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Completed Review Guide for Diversity Issues

by: Arely Sanchez

Completed Review Guide for Diversity Issues cjus 2600

Marketplace > University of North Texas > Criminal Justice > cjus 2600 > Completed Review Guide for Diversity Issues
Arely Sanchez
GPA 3.3

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About this Document

Here are the answers for the review guide for our second exam. However, there was 1 question that I could not find. Forgive me for that one. Everything else is answered.
Diversity Issues
Andrekus Dixon
Study Guide
diversity issues exam 2 review guide
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Arely Sanchez on Tuesday March 29, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to cjus 2600 at University of North Texas taught by Andrekus Dixon in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 229 views. For similar materials see Diversity Issues in Criminal Justice at University of North Texas.

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Date Created: 03/29/16
Diversity Issues Exam #2 Study Guide ****make sure to study previous quizzes and notes*** Who is Sonia Sotomayor? She is the first Hispanic woman that President Obama nominated to be the Supreme Court justice. According to the author what is the primary factor in school shootings? Masculinity All school shooting perpetrators have been what? (think gender/sex) white males What is “the most powerful source of stigma” for adolescent boys? Being labeled gay What are the principles of feminism? Compromises doctrine of equal rights for women and an ideology for women’s liberation from patriarchy. Women of color do not always have the same concerns or perspective of a white feminist. You cannot simply “add and stir women.” Third world feminism is also another layer of view of women. Define essentialism? The belief in inherent qualities, an unchaning and indispensable quality (biological essentialism). Gender is a social construction, a process through which gender is “done” or performed through interactions through other people. Essentialism homogenizes a group of people. It denies differences and diversity within a group of people (women, blacks, the poor) Define paternalism? View the women need protection and are not full responsible for their actions Define misogyny? Organized hostility and violence towards women Who are the victims of most female killers? Males (most likely before their death, women had been abused by them) How much do women make for every dollar men make? 80 cents Are the majority of offenders male or female? Male Define gender roles. They are the socially scripted or appropriate behaviors for males and females and they have traditionally reflected patriarchal values that have reserved for men in public power and control of women Define patriarchy. Refers to those societies organized around male privilege or hierarchy Purpose of Row v wade. Legalized abortion. Define sex. Biological differences including differences in reproductive organs, body size, muscle development, and hormones. Define gender. Ascribed by society and that relate to expected social roles like “clothing/wages” Masculine and Feminine gender roles are based on what type of expectations. Expectations from society. What study did Victor Rios publish? He talks about treatment of the criminalization of urban and marginalized male street youths and their resistance to the cultural mainstream inside and outside the criminal justice system. He focuses on black and latino boys. What actually defines masculine? It leads to violence. He talks about intellectual strength vs. physical strength. (dominance). Define sexism. Beliefs and social relations holding that men are superior to women. Define chivalry. Reluctance to inflect harm on a woman and also the unwillingness to believe that women could posses criminal intent Define Phallocentrism. Social construct that make men the focus of law and meaning Define misandry. Hatred for men th 19 Amendment. Gave women the right to vote. th 15 Amendment. Gave African American males the right to vote. What % of women are incarcerated (Box 6.1) 7 Which 3 factors does the book discuss in terms of intersectionality? Class, race, and gender What is the purpose in recognizing privilege? It is important to see other people’s perspectives. For the social workers, one of their statements is to be able to understand diversity and oppression. It should not focus on the “isms”. Using isms blames the individual, rather than the culture. Who are more likely to support the death penalty according to the text? Whites, wealthier people, males, republicans, and westerners Who are more likely to oppose the death penalty according to the text? Blacks, poorer people, females, democrats, and southerners Black women’s studies originated from what book? I am so sorry but I could not find this answer. I looked everywhere. A person with Privilege makes them see inequalities as what? Natural and blinds people to many social dynamics. Loving v. Virginia Made interracial marriage legal. Define discrimination. A negative act on the basis of prejudice or a stereotype. (denying someone a job) Minorities in the political sphere. Continue to be underreported in politics. Voter registration/participation is lower among minorities. 86% are white legislators while 90% are white staff. Also the Hispanic voting is growing Minorities in toxic physical environments. There is air pollution (affects nervous system and breathing –asthma.) Workplace exposure could have poisonous materials that can affect your health. To get a better working environment, African Americans have shown the greatest increase in education. 3/5 African Americans and hispanics live in uncontrolled toxic sites. Has there been coerced sterilization in the U.S. and if so, who was affected. Yes. Women of color.


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