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CIS 419 Assignment 1 Operating System Security Fundamentals.docx

by: Topseller Notetaker

CIS 419 Assignment 1 Operating System Security Fundamentals.docx PRG211

Marketplace > Ashford University > Computer Programming > PRG211 > CIS 419 Assignment 1 Operating System Security Fundamentals docx
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About this Document

CIS 419 Assignment 1 Operating System Security Fundamentals.docx
Study Guide
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This 8 page Study Guide was uploaded by Topseller Notetaker on Friday November 13, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to PRG211 at Ashford University taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 68 views. For similar materials see in Computer Programming at Ashford University.

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Date Created: 11/13/15
PROFESSOR NAME 933 DOCUMENT TITLE D T 1 Explain the function of an operating system An operating system is a gathering of PC projects that facilitates every one of the exercises among PC equipment gadgets It is the rst program stacked into the PC by a boot program and stays in memory at all times Elements of an operating system The essential elements of a working framework are Booting the PC Performs essential PC undertakings egg dealing with the different fringe gadgets egg mouse console Gives a client interface eg charge line graphical client interface GUI Handles framework assets for example PC39s memory and sharing of the focal preparing unit CPU time by different applications or fringe gadgets Gives document administration which alludes to the way that the working framework controls stores recovers and spares information Booting the PC The procedure of beginning or restarting the PC is known as booting An icy boot is the point at which you turn on a PC that has been killed totally A warm boot is the procedure of utilizing the working framework to restart the PC Performs fundamental PC undertakings The working framework performs fundamental PC undertakings for example dealing with the different fringe gadgets for example the mouse console and printers Case in point most working frameworks now are attachment and play which implies a gadget for example a printer will consequently be distinguished and designed with no client mediation Gives a client interface A client cooperates with programming through the client interface The two fundamental sorts of client interfaces are order line and a graphical client interface GUI With a charge line interface the client communicates with the working framework by writing orders to perform particular assignments A case of a charge line interface is DOS plate working framework With a graphical client interface the client connects with the working framework by utilizing a mouse to get to windows symbols and menus A sample of a graphical client interface is Windows Vista or Windows 7 The working framework is in charge of giving a steady application program interface API which is imperative as it permits a product designer to compose an application on one PC and realize that it will keep running on another PC of the same sort regardless of the possibility that the measure of memory or measure of capacity is diverse on the two machines Handles framework assets The working framework likewise handles framework assets for example the PC39s memory and sharing of the focal preparing unit CPU time by different applications or fringe gadgets Projects and info systems are continually viewing for the consideration of the CPU and interest memory stockpiling and datayield transmission capacity The working framework guarantees that every application gets the important assets it needs to boost the usefulness of the general framework httphsccsuedu nd 2 Describe the operating system security environment from a database perspective A traded off OS can bargain a Database environment 0 Physically ensure the PC running the OS Latches Chain locks monitors cameras 0 Model Bank building working framework Safe database Money data 3 List the components of an operating system security environment 0 Used as access focuses to the database 0 Three parts Memory Services Services 0 Main segment of working framework security environment 0 Operating framework centre utilities 0 Used to obtain entrance to the OS and its elements 0 Include User confirmation Remote access Administration errands Password policies Files 0 Common dangers File consent File sharing 0 Files must be shielded from unapproved perusing and composing activities 0 Data dwells in records securing documents secures data Document Permissions 0 Read compose and execute benefits 0 In Windows 2000 Change consent on the Security tab on a document39s Properties dialog box Allow demonstrates stipend Deny demonstrate Record Transfer 0 FTP File Transfer Protocol Internet administration for exchanging records from one PC to another Transmits usemames and passwords in plaintext Files are likewise transmitted decoded Anonymous FTP capacity to sign on to the FTP Server without being httpsciencekennesaweduyshi5449lsecurity02pdf 4 Explain the differences between authentication methods 0 Authentication Verifies client character Permits access to the working framework 0 Physical validation Allows physical access to organization property Magnetic cards and biometric measures 0 Digital endorsements advanced international ID that distinguishes and confirms holder of declaration 0 Digital token security token Small electronic gadget Displays a number exceptional to the token holder utilized with the holder39s PIN as a secret key Uses an alternate secret key 0 Digital card Also known as a security card or shrewd card Similar to a charge card utilizes an electronic circuit rather than an attractive strip Stores client distinguishing information Confirmation includes figuring out if a client is indeed who he or she claims to be Verification can be directed through the utilization of logon passwords single sign on SSO frameworks biometrics computerized testaments and an open key foundation PKI Client validation is basic to guarantee legitimate approval and access to frameworks and administrations particularly since information robbery and data security dangers are turning out to be more cutting edge Despite the fact that validation can39t totally stop data and wholesale fraud we can verify that our assets are ensured all through a few confirmation routines httpsearchsecuritytechtargetcom nd References httphsccsuedu nd Basic functions ofan operating system Retrieved from httphsccsuedu httphsccsueduauinfotechcompulsoryos4014basicfunctionshtm httpsciencekennesaweduyshi54491security02pdf nd Operating System Security 30 34 httpsearchsecuritytechtargetcom nd Exploring authentication methods Retrieved from httpsearchsecuritytechtargetcom httpsearchsecuritytechtargetcomtutoriaExporingauthenticationmethodsHowto developsecuresystems


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