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Health Care Industry HCS/449

by: Topseller Notetaker

Health Care Industry HCS/449 PRG211

Marketplace > Ashford University > Computer Programming > PRG211 > Health Care Industry HCS 449
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About this Document

Health Care Industry HCS/449
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by Topseller Notetaker on Wednesday November 11, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to PRG211 at Ashford University taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 37 views. For similar materials see in Computer Programming at Ashford University.


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Date Created: 11/11/15
Running head HEALTH CARE INDUSTRY Health Care Industry HCS449 HEALTH CARE INDUSTRY 2 Health Care Industry Introduction This paper will address the changes that surround health care industry today This paper will show how the health care system will change in the next 10 years I will discuss my career goals and how I plan to serve within the health care industry Health care has changed a lot in the past 10 years For instance people are living a lot longer on average 1015 years or more This is contributed to medical advances and breakthroughs and the vast improvement in patient care Our biggest change is technology and especially computers this has impacted health care as we know it today The world of medicine has taken on a whole new approach when dealing with prescription medication These new innovative ideas have impacted our health care system by leaps and bounds It has also required those who are health care professionals to have extensive training throughout the year in order to keep up with medicine It seems that almost every instrument all the way down to the blood pressure cuff is computerized Everything from thermometers to CAT scans is either a type of computer itself or is monitored by a computer MEDITECH 2011 They calculate and factor all the data leaving rarely any information to be determined Thus allowing for more efficient results because it reduces the risk of human error Plus since other healthcare professionals are busy caring for the patients new jobs are created to operate the computerized instruments Healthcare Has Changed over the Past 10 Years With 2009 sWhen I went to paramedic school we were not required to have a computer class now today it is only a requirement but a prerequisite for any program I watched how the paper patient medical charts evolved to patient records and HEALTH CARE INDUSTRY 3 needed a pass code While working as a paramedic I can now email the doctor s a partial and summary of the patient status Which has improve the patient s outcome and it gives the emergency room staff time to prepare for the patient The biggest change in health care over the next ten years will be technology will advance on an astonishing scale It may go as far as to what is a human and how many do we need For instance in China they a computer that will baby sit your toddler I believe that is over the top and I disagree with the concept Children will always need a loving human touch to care for them Robotic surgery will rise to the next frontier in medicine Surgeons will begin to find breakthrough cures for illness such as cancer AIDS dementia and unlock cures to the world s worst cures America s universities will teach health care in a way that will be very complicated for those who did not pay attention in the first grade Education will unleash a whole new perspective when it comes to patient care I believe that the economy will improve only for certain sectors especially health care field I plan to serve as a Public health official by providing education the community to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle I will adapt my skills by staying current with the times by educating myself and gathering data that will support my claim As the health care industry grows I will find ways to work within the organization that I am assigned I will also find out what is most needed of me and how I can provide quality service s for the community What is most important is that as a leader I will help develop services and programs for the people that I serve My perception of health care has changed for the worse With these tough economic times I have seen the horror of not having medical coverage I have seen many of my friends face unemployment and many of the hospitals are short staff and are working with limited resources I hope that I will not see this country take a turn for the worst America has one of the best health care systems in the world HEALTH CARE INDUSTRY 4 and to watch it be depleted because of unemployment and the war and other problems It is not fair to the people So in order for the public to feel safe with minimal resources I will need to work with what is in front of me and make it work Since this is my last class I know that I cannot stop I have to pursue my education Technology and health care are becoming more and more the norm and one is not considered without the other Technology has made it possible for clinicians to work better It has able many of the patient s to receive surgery with less invasive incisions to their skin When it comes to patient s medical records it enables hackers and other unathouraized personnel from looking at medical charts It helps with the ability to increase direct patient care and provide quality of service Technology is the core component of health cares however in itself will not solve all medical issues However it shines a new light on the things that are most important which is quality of life The economics in health care and the impact that it has on the Unites States Health Care Finance 2006 Several physicians have enjoyed the incentives of having their own private practice It has giving them the ability to operate their offices efficiently while placing a high value on their time The majority of their incomes come from inpatient consultations standard office visits and laboratory tests The burden of health care is treating those patients that have lowincome and it has now fallen largely upon hospitals and clinics The problem is that clinics and primary care groups can only provide so much care and the patients will have to seek care at a hospital This problem will continue to grow unless the government provides additional resources for the people HEALTH CARE INDUSTRY 5 Conclusion This paper addressed the concerns surrounding health care and how Will the American people be able to With stand in the next ten years I have found just as many Americans are scaling back in order to make ends meet Then the government should come up With innovative was to help the American people When dealing a With a person s health is very important to provide education especially for those Without medical insurance Although educating all of the patient s is very important for their well being HEALTH CARE INDUSTRY Reference Healthcare Has Changed Over The Past 10 Years With Retrieved July 8 2009 from the wwwnytimescompageseducationindexhtml 87225html Health Care Finance Anti Essays Retrieved March 3 2006 from the World Wide Web httpwwwantiessayscomfreeessays21775html MEDITECH Healthcare Information SvstemRetrieved August 8 2011 from the World Wide Webwwwmeditechcomproductbriefspagesproducthcishtm


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