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Music- exam 3 notes

by: elzbietaag

Music- exam 3 notes MUNM 1113 003

Collin County Community College District
GPA 3.76
The Understanding of Music
Dr. Armand Ambrosini

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About this Document

All the lecture notes for the upcoming exam.
The Understanding of Music
Dr. Armand Ambrosini
Study Guide
MUNM-1113-003 - The Understanding of Music
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by elzbietaag on Wednesday November 11, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to MUNM 1113 003 at University of Oklahoma taught by Dr. Armand Ambrosini in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 140 views. For similar materials see The Understanding of Music in Music at University of Oklahoma.


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Date Created: 11/11/15
Classical style placed more emphasis on universal objectivity Fronzjoseph Haydn 17321809 symphony 56 in C minor CD2 11 Sonata Form or Sonataallegro form or rst movement form 5253 Exposition 910 times you ll have 2 opposing themes Tonic key is the home key Repeats are not optional Ludwig Van Beethoven 17701827 symphony 3 in Eb major Eroica CD3 1 Periods 0 Early 17941802 in the style of Haydn and Mozart 0 Middle 18021816 Heroic works such as his Eroica symphony 0 Late 18161817 sublime introspective and serene spiritual Beethoven expanded the length and complexity of the symphony o 1 more emotionally expressive a greater pitch range and use of dynamics b frequent tempo changes use of syncopation and hemiolas o 2 larger orchestra he wrote for more instruments ie piccolo ute trombone and contra bassoon o 3 he freed existing forms a much larger symphonies Mozart 20 minutes vs Beethoven over an hour b sonata form 0 1 themes evolve creating new themes from the original 0 2 motive consistency in the movement 0 3 lengthened the coda to function as a second development section c themes are restated from movement to movement cyclic form psychological progression d the slow second movement in the Eroica is a funeral mamh e the minuet third movement become a scherzo joke f the last fourth movement in the Eroica is based on a set of variations with fugally developed episodes and codas The difference is not in the base technique but in the way it is being used the expressive intensity it is made to sense Beethoven is using a classical device here for nonclassical ends Extra Notes 0 He kept his deafness quiet o Went from doctor to doctor secretly o Took doses of mercury Thought of committing suicide Eroica is Italian for heroic By the late period he was completely deaf Always wanted to conduct his own symphonies He was never married Dies from pneumonia Well read in Shakespearian plays Hemiolas a composer that writes rhythms that have cross purposes OOOOOOOO Beethoven The third period The music 0 A loses some of its earlier tone of heroism o B becomes more abstract freer more introspective eccentric meditative o C re ects a new freedom of form 0 D highly suggests spirituality Most of Beethoven s music in the 3rd period wasn t written for the orchestra the 9th symphony is an exception He now preferred the string quartet and the piano sonata he was always drawn to his instrument Beethoven Piano Sonata Number 31 Ab major opusilo CD3 2 First movement moderato cantabile molto expressive sonata form Arpeggio harplike it means broken chords each note of a chord is played in its ascending or descending order The Romantic Period 18201900 Romantics stressed individual feelings of longing and nostalgia They were fascinated by the unknown and the mystery and power f evil ie faust legend Franz Schubert 17971828 exempli ed the bohemian existence Romantics love to celebrate Martyrs to the religion of art those gures who die young for having been misunderstood or for adhering too closely to their ideals and uncompromising genius Types of compositions being composed o Miniature o Grandiose 0 Program music 0 Virtuosic solo music the piano became the favorite solo instrument Franz Schubert Gretchen am sprinade CD3 3 The Art Song or Lied German for Sung Lieder is the plural it is the musical setting of a poem usually performed by solo voice and piano in which the performers die unexpected to contribute signi cantly to the artistic effect of the poetry it is a miniature composition Strophic vs through composed Ostinata a musical phrase that is repeated persistently Women in music not in the book 0 Doors were nally open to women in colleges 0 People thought still that women lacked the ability to make music 0 Many women used male names to get their music published 0 Many of the composed women had relationships with popular music composers Chopin Berliose etc Robert Schuman 18101856 and Clara WleckSchumann 18191896 her father was Friedrich wreck Robert Schumann Waldesgesprach forest conversation CD3 8 an Art song or lied A young man meets a beautiful woman while traveling through a forest She turns out to be a supernatural being In this case the Lorelei a terrible witch cursed for having taken her life