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SOC 490 - Week 2 - DQ 2 - Annotated Bibliography Best Practices.doc

by: Topseller Notetaker

SOC 490 - Week 2 - DQ 2 - Annotated Bibliography Best Practices.doc PRG211

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Topseller Notetaker
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About this Document

SOC 490 - Week 2 - DQ 2 - Annotated Bibliography Best Practices.doc
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by Topseller Notetaker on Friday November 13, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to PRG211 at Ashford University taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 33 views. For similar materials see in Computer Programming at Ashford University.

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Date Created: 11/13/15
SOC 490 Week 2 DO 2 Annotated Bibliography Best Practices As you approach the end of your academic journey think back to all the research that you have put into this accomplishment You have been writing and honing your communication skills throughout your academic tenure This week your assignment is to create an annotated bibliography In this discussion board please present the ve most important things you have learned about research in your eld of study over your time at Ashford These factors could include study tips time saving techniques ideas about the best attitudes for research methods for reviewing articles and resources tips for formatting ways to structure your physical learning environment and temporal learning periods or any other categories that you nd important Explain how you learned those methods and techniques and how you have honed your ability to do research as you progressed through the social science major Response loathed research when I started my classes but have discovered I like to research for certain topics dreaded PSY325 Statistics for the Behavioral amp Social Sciences but did well Future classes involving research such as PSY326 Research Methods and PSY496 Applied Project became a breeze for me AND I enjoyed them Five important things I ve learned for resea rch a re 1 Focus Once a topic is chosen or given focus on the topic Mindmapping and creating bubbles linking information makes this fun and the visual works well as I try to narrow down the topic and subtopics This can be an actual outline for me if it does not need to be submitted as an assignment AWC nd Chapter 3 2 Outline l have found outlining very bene cial when creating a research paper or any other I do not like outlining as assignments but after 39not outlining I lose focus After researching and writing freely rst create an outline and stick to it AWC nd Chapter 32 3 Research Typically I use a search engine rst to get an idea of my topic and to narrow down subtopics From this nd credible information and check the credibility through Ashford s library using scholarly sources and look for information on the database However I nd it easier to narrow down sources to only ve otherwise I have too much information AWC nd Chapter 32 4 Audience ln PSY350 I learned from the instructor to present research papers as if they were to be read in a journal My mistake was I was presenting information with the intent of any audience understanding I found this tip to be the most important 5 SAVE SAVESAVE l have lost so many papers from power outages my cats laying or walking across the keyboard and other 39stupid things I ve done Autosave works but does not save all the information When writing a paper save it in the appropriate le and continue to save it periodically I still lose papers because I get lazy and forget I can think of so many more but these are the most important I think One last tip I found really helpful was to keep to the learning environment you have established that works l have found trying to write papers or do quizzes outside of my usual space loses my focus I turned a back bedroom into my learning space last year and it has been bene cial to me This way I can minimize interruptions by closing the door and turning off the phone Reference Ashford Writing Center nd General writing tips and tools Retrieved from httpscontentashfordedubooksAUWC124sectionsch3


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