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MAT 117 Final Exam (1st Set) 66 Questions with ANSWERS


MAT 117 Final Exam (1st Set) 66 Questions with ANSWERS fin571

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About this Document

MAT 117 Final Exam (1st Set) 66 Questions with ANSWERS
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by an elite notetaker on Wednesday November 11, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to fin571 at Kaplan University taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 27 views.


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Date Created: 11/11/15
Multiply and Simplify Assume all variables represent nonzero numbers rm hi2 1 Identify the degree of each term of the polynomial and the degree of the polynomial 2 413 1 3 1 3 What is the degree of the first term 3 What is the degree of the second term 2 What is the degree of the third term 1 What is the degree of the fourth term 0 What is the degree of the polynomial 3 Perform the indicated operations and simplify u quot Jl u 1 1 an 11 1 3 an 3 all 1 E3 in 3 E1 w9 Use rational exponents to simplify 2X2 5 Television sets What does it mean to refer to a 20 in TV set or a 25in TV set Such units refer to the diagonal screen A 15in TV set has a width of 12 inches What is its height 9 6 Add Simplify your answer 5th 15 3r44r312r25r 9 Solve Choose from the 3 answers below and if necessary finish the solution provided in the answer key 7 11 it 19 11 1 2 3 Ci The solution is a XI 3ltXlt ZorXgt 19 b The solution is all real numbers c There is no solution Find a polynomial for the perimeter and for the area of the square 8 Length a7 Widtha Perimeter 4a 14 Area a2 7a Factor completely 9 5a 35a 3 In a right triangle find the side that is not given 10 b2 395 3 a 3 Factor the trinomial completely 11 cf 2m Cc 8c 6 Subtract Simplify by collecting like radical terms if possible 12 3 Simplify by factoring Assume that all expressions under radicals represent nonnegative numbers 13 Find the greatest common factor for the group of terms 14 3Ui12 Eliai 5a2 Factor completely 15 2 3021 3w 52 Add Simplify if possible I a tE l t 16 15 at quotl tE l Add 17 5333 quotlisp 1 5952 ilttzg 52 33 if 3X2 7xy 4y2 For the following equation state the value of the discriminant and then describe the nature of the solutions from the following statements 18 E E ill Eh 2 I3 What is the value of the discriminant 24 Which one of the statements is true a The equation has two real solutions b The equation has one real solution c The equation has two imaginary solutions Factor 19l 1DS9S6XS4 Divide and simplify 7119 l mnig Multiply and simplify by factoring Assume that all expressions under radicals represent nonnegative numbers 21 3395 Solve ny l X Elli 3 Factor completely Find the vertex the line symmetry the maximum or minimum value of the quadratic equation and graph the function Just tell me if it opens up or down and in what direction 24 g 1 r L The xcoordinate of the vertex is 2 L 5 The ycoordinate of the vertex is 2 EL The equation of line symmetry is x 2 15 The maximumminimum value of fx is 2 f 1 1 15 The value L A is minimum or maximum Maximum Does the graph open upward or downward Downward Find the variation constant and an equation of variation where y varies directly as x and y54 when x6 25 The variation constant is k 9 The equation of variation is y 9X Subtract Simplify is possible 339 z Eh 3 43 5 26 8 a 3 Factor 27 1Equot 1 81 r 92 Use the FOIL method to find the product 28 if 3135 Lil 4x14 3X8 16x6 12 29 a Solve 532 3 15 what are the solutions x 539F3 5quot b Find the xintercepts of 53 3 532 1 5 19 a L Use rational exponents to write LEE 39 i 39 3 as a single radical expression Choose the best answer below lull Subtract the polynomials 32 539 3395 3 391 5quot 3 12s2 9s Evaluate the polynomial for X 3 Simplify your answer 33 312 515 When X 3 312 511 51 Simplify by taking roots of the numerator and the denominator Assume that all expressions under radicals represent positive numbers 3 Eli 3E2 3H 932 Li ll 34 1 if 1V Solve 339 El 1 35 f Eyfl Express by using a positive exponent L 36 r3179 mg r Find the Xintercepts for the graph of the equation if 3 it if J 37 The Xintercepts are 1 O 5 0 Write a quadratic equation in the variable X having the given numbers as solutions Type the equation in standard form 33533 ill 5 C 3 CI 38 Solution 1 only solution X2 2X l 0 Multiply and Simplify 39 Er 13 33 gi Ei gil l y 3 Multiply 40 3553 m jpt 1 8155 228 Find the following 42 Jack usually mows his lawn in 5 hours Marilyn can mow the same yard in 6 3 hours How much time would it take for them to mow the lawn together i 11 Find all the numbers in which the rational expression is undefined 43 ff 3 H 23 5 5 Multiply 1 1x c 1 iH3 2 J c3 5c 5 11 3 Simplify by removing factors of 1 Earn 1 Emuquot TH l 45 TEE EHquot Factor completely 46 313 1519 1 1514 8X4 X2 2X 2 Divide Choose the correct answer 47 35523 18E Mi irj b 3 552 212 I a 5I53ICJ mung tat 21 d 5M3 nLa Solve 48 412 2 U r 7 6 Find the following Assume that variables can represent any real number 49 u Ia 7 50 If a pro basketball player has a vertical leap of about 25 inches What is his hang time Use the hangtime function v 2 418 07 Solve 51 14 r r 2 7 Divide and simplify 3w 12 all ill 33w a39l 52 1311 quot 2221 Multiply 53 p pr r3 p3 Solve an 15quot a a 54 ilgrfl 12r2 5 2 D X 2 2 2 2 Simplify by removing factors of l H Q Rewrite the following expression with positive exponents 2L 562T lquotEEEEE E Use the quadratic formula to solve the equation 51 15 a t 57 13 511 2 T x 2 2 Multiply 58 ti 2m iw i 64m6 Find the vertex line symmetry and the minimummaximum value of fx e in a E 59 D What is the vertex 8 3 What is the line symmetry x 8 What is the minimummaximum value of fx 3 Is the value f83 minimum or maximum minimum Does the graph open upward or downward Upward Solve for x 60 iJlJEIJE 1 5 E3 El 2 3 X 3 1 Rewrite With a rational exponent 61 21 4 62 If the sides of a square are lengthened by 6 cm the area becomes 1215mm Find the length of the side of the original square 5 Solve 63 a E513 1 81 1 1 5 X 7 Rationalize the denominator Assume that all expressions under radicals represent positive numbers IS39395Ej Multiply 65 51 THEE E31 8 18x3 57x2 110K 56 Convert to decimal notation 66 EEEKICI39T 83800000


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