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Quiz Two Study Guide

by: MaKynna Lesinski

Quiz Two Study Guide Ed Found 235-003C

MaKynna Lesinski
GPA 3.2
Child & Adolescent Development
Professor Meyerson

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About this Document

Child & Adolescent Development
Professor Meyerson
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by MaKynna Lesinski on Wednesday November 11, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Ed Found 235-003C at University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh taught by Professor Meyerson in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 25 views. For similar materials see Child & Adolescent Development in Education and Teacher Studies at University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh.

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Date Created: 11/11/15
Quiz 2 Study Guide InfantToddler Develonment Physical 0 Weigh 50 pounds greater than at birth 0 Rate of growth an then slows down 0 Different parts grow at different rates Cognitive 0 Simulation neurons establish new synapse 0 Synaptogenesis explosive proliferation of synapse causing the number of synapse in a toddlers brain to far exceed those in adults SocialEmotional Aspects 0 Changes in behavior as a result of experience 0 Classical Conditioning Pavlov s Dog Experiment 0 Operant Conditioning Skinnerian Bird Experiment rlv Childhood Develonment Physical brain growth Cognitive language development SocialEmotional Aspects Theories Freud s Psychoanalytic developed a segmented model of self 1 Id our primal instinctual urges biological 2 Ego our conscious self phycology 3 Superego our model code social 2 Basic Instinctual Drives 1 Eros the drive for love attachment 2 Thanatos the drive to dominate aggression Erikson s Psvchosocial Trust vs Mistrust Autonomy vs Shame Initiative vs Guilt Industry vs Inferiority Identity vs Identity Confusion Intimacy vs Isolation Generativity vs Stagnation Integrity vs Despair WNQMPP P Pavlov s Classical Conditioning 1 Dog is presented with an unconditioned stimulus food and then dog salivates unconditional response USC I UCR 2 A tuning fork neutral stimulus is sounded immediately before the food is brought out NS I UCS I UCR 3 After several pairings of the tuning fork and the food the dog begins to salivate to the bell and the delivery of food is postponed CS I CR Skinner s Operant Conditioning learners begin to connect certain responses with certain stimuli causes the probability to increase in certain acts A I BI C 0 Antecedent environmental in uences that precede the behavior 0 Behavior what a person does in a specific situation 0 Consequence environmental in uences that follow the behavior Piaget s Genetic EpistemoloaV 1 Development is a form of adaptation 2 Children adapt to reality through various forms of scientific problem solving 3 Children s development is an active process 4 Cognitive development is organismic a process of biological unfolding Stage Theory a child moves from one stage to the next Adaptation the process of altering existing knowledge structures through experiences 1 Assimilation representing new information in terms of existing knowledge 2 Accommodation adapting or modifying existing knowledge or behavior to new information vaotskv s Sociocultural l Emphasizes the role of historical culture and social factors in cognition 2 Tools culturally devised way of thinking 3 Language most important tool provided by society for cognitive development 4 Scaffolding Chomskv s TheorV Syntax arrange words into phrases Semitics open class on text words U PP Pi Bowlby s Attachment Anxious Secure Avoidant Temperament ShyIntrovert vs SociableExtrovert llentan Stvles Permissive giving in Authoritative giving choices Authoritarian giving orders Uninvolved giving up Authoritarian npmqndinn Unresponsiv Phonology smallest unit of raw speech involve vocal tract 50 Morphology smallest unit of language that carry meaning describe What a word means Pragmatics study context of language request clarification Permissive Undemandin g


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