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Bio Exam 3 Study Guide

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by: Andrea Scota

Bio Exam 3 Study Guide BIO 121 - M001

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Andrea Scota
GPA 3.7
General Biology I

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About this Document

Bio Exam 3 Study Guide. 50 questions, multiple choice.
General Biology I
Study Guide
50 ?




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Jia Mengqi

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This page Study Guide was uploaded by Andrea Scota on Wednesday November 11, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to BIO 121 - M001 at Syracuse University taught by Staff in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 120 views. For similar materials see General Biology I in Biology at Syracuse University.

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Date Created: 11/11/15
Bio Exam 3 Study Guide Chapters 23 24 2933 1 Natural selection changes allele frequencies because some survive and reproduce better than others a Alleles b Loci c Species 01 Individuals 2 Evolution at it s smallest scale is called a Macroevolution b Evolution c Microevolution d Genoevolution 3 True or false genetic variation originates when mutation gene duplication or other processes produce new alleles and genes a True b False 4 The Hardy Weinberg equation is used for what a Determining the number of parents in the next generation b Determining the amount that a populations genotypesphenotypes have evolved c Determining the amount of change a population has undergone d Determining the amount of dominant alleles in the next generation 5 No two people are genetically identical except for identical twins The main source of genetic variation among humans is a New mutations that occurred in the preceeding generation b Genetic drift c The reshuf ing of alleles in reproduction 01 Environmental effects 6 In the formula for determining a population s genotype frequencies the 2 in the term 2pq is necessary because a The population is diploid b Heterozygotes can come about in 2 ways c The population is doubling in number 01 Heterozygotes have 2 alleles 7 Swine are vulnerable to infection by bird u virus and human virus which can both be present in an individual pig at the same time When it occurs it is possible for genes from bird u virus and human u virus to be combines thereby producing a genetically distinctive virus which can subsequently cause widespread disease The production of u virus in the manner described above is most similar to the phenomenon of a Bottleneck effect b Founder effect C Natural selection d Gene ow 8 You sample a population of butter ies and nd that 56 are heterozygous at a particular locus What should be the frequency of the recessive allele in this population a 007 b 008 c 070 d Allele frequency cannot be determined from this information 9 In peas a gene controls ower color such that R purple and r white In an isolated pea patch there are 36 purple owering plants and 64 white owering plants Assuming HardyWeinberg equilibrium what is the value of q for this population a 080 b 064 c 060 d 075 10 True or false prezygotic and postzygotic barriers separate gene pools due to reproductive isolation a True b False 1 1 Males of differnet species of the fruit y Drosophjla that live in the same parts of the Hawaiian Islands have different elaborate courtship rituals These rituals involve fighting other males and making stylized movements that attract females What type of reproductive isolation does this represent Habitat isolation Behavioral isolation Temporal isolation Gametic isolation 12 Allopatric speciation is Gene ow interrupted when a population is separated by gametic isolation b Gene ow interrupted when a population is separated by temporal isolation c Gene ow interrupted when a population is divided into two geographically different subpopulations d Gene ow interrupted when a population is divided into two behaviorally different subpopulations 13 Sympatric speciation is a Gene ow interrupted when a population is divided into two geographically different subpopulations b New species developing when remaining in the same geographic are as the parent species c Gene ow interrupted when a population is divided into two behaviorally different subpopulations 9065 E d New species originating from a mutation in the parent species 14 True or false a hybrid zone is a spot within an ecosystem where species go to mate speci cally to produce hybrids a True b False 15 True or false reinforcement the strengthening of hybrids by natural selection can also be considered disruptive selection a True b False 16 A pattern of evolution in which long stable periods are interrupted by brief periods of more rapid change is called The bottle neck effect Reinforcement Punctuated equilibrium The founder effect 17 All of the following are common to both charophytes and land plants except Sporopollenin Cellulose Lignin Chlorophyll 18 The following are all adaptations to plant life on land except Seeds Production of pollen Rings of cellulosesynthesizing complexes Reduced gametophyte generation 19 In plants which of the following are