over unrequited love and how condemned to seduce men and to lead them to their rum 0 This song is meant to warn young men to beware strong women to stay on the path of the straight and narrow as in the era a sexually transmitted disease meant almost certain death the opening and closing material adopts the calm innocence of childhood for after all fairy tales such as this are meant as warnings to children Clara Schumann fugitive piece n 1 CD3 9 Character piece a miniature composition for solo piano this work is in ABA or temory form The title of this work stems not only from the tendency in Romantic poetry to refer to certain ethereal works as fugitive but from the unpredictable smallscale variation and unexpected motion that comprises much of the piece Fredric Chopin 18101849 he creates the illusion that the piano sings and had a gift of breathing life into the Romantic ideal of giving oneself over to inward feelings and longings Among his favorite genres were the nocturne polonaise mazurka impromptu ballade etude waltz and prelude Chopin nocturine in fsharp CD3 5 0 Character piece miniature o Virtosic solo music Rubato robbed time the free treatment of meter in performance The overall form of this piece is A A1 B C A2 coda but features a smallscale variation on the opening twomeasure phrase which is comprised of a two note ascent followed by a rapid descent to a low repeated note Franz Liszt 18111886 transcendental etude compressed sonata form Extra Notes 0 Chopins heart was shipped back to Poland while his body is in Paris Hector Berlioz 18031869 syphonie fantastique CD3 6 0 An autobiographical essay of his life Grandiose many musicians ve movements 0 lde xe theme Harnet Smithson o Dies male day of wrath Gregorian chant from mars Program symphony program music Music of the future vs nationalism Richard Wagner 18131883 Dex Ring Des Nibelungen quotMusic Dramasquot Wagner argued that dramas were divisible into discreet sections broke the illusion of an alternate reality on the stage that he was striving for He saw Opera as a serious drama in musicnot just a vehicle for song spectacle and entertainmentthat could have such integrity and power that society itself would be reshaped by them The Ring for shaft tells the story of idle gods the down of the world is dominated by men the coming of the hero and the destruction of the old order 0 Crucial features 1 Seamlessness or endless melody almost without stops or pauses no arias or cadences 2 Leitmotifs motives that become associated with a person place or thing that would guide the listener to the source of truth Signposts for the listener in apprehending any hidden meanings foreshadowing passages or duplicity within the drama Wagner re ects Arthur Schopenhauer s belief that all human experiences could be traced to o a The will emotions and drives sexual love the most exciting his views of martial vows were ambivalent at best 0 b Appearance ideas morals and reasons 3 Gesamtkunstwerk total artwork expresses his ideal of fusing all the arts at the highest perfection he wrote the rest and the music oversaw the performance and creation of an opera house the festspielhaus intended solely for his work 4Linear chromatic harmony polyphonic lines that create harmony with pitches outside the tonic scale often moving chromatically The effect is a yearning sensation that suggests an urgent but frustrated search for stability 5 grandiose in conception the dramas are lengthy the orchestra is huge and the singer must have extremely powerful voices and stamina Early interest were in music and literature Tonal NOT atonal Des Ring des Nibelungen Main Characters in order of appearance 0 Das Rhinegold the Rhine Gold Rhine Maideus a group of nymphs that guard the Rhine River s cache of magic gold Alberich an evil dwarf who steals the gold after renouncing love and Forges an allpowerful ring that will allow him to rule the world Wotan the highest god who loves mortals and cannot break a promise Two giants they happen to be brothers and have built a palace in the sky for the gods Freia goddess who provides the gods with gold apples which keep them young and happy Loge the embodiment of re persuaders wotain to join him as a journey to Niebelheim the subterranean home of Albriech Fricka wotons wife and goddess of matrimonial vows Siegmund son of watan and a mortal woman Sieglemen loversister of sieglinde married to hunding Hunding husband to singleund married to siegmund Valkyrie in horse mythology one of the twelve handmaidens of Odin who ride horses over the bathe eld to collect souls of fallen heroes and especially wotons favorite daughter Brunnhilde Brunnhilde Wotons favorite daughter who elects to defy her father Siegfried son of Siegmund and Sieglinde who is the great warrior that shows no fear and wrestles the ring from the giant and frees Brunnhilde from the rock where she sleeps Gotherdammerung twilight of the gods The nal music drama depicts the fall of the gods through heroism and treachery of mortals Page 234 boxed not responsible for knowing for the test


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