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HTM 350 Exam 1 Review

by: Jackie Pollock

HTM 350 Exam 1 Review HTM 350

Marketplace > University of Massachusetts > HTM 350 > HTM 350 Exam 1 Review
Jackie Pollock
GPA 3.59
HTM Food Service
M. Baker

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About this Document

HTM Food Service
M. Baker
Study Guide
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This 20 page Study Guide was uploaded by Jackie Pollock on Thursday January 29, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to HTM 350 at University of Massachusetts taught by M. Baker in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 187 views.


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Date Created: 01/29/15
HTM 350 Exam Review 01292015 Main Classi cations of Food Service Operations Restaurants Theme parks Casinos Clubs Managed Foodservices Special Events Subcategories of ne dining theme restaurants steak house family owned quick service restaurants bakerycafe 0 Usually independently chef owned 0 Categorized by 3 things menu type d cor atmosphere price 0 haute cuisine quotelegant diningquot expensive food 200 high end quality service 0 chaHenges expectations customer quality of food servicefood preparation ingredients 0 Limited menu sophisticated specialty In uences the architecture food music and overall quotfeelquot of the restaurant 0 ChaHenges Trendiness consistency of theme a Food takes a back seat to presentation of the theme a Attract customers solely on the premise of the theme itself therefore it is important that it makes effort to work through the challenges 0 mid price 1824 Outback Steakhouse 0 High price 5075 Ruth Chris 0 ChaHenges Limited menu options Steak temperature how it comes out 0 Family individually owned 0 Suburban o Informal setting menu pricing scene o ChaHenges Limited clientele exposure 0 Hamburger McDonalds Wendy s Burger King 0 Pizza I Pizza hut Dominos 0 Chicken Popeye s KFC ChickfaIay 0 Sandwich Subway o ChaHenges Speed consistency Quick casual Specialty breads Made to order ChaHenges Bread freshness baked goods freshness Recipe accuracy Subcategories of character dining buffets dinner shows signature dining quick service and dining plans 0 Character Dining 0 Character interaction with customer 0 Ambience atmosphere of the place designed according to character 0 Premium price 0 Experience needed in order to be employed 0 ChaHenges Theatre performances Expectations a place like Disney paying high end money a customer expects the best of the best 0 Buffet 0 All you can eat 0 Standard serve your self 0 Interactive separate actions stations We see these at the UMass Dining Hall 0 ChaHenges Sanitation Quality quantity of food 0 Dinner Shows different than Character Dining because it is more focused around the entertainment 0 Combines a restaurant meal with a staged play or musical 0 A la cartel xed price 0 Music and ambience character and atmosphere of ar ace o ChaHenges iin ng TheaUe Signature dining basically ne dining at a theme park 0 Specialty foods 0 Signature theme ambience o ChaHenges Quality Lhn edrnenu 0 Quick service think quick service at amusement parks 0 Stands counter service 0 ChaHenges Speed Consistency 0 Dining Plans NOT THE SAME AS MANAGED FOOD SERVICES COLLEGE UNIVERSITY MEAL PLANS pretty olope sista sista o Prepaid price Designated of meals Select locations only Select meals only 0 o o o ChaHenges All of the above pose as challenges Subcategories of country clubs city clubs 0 Country clubs 0 Sports typically Golf country Clubs with other bene ts 0 City clubs 0 No nature access 0 Restaurants 0 Pools 0 School af liated ChaHenges 0 Members vs customers How you serve the members is different because they have invested more money and expect more respect because they believe they are seen as a valued member A customer doesn t hold such of a responsibility and doesn t require the same instantaneous service that a member may expect 0 Meal allowances included in membership dues May change the menu the dogs puzzles Subcategories of Casino39s 0 Fine dining Casual Quick service Room service Buffet Wineries Bars ChaHenges 0 Primary revenue comes from casino operations 0 Variety of Food and Beer Establishments 0 Lots of freebies alcohol Because they want to keep the customers gambling but poses as a challenge for the food industry there because it is a lot of food being sold for no price Subcategories of Aramark Compass Sodexofood service and facilities management multinational corporation airlines and airports military elementary secondary schools colleges universities health care facilities leisure recreation 0 Airports airlines 0 In ight Plan menu Develop product speci cations Withstand transport conditions Rethermalize food 0 Airports Better quality food Healthier options 0 ChaHenges Competitive position Expense that needs to be controlled n It is a necessity Quality quantity ln ight vs airport restaurants 0 Military 0 15 million active soldiers o 6 billion spent per year on food 0 chaHenges cost location nutritional value 0 Elementary secondary schools 0 National School Lunch Act of 1946 Program that provides low cost meals or free meals for students who qualify through subsidies to schools 0 Nutritional education programs Example Eat Well teaches about ways to be more healthier gives ideas about healthy snacks lunches or cooking in general whether on the go or not in uences a healthier lifestyle 0 Can operate own program or can contract out o ChaHenges Cost Nutritional value US food plate Education teaching children about eating and being healthy Health and obesity growing epidemic 0 Colleges universities o Rotating menus 0 Variety of locations options 0 Variety of dining plans 0 Outside contracted brands o ChaHenges Nutrition Cost variety 0 Health Facilities hospital patients long term and assisted living residents visitors employers chaHenges must provide special meal components to many patients with speci c dietary requirements 0 Leisure recreation 0 Sporting events 0 Concerts o ChaHenges Dietary needs speci cally for