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Study Guide 2

by: Jack Bethke

Study Guide 2 Comm 201

Jack Bethke

Intro to Communications
Randal Beam

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About this Document

Intro to Communications
Randal Beam
Study Guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Jack Bethke on Tuesday January 27, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Comm 201 at University of Washington taught by Randal Beam in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 111 views. For similar materials see Intro to Communications in Communication at University of Washington.


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Date Created: 01/27/15
jack Bethke 1263852 Study Guide 12715 1 jerry Palmer describes news values as the criteria by which a journalist 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 decides what and what not to include in their story These values therefore are supposed to create objectivity but often fail to do so as journalists are opinionated Explaining this to a politician one might say that an extra marital relation on the politician s part would create a higher news value because it is something that the journalist could easily write about Taxonomy of news values the grouping together of factors that make a news story quotnewsworthyquot and thus more likely to be published These factors include but are not limited to status of an individual or organization being written about the relevance the obscurity man bites dog etc Is there a consensus on what makes a story newsworthy Yes The beat is a subject area that a journalist is assigned to cover such as sports or politics New organizations establish beats because it is easier and more effective for a journalist to have a focus such as sports rather than sifting through all of the day39s news looking for material to write on Source in uences mean that the media gets the sources own bias in their reporting one example of this in the readings is the Facebook News Feed This quali es as source bias because the journalist is learning about the News Feed from its curator who obviously thinks it39s the best Another example of this is in the jon Stewart article because the journalist is interviewing people whose jobs are being lampooned by Stewart The beat routine is a conventional news gathering technique One example of this is Bob Condotta a Seattle Times sports writer who focuses on the Seahawks His job is a conventional one to be the prominent sports writer at a local newspaper Alternative journalism is a good place to nd socialvaluefreenews because they are often independent organizations that cater to a speci c crowd they don39t adhere to the partisan leaning that more would lead more established outlets to softball certain gures or events Maintain political neutrality observe contemporary standards of decency use of physical evidence standardized formats and reporters trained as generalists and using editorial reviews to enforce these methods The jon Stewart article is a good example of neutrality on both Stewart and the journalists part because neither ever make a de nitive statement on their opinion on the issues they are dealing with they let the audience digest it The relationship between an individual and their society The Facebook News Feed article offers an interesting look at new roles The News Feed replaces the role of editor as the decider on what is viewed by the audience a very speci c audience in the case of Facebook Therefore the journalists role is supposed to be more catered to a speci c audience whose internet history would show them to be interested in the journalists work 9 Greg Marra is in charge of the News Feed feature of Facebook along with the algorithms that he and his team developed The traditional role of the editor is being changed by this process because the News Feed is basing content off of what the user wants to see based on their history making the news more personally relatable than previously before 10 It can be a disservice because the news organizations report balanced opinion on matters where there is none For instance the global climate change debate there really is no dissenting opinion in the scienti c community that climate change is not happening however news organizations will show dissenting opinion anyway in an attempt to be unbiased While being unbiased isn39t wrong being wrong and presenting it as right is wrong


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