WW2. However, attacks are on territorial waters, which is an issue. Also, the failed govn’t is an issue, because there’s no one to uphold the laws and no one to respect the laws (no faith/recognition in govn’t)- this means an open-ended conflict. A Charred Harvest  Production & export of charcoal is most important source of revenue for Shabab (militant group ruling Somalia- a failed state). Their charcoal burns longer & therefore more expansive than regular charcoal. 3  UN banned export of charcoal from Somalia, however its revenue went up since then.- supports weapons incoming from Yemen.  UN report shows that profits are shared between rebels, region’s govn’t and members of Kenyan army.  Effect: massive deforestation, desertification, cheap but hard labor, piracy. 4


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