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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by an elite notetaker on Wednesday November 11, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to fin571 at Kaplan University taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 30 views.

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Date Created: 11/11/15
MGT311 Final Exam Study Guide 1 Vera s job in publishing requires her to seek out new writers She has chosen a bunch of talented writers but none of them seem to get chosen for publishing She thinks this has something to do with con icts in management How would you describe Vera s job attitude Low iob satisfaction High iob involvement Explanation Vera obviously works very hard at her job but she gets very little satisfaction because her writers never get published 2 Julia is a receptionist at a stockbroker s of ce Her boss just came in and chewed her out for no apparent reason Julia freaks out and slams her iPad in the garbage What is the cause ofJuIia s reaction Emotion Explanation julia was upset by her boss s actions and let her emotions cause her to do something out of the ordinary 3 Erin is a customer service rep a social media software company A customer calls and chews her out because the software is down She needs to leave her desk to cool down Why is her anger an emotion and NOT a mood It has contextual stimulus Explanation Anger ca used from single source the context is an emotion while anger ca used from ambiguous sources would be considered a mood 4 Incompatibility two or more attitudes or between behavior and attitudes is referred to as Cognitive dissonang Explanation just image trying to work with a very upbeat person while you re very angry This is going to create some cognitive dissonance 5 What is the term that describes a person s connection to their job and their view of selfworth from their work at the job m involvement Explanation Some jobs can be very involved with a person 5 life and will be their de ning activity Other people are stuck in dead end jobs with low involvement 6 Some companies require their employees to display a certain type of emotion when performing theirjob What term refers to these emotions Displayed emotions Explanation just think WaIMart Employees are always supposed to be working with a smile despite their actual internal emotions 7 Janet must nd a writer who can be assigned to an big advertising account She pours over data from the past performance of her writers Eventually she chooses a writer that has shown great results on similar accounts What is the basis for Janet s choice Systematic study Explanation janet uses an approach that relies on hard data to make a decision as opposed to using her personal instincts 8 What is it called when managerial methods are based on the scienti c evidence Evidencebased management Explanation Many management methods undergo rigid scienti c testing Managers that use these tactics are engaging in evidencebased management 9 A construction manager is spending a great deal of time conducting interviews due to high turnover rates of skilled workers Many people quit because the workplace is not safe Some foreman employees were encouraged to break rules in order to get the job done faster How can the manager control these bad foremen Find out the reason foremen are putting a greater importance on nishing the iobI rather than safety Explanation Problems like this are often the result of higher management putting incentives on fast work instead of workplace safety 10 Phil is a great salesman who has had a passion for sales since a young age He recently won a trip to Hawaii for setting a new company sales record Based on selfdetermination theory why did the company recognition and award motivate Phil The award boosted Phil s sense of competence and provided feedback that improved his intrinsic motivation Explanation The award is intrinsic and plays to Phil s passion for sales 11 Tony is a computer program who is being forced to make a presentation about a project He loves programming but this project is going to take up much of his personal time Based on selfdetermination theory why is this presentation reducing Tony39s motivation The external gpals feel deceptiveII thus lowering Tony39s intrinsig motivation Explanation Tony is a selfmotivated individual and he does not like his boss setting arbitrary goals for him 12 Glendon is a business graduate who worked at a rm in Spain making a lot of money The rm was hit by a nancial crisis and sent Glendon back home where he makes less money at a non pro t but is much happier Which theory explains why Glendon is more happy Selfconcordance Explanation Glendon has recognized that personal happiness is more important that nancial gain in a career 13 Marci was sitting at her desk when her boss walked in a gave her a bunch of really nice compliments This made her very happy and satis ed with her career Marci39s boss uses what type of communication Motivation Explanation Providing compliments about job performance can help employees feel more motivated 14 How can manages make sure that employees do not withhold important info by being silent Listen toemployees and support diverse opinions Explanation Encouraging diverse opinions will make employees feel con dent about sharing information 15 A CEO sent a super mean email to over 500 managers at his company What did he do wrong Selected the wrong channel for this message Explanation This channel punishes both good managers and bad managers 16 Araceli works for a large corporation She never speaks at meetings because employees like to gossip after work What contextual issue is damaging the performance of Araceli39s team Climate of trust Explanation Many employees will be afraid to speak if there is a culture of gossip in the workplace 17 Ayesha is creating a team to build a new prototype The other two team members have show great success working together in the past She brings a high level of expertise for this project Which best describes Ayesha39s group High norms High cohesiveness High productivity Explanation Being able to work together provides cohesiveness having a history provides norms and knowledge provides productivity 18 lrma is assigned to a project but does not like some of the rules that have been set However other team members are perfectly ne with rules so lrma decided to go along What is this caHed Accommodating Explanation Even though she disagreed Irma accommodated the viewpoints of her fellow co workers 19 Angelina has a cubicle neighbor that talks in a really annoying voice She decides it s not even worth talking to this individual What is this called Avoiding Explanation Angelina prefers to ignore the root of the problem rather than approach a manager to get her a new cubicle spot 20 What is needed to keep process con ict productive Must be kept low Explanation Process con ict will be dif cult to control if it becomes to high 21 What is the inherent right of a manager to have orders followed and obeyed Authority Explanation You must respect the authority of your manager The company has provided them with the freedom to control their subordinates 22 Consider the following actions reduce costs cut overhead speed up decision making increase exibility get closer to customers and empower employees What type of strategy is this Wider spans of control Explanation This strategy gives more employees to each manager thus cutting costs empowering employees etc 23 What is the term for employees adapting to organizational culture Socialization Explanation Large companies have a unique corporate culture that takes time to become accustomed to 24 Imagine if an employee s expectations do not reconcile with reality At which stage of socialization is this person going to quit Encounter Explanation Once this person encounters the true nature of the company they will not want to waste any additional time with the rm 25 Your boss offers you a raise for doing additional work What type of power is this called Reward Explanation Also called l dangling the carrot this tactic is an easy way for managers to get additional work performed 26 How do Political behaviors factor into the workplace Are outside of a person39s smi eoLperformang Explanation In most cases political behaviors will have no impact on job performance reviews 27 How can a manager leverage the diversity of group regardless of its actual composition Make sure all group members know the importance of diversity in groups Explanation Educating employees on the importance of diversity will provide employees will help with performance studies show 28 Workforce programs that focus on diversity can be broken down into 3 steps What is the third step in the process Foster perspnal develgpmeanractles that highlight the unique skills of all employees Explanation A good job will generally provide a high degree of personal development which can be achieved through diversity 29 Sometime people will resist change A manager gain their support by letting them contributes to the change process What is this tactic called Cooptation Explanation People who have a say in the decision process are far less likely to have a resistant attitude 30 What strategy can quickly gain the support of enemies but could back re Manipulation Explanation If people nd out they are being manipulated they will not be very happy about it and likely lose trust in management


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