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PSY315 Version 5 Hypothesis Testing Paper.docx

by: Topseller Notetaker

PSY315 Version 5 Hypothesis Testing Paper.docx PRG211

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About this Document

PSY315 Version 5 Hypothesis Testing Paper.docx
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by Topseller Notetaker on Friday November 13, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to PRG211 at Ashford University taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 25 views. For similar materials see in Computer Programming at Ashford University.


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Date Created: 11/13/15
Running Head SLEEP EFFECTS CHILD 1 Does the amount of sleep a child gets effect their behavior and ability to focus in school Student Instructor Course Date SLEEP EFFECTS CHILD 2 Describe your selected research issue problem or opportunity Several kids nowadays do not get sufficient sleep that interferes with its capability of staying concentrated and also alert at school she stated Their quality of sleep can in addition be the problem We often screen kids for the obstructive sleep apnea syndrome OSAS Teens are required to be much more informed on how serious sleep deprivation may be along with effects this may lead to Our sleep has been divided in 5 stages with that brain cycles by approximate 5 to 6 times every night When sleep has been cut short body does not have time for completing all of phases required for the muscle repair memory consolidation as well as release of the hormones that are regulating growth along with appetite After they wake up lesser prepared to focus make decisions or involve totally in the school along with social activities U 2008 Average teenager is required around nine hours of sleep every night however many just get approximately seven hours This means that several students have not been capable of completely focusing and functioning appropriately Higher school has said to be one of most essential times within the life of the person Grades of the student would decide where heshe goes to college and therefore what they would do for the living in future Those problems may lead towards several physical effects At the time of sleep skin has been renewed as well as refreshed therefore not getting sufficient sleep may be quite damaging to skin This may lead towards puffy bags and also dark circles under eyes enhanced acne or just signs of wrinkles Lesser sleep may in addition lead towards the weight gain SLEEP EFFECTS CHILD 3 As per National Sleep Foundation effects of lesser sleep on our child39s behavior cannot be sure initially Sleep deprivation has been the cumulative issue and also effects being mch more obvious over time Whereas several kids39 sleep requires tend towards falling in between typical range depending on the age each child has been separate and our kid can be required moreless sleep than his peers Generally as the toddler in between one and three years old would be required within ten and fourteen hours of sleep in twenty four hour period involving nighttime sleep along with daytime naps Preschoolers require within eleven and thirteen hours of sleep however can have dropped daytime nap School age kids in between the ages of five and twelve may function with the lesser sleep along with requires ten to twelve hours of sleep every day Moreno 2010 Young kid who has chronically been slept deprived has issues in managing his emotions He may have the eXplosive temper easily hurt feelings or lesser patience He can be clumsy along with accident prone and would in addition be more wired as well as frenzied within the play Overtired child in school can have issues in concentrating and also paying attention in class He can forgetful and also make silly mistakes He in addition can talk excessively along with regularly bug us siblings and also classmates all of that have been methods he has been trying to stimulate him and also regain concentration In social scenarios overtired child may have several con icts with rest of the kids or being bossy demanding as well as not open to guidance SLEEP EFFECTS CHILD 4 Kids who have not been getting sufficient sleep can in addition have issues concentrating and it affects their capability of learning Tired child has been unable to concentrate on the tasks as well as this may lead towards frustration and also emotional outbursts as heshe has been trying hard paying attention to what is going on around her Overtired children in addition become forgetful along with make mistakes that they would not make generally They can bother rest of the childrer talk excessively as they have been trying to stimulate their brain for regaining their concentration It is very difficult though to get good grades with school starting at such an early hour A teen without enough sleep will have a very hard time concentrating and staying awake in class In general a student who goes to bed earlier will earn mostly A s and B s whereas a student that does not get a good amount of sleep will earn mostly Cs and D s School officials are seriously damaging students by starting school times so early There are also many other issues that can lead teenagers into sleep deprivation With all the technological things these days such as television social networking websites instant messaging texting etc it is very easy to get distracted from the more necessary things Teens will often underestimate the amount of time they need to finish their homework and save it for last minute causing them to stay up late hours getting it done Many students will also put fun activities such as hanging out with friends or playing videogames before more important things like doing work Sleep deprivation in teens however is not only caused by irresponsibility and bad decisions SLEEP EFFECTS CHILD There are also several medical and psychological conditions that can lead to sleep deprivation Some of these conditions are sleep apnea restless leg syndrome diabetes asthma bipolar disorder excessive anxiety and panic attacks or depression Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder or ADHD can also lead to sleep deprivation Parents and school should help increase the promotion of healthy sleep patterns for the importance of the sleep on school and work performance and behavior in the student Formulate a hypothesis statement concerning your selected research issue problem or opportunity Does the amount of sleep a child gets effect their behavior and ability to focus in school 0Determine your population and describe which sampling method you would use to generate your sample Cross sectional evaluation of 755 ie 50 percent female 35 percent ethnic minority children eight to eleven years old from the community based sample of the kids participating within the cohort study Describe how you would collect your data the level of measurement of your data and which statistical technique you would use to analyze the data Explain why you chose that statistical technique Sleep data had been gathered from the child finished seven day sleep journal as well as caregiver finished health or sleep questionnaire SLEEP EFFECTS CHILD 6 Children s Sleep includes the extensive protocol which involved home visits to participating families in home overnight cardio respiratory studies as well as assessments of behavior functional results neuropsychological development along with family home environment Data on the sleep patterns had been ascertained from the kid finished seven day sleep journal Utilizing the structured form every evening child recorded information only prior going to bed relating particular characteristics of day for instance when they had been sick that day and also did not move to school Following morning children recorded time they have been willing to bed time they have attempted falling asleep number of times they had woke up during night and also time they at last awoke Children had individually been instructed on utilization of diary along with parents had been motivated to assist as required Sleep results had been calculated like mean values on all present days of the journal information on maximum recording period of seven days and also separate mean value calculations for the weeknights ie Sunday through Thursday along with weekend nights ie Friday amp Saturday Sleep duration has shown aggregate hours slept This had been calculated like difference within average time kid awoke in morning ie wake time as well as average time kid attempted to fall asleep ie bedtime Coefficient of variation has shown the measure of night to night variation within sleep duration This had been calculated like standard deviation about sleep duration divided by mean sleep duration has been shown as the percentage SLEEP EFFECTS CHILD 7 Means along with proportions had been utilized for summarizing sample features for regular and also categorical data respectively Paired tests had been utilized for comparing the means for the weekday along with weekend sleep results Multivariable linear regression had been utilized for assessing effects of primary predictors ie age seX and also ethnicity on the mean sleep time on all the recording days thus controlling for following potential confounders preterm status vacation chronic health issues and educational level of the caregiver along with sick days happening at the time of journal recording period Include a conclusion of your anticipated ndings Utilization of the self finished pediatric seven day sleep journals has given average estimates for the sleep duration regular with present national recommendations for the school aged kids But on the whole sixteen percent of kids reported sleeping less apart from recommended nine hours involving forty three percent of traditional minority boys Among age range of eight to eleven years particular decreases within sleep time and also within the ethnic minorities increasingly delayed bedtimes had been observed suggesting emergence of the sleep restriction patterns within the preadolescents SLEEP EFFECTS CHILD References Moreno C C Louzada F and Pereira E quotNot All Adolescents Are Sleep Deprived A Study Of Rural Populationsquot Sleep And Biological Rhythms 84 2010 267273 U U quotAre Adolescents Chronically SleepDeprived An Investigation Of Sleep habits Of Adolescents In The Southwest Of Germanyquot Child Care Health And Development 345 2008 549556


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