athletes O O O O Mass volume of food Sanitation food safety Subcategories of association events charity balls fundraisers social events fairs festivals Association events 0 Speci c group gathering o ChaHenges Association needs to the individuals needs 0 Charity fundraisers 0 Works with a group charity 0 Event theme 0 ChaHenges The theme and the charity must both be involved 0 Social events 0 Weddings 0 Engagement anniversary parties 0 Holiday parties 0 ChaHenges Customer desire Budget On or off premise o Fairs festivals 0 Most popular are agriculture 0 Planned events with a theme for a purpose of celebration o ChaHenges Volume Food safety Theme Staf ng Menu 0 Menu planning 0 Understanding customers 0 Menu in uences Types of menu s Styles of service Menu Planning 0 The menu is the foundation for a food service business 0 Drives all operational functions such as 0 Production 0 Purchasing 0 Sales 0 Sanitation 0 Services 0 Cost Understanding Customers Must pay attention to the demographics 0 Age gender occupation education ethnicity Understanding this well lead to better decisions when considering 0 Needs for customers 0 Needs for hospitality parties 0 Needs for secondary elementary schools Menu ln uence7 Capabilities of staff 0 Equipment capacity layout Sanitation management 0 Consistency availability of menu 0 Price pricing strategy the cost pro tability Accuracy of menu 0 Nutritional value Truth and Menu Law a law that requires menus to accurately describe dishes and fairly represent prices and other charges on their menu 0 Ten Components 10 commandments the menu can t lie betch O O 0 Must be accurate quantity 8 oz steak must be 8 oz quality if it says choice cut choice cut price must be aware of what is charged what is not Brand Names Product Id Maple syrup vs maple avored syrup Points of Origin Orange juice from Florida potatoes from Idaho Means of Preservation Apple juice from frozen concentrate Merchandising terms Kosher meat available Visual presentation Picture shows 6 shrimp must have 6 shrimp Preparation Soups made from scratch home made deserts Types of Menu 6 types of Menus Prix x 0 Fixed prices Example 3 course meal for 125 0 Chose each course from a list all same price 0 Foundin Fine dining upscale 0 Ala carte 0 Pay by order 0 Foundin Steak houses hospitals and theme parks 0 Fixed price 0 Limited 0 One two meals per day 0 Foundin Dining plans in theme parks pdss Cyclical o ChangesdaHy o Cycles through different menus o Foundin College universities in Managed Food Service 0 Seasonal o Vary with season food depending on season 0 Foundin Festivals n Agricultural is most popular therefore we would see it in this situation 0 Du Jour 0 Special item on menu for the day 0 Foundin Bakery s independent family owned business Styles of Service 7 styles of service 0 American 0 Food ordered and brought to you Standard buffet 0 Serve yourself Interactive buffet 0 Separate action stations carving stations build your own candy smore buffet popcorn pasta at Berk Tableside presentation 0 Beautiful presentation at the table prepared Butler 0 Special events passed 0 Family style 0 Thanksgiving big platters Cocktail party 0 Focused on beverages Menu Design 0 Item descriptions Strategic placement Pricing Aesthetics Technology Item Description 0 Effective description enhance experience 0 Example hospitals will typically explain the health bene ts Strategic Planning 0 the way the menu is put together 0 eyes are drawn to different parts of the menu which proves the customers initial wants 0 eyes are drawn to the to price of food o a poorly strategically planned menu is a menu where Pricing everything is too close together too much not organized price quality strategy 0 O 0 lower price for lower quality food higher price for higher quality food can be supplement in some situations in hospitals cheaper prices are supplement for nutritional meals considering the circumstances 0 a few rules to remember 0 00000 15 vs 15 the 15 looks less expensive in ne dining drop the to look less expensive 5 vs 2 for 10 seems unprofessional 30 vs 3000 3000 looks more expensive 999 vs 1000 999 looks cheaper slight variations confusion choose price before item font size the price of font bigger makes it seem more expensive if it it smaller it seems less expensive Aesthetics 0 Color 0 Yellow bright loud invigorate hunger 0 Red power stimulant invigorate hunger 0 Blue positive calming cool appetite suppressor 0 Gold silver luxury and royalty Size Photography Font Paper Examples of poor aesthetics 0 Photos disrupt the ow if placed poorly 0 Different font size types of fonts 0 Can becoming confusing when too cluttered Technology 0 Table top designs 0 Online ordering systems 0 Order online Order through apps Food trucks popular through social medias Order at table 0 o o o Zagat guide rating system Menu Analysis its important to think 0 Are we making money o What is selling 0 What isn t selling 0 Why are some selling 0 How can we change this Menu Engineering studies the deliberate strategic construction of menus o The problem with food cost percentage standards 0 Doesn t consider contribution margin of speci c items menu mix 0 Food cost 0 Item cost sales price 0 Contribution margin sales price item cost if this is high it is good 0 Menu mix of items sold total number of purchases 0 Using these we can nd out what is necessary for menu analysis 0 Managing plow horses low cm high popularity bad 0 test for demand 0 increase prices in stages 0 relocate to low pro le menu position 0 reduce portion 0 lower cost of ingredients 0 managing puzzles high cm low popularity mm could be good 0 reposition feature O O O promote is better because the puzzle is making good money itjust isn t being bought a lot add value rename decrease price 0 managing dogs low cm low popularity horrible O O strategic placement remove from menu 0 managing stars high cm high popularity OOOOO maintain rigid speci cations test for price and inelasticity use of quotsuper starsquot use suggestive selling techniques merchandise


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