produced by meiosis Haploid gametes Diploid spores Diploid gametes Haploid spores 20 Which of the following is true of the life cycle of mosses Antheridia and archegonia are produced by gametophytes The haploid generation grows on the sporophyte generation The growing embryo gives rise to the gametophyte The sporophyte generation is dominant 21 True or false Microspores are the female reproductive sporangia and megaspores are the male reproductive sporangia a True b False 22 Microphylls are found in which plant group Ferns Lycophytes Hornworts Liverworts 23 Where in an angiosperm would you find a megasporangium P PF P 90 vs 9055 9055 P PF P P PF P 24 25 90 65 9065 In the stye of a ower Enclosed in the stigma of a ower Within an ovule contained within an ovary of a ower Packed into pollen sacs within the anthers found on a stamen A fruit is usually A thickened style A mature female gametophyte An enlarged ovule A mature ovary Which of the following is not a characteristic that distinguishes gymnosperms and angiosperms from other plants 26 a b c d Ovules Dependent gametophytes Pollen Alternation of generations With respect to angiosperms which of the following is incorrectly paired with its chromosome count 27 28 29 30 31 32 90 65 F7 9065 F75 9055 9055 F75 Megaspore 2n Egg n Zygote 2n Microspore n True or false Petals are completely useless to a ower True False Which of the following gymnosperms have only one phylum left Cycads Gnetophytes Ginkgobiloba Conifers True or false eudicots ower in multiples of 3 True False All fungi are Symbiotic Plagellated Decomposers Heterotrophs The vegetative nutritionally active bodies of must fungi are Composed of hyphae Referred to as mycelium Usually underground All of thee above Immediately after karyogamy occurs which term applies Plasmogamy Diploid Heterokaryotic d Dikaryotic 33 What is mycorrhizae A mutually bene cial relationship between fungi and plant roots A parasitic relationship between fungi and plant roots in which the fungi uses the plant roots as a means for nutrition c A comensalist relationship between fungi and plant roots in which fungi uses the plant roots as a means for nutrition without harming them d The hyphae of fungi intertwining 34 True or false All fungi live as strictly decomposers True False 35 Tissues are Specialized cells Organs that work together to form a system Units of specialized cells that work as a single functional unit Thin layers of skin 36 What is a blastula F793 F75 P PF P a A hollow ball of cells b An animals innermost germ layer c An animals outermost germ layer d The point where cleavage occurs in a cell 37 True or false all animals share a common ancestor a True b False 38 The Cambrian explosion a Lead to an increase in bilaterally symmetrical animals b Occurred during the Paleozoic Era 542251 mya c Was a wave of animal diversi cation d All of thee above 39 Which of the following has radial symmetry a A key b A snake c A tiger d A donut 40 True or false Cnidarians are triploblastic a True b False 41 At which developmental stage should one be able to rst distinguish a diploblastic embryo from a triploblastic embryo a Fertilization b Cleavage c Gastrulation d Coelom formation 42 At which developmental stage should one be able to rst distinguish a protostome embryo from a deuterostome embryo a b c d 43 Fertilization Cleavage Gastrulation Coelom formation What distinguished a coelomate animal from a pseudocoelomate animal is that coelomates a b C 44 9065 45 9065 46 9065 47 Have a body cavity where as pseudocoelomates have a solid body Contain tissues derived from the mesoderm whereas pseudocoelomates have no such tissue Have a body cavity completely lined by mesodermal tissue whereas pseudocoelomates do not Have complete digestive systems with a mouth and an anus while pseudocoelomates have a digestive tract with only one opening Which of the following is descriptive of protostomes Spiral and intermediate cleavage blastopore becomes mouth Spiral and determinate cleavage blastopore becomes anus Spiral and determinate cleavage blastopore becomes mouth Radial and determinate cleavage blastopore becomes anus According to evidence collected thus far the animal kingdom is Monophyletic Paraphyletic Polyphyletic Euphyletic Sponges are most accurately described as Aquatic lter feeders Marine predators Marine filter feeders Freshwater scavengers What are the specialized cells that cnidarians use to capture their prey 75 90 48 P PFTP 49 P PFTP Cnidocytes Nematocysts Choanocytes Medusas Which of the following describes echinoderms They have an exoskeleton of hard calcareous plates They have a specialized water vascular system Digestion occuse completely outside the organism They are found in both freshwater and saltwater environments Humans are most closely related to which phyla Annelida Cnidaria Echinodermata None of these are correct 50 Which of the following is a diploblastic phylum of aquatic predators a Cnidaria b Annelida C Mollusca d Arthropoda ANSWER KEY 1 D 2 C 3 A 4 B 5 C 6 B 7 D 8 D 9 A 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 UDgtgtOWDgtWUUWOWgtUUOgtWgtUOOOgtWWOWgt 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 gtOWDgtDgtDgtOUWOWU


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