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MGT 445 Week 1 Individual Assignment Communication and Personality in Negotiation Paper

by: NUMBER1TUTOR Notetaker

MGT 445 Week 1 Individual Assignment Communication and Personality in Negotiation Paper MKT421

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About this Document

MGT 445 Week 1 Individual Assignment Communication and Personality in Negotiation Paper
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by NUMBER1TUTOR Notetaker on Friday November 13, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to MKT421 at Phoenix College taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 33 views.

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Date Created: 11/13/15
Running head COMMUNICATION AND PERSONALITY NEGOTIATION Communication and Personality in Negotiation Name University of Phoenix MGT445 July 18 2011 Instructor Communication and Personality in Negotiation COMMUNICATION AND PERSONALITY NEGOTIATION 2 This research paper is to explore the role of communication and personality in terms of negotiation as well as a situation is also exemplified to describe tenure of communication and personality Negotiation is known as the process handling a con ict or an issue by the involved parties to resolve the matter through discussion that ultimately leads to an agreement by the involved parties or groups It also refers to bargaining for a product or coming close to a business deal Negotiation can be at different places and on different grounds irrespective of boundary limits Some of the example for a negotiation situation may include negotiating to purchase a new car house or a product negotiation for salary range when hired or negotiating for the working hours Communication Recognized as one of the most significant key areas involved during the negotiating process is communication The basic objective of negotiation is to in uence the decision of another party and the ability to understand the personality traits of another party is an effective tool in negotiation Verbal and nonverbal communications are two basic techniques to send the negotiation memorandum Verbal communication occurs at two levels pragmatic and logical level Both are the source of communication messages intended to send to the other negotiating party Whereas nonverbal communication includes body language physical environment and personal attributes Communication is the basic mean of negotiation Negotiations are always proved unsuccessful when interrupted or imprecise with communication The listening skills are an COMMUNICATION AND PERSONALITY NEGOTIATION essential part of communication One should be able to listen and understand patiently the standpoint of another party Effectively dealing with negotiation includes an imperative factor which is the ability to ask the correct and to the point questions Asking the correct questions allows negotiators to obtain valuable information about the other party s position supporting arguments or needs Lewicki Saunders amp Barry 2006 It envisages a clear vision of the situation to the negotiators This allows the negotiators to understand the other party s position by taking an active part in arguing the issue at hand Lewicki Saunders amp Barry 2006 Personality Traits An impressive personality is a crucial part of effective negotiation along with communication This is important to understand how it helps the negotiation to perform effectively the various aspect of personality traits are as follows 0 An individual should not pretend to be efficient as if he is happy with the deal do not fake the things 0 One should be sincere and serious during the negotiation prepare himself for the deal and study well the different aspects of negotiation 0 Honesty plays a vital role during negotiation do not lie for selfinterest be honest with the deal 0 Personal appearance also plays an essential role in negotiation one should be dressed well to enhance his or her personality as the saying goes the first impression is the last impression COMMUNICATION AND PERSONALITY NEGOTIATION 4 0 Patience is very important in negotiating an impatient person cannot prove as a successful negotiator 0 One should be exible in accepting the solution do not behave as selfish and demonstrate a composed nature 0 Trust is the bond of negotiation one should trust the other party and do not show distrust during the negotiation 0 One should pose a professional approach during the negotiation once both parties complete the agreed deal sign the deal in the presence of both parties 0 Listen to the other party s viewpoints as it may prove in the interest of both parties 0 One should be capable of understanding the demand of time one should know what to speak and what to avoid not speaking and one should speak after analyzing the situation 0 Becoming comfortable with a natural personal style will make a person more trustworthy and believable in the eyes of other party Con ict Management Style According to BusinessDictionarycom 2011 Con ict is friction or opposition resulting from perceived differences or incompatibilities Con ict para 1 Con ict may have negative as well as positive characteristics Con ict Management Style refers a strong and firm behavior approach and results in a winwin approach for Con ict Management It suggests discovering the reasons burning con ict and developing an acceptable solution Con ict management consists of five styles and these styles are competing style accommodating style avoiding style collaborating style and COMMUNICATION AND PERSONALITY NEGOTIATION 5 compromising style As every con ict is of different nature therefore different needed styles are to resolve them according to their nature categorization Social Value Orientation When a person is concerned with the outcome on a personal level this is proself and when a person is concerned with the outcome of the situation this is prosocial or cooperative orientation Lewicki Saunders amp Barry 2006 In other words social orientation deals with the wants and desires of a negotiator to meet and end to a negotiation Interpersonal Trust This level includes the degree to which the negotiator will trust the counterpart This trust trait can make the negotiator a more vulnerable and trustworthy to the other party s perception It plays an important role in formulating an understanding and perception of good will between the involved parties in a negotiation Selfef cacy and Locus of Control Selfefficacy is the basic rule of negotiation which makes an individual believe he or she is capable to execute a particular task or project and to achieve his or her goal Contrary the locus of control is a system of rewards and punishments depending on the behavior of a person party or group involved in a negotiation Selfmonitoring Selfmonitoring is a theory which demonstrates people keep on modifying his or her behavior and attitude to robust in a social environment which surrounds him or her One can think of selfmonitoring as the extent to which people monitor the external social environment for clues about how he or she is supposed to behave Lewicki Saunders amp Barry 2006 COMMUNICATION AND PERSONALITY NEGOTIATION 6 Machiavellianism Machiavellianism is a conventional theory that states how a person can in uence others for achieving self interest Individuals often follow this theory to achieve a specific goal no matter what it will cost Face Threat Sensitivity Face threat sensitivity is the assessment of a person perceived by others this value informs the negotiator about what other people portray about him or her and presented to others The Big Five Personality Factors The five different personality traits includes extroversion agreeableness conscientiousness emotional stability and openness All these factors mainly focus on behavior and personality modifies his or her perception in front of others in terms of cooperation and bearing the worse situation efficiently A situation of Salary increase Negotiation A negotiator should control his or her emotions critically when he or she is negotiating a salary The counterpart s opinion is crucial for a good negotiation and effective communication In a previous job when a person was promoted he or she reported a salary increase of 2 which was less than a dollar per hour The new post of the job had more responsibilities and demands Therefore he or she would decide to negotiate with his or her new supervisor for the demarcation of his or her expectations from this new post and requirements in terms of salary and benefits While negotiating he or she kept in mind the effectiveness of personality traits and effective communication skills to get his or her desires fulfilled After negotiating with the supervisor he or she would receive a 5 salary increase with a twoweek paid vacation including COMMUNICATION AND PERSONALITY NEGOTIATION 7 extra personal time Thus he or she realized when negotiating in terms of increase in salary one needs to be confident precise and aware of his or her worth and focus on what he or she wants and ask for balancing his or her experience and knowledge in terms of salary In a negotiation for resolving a con ict one should also keep in mind the problemsolving negotiation structure for better results ProblemSolving Negotiation Structure The Melamed 2011 website states for an effective problemsolving negotiation the following aspects are Informed Consent of Process refers the method is constantly negotiable Sharing Perspectives converse the relational matters individually from the substantive matters With common ground one should keep in mind the general concerns interdependence and easy points reaching conformity Create a ProblemSolving plan involves the criteria that what is the best way to sort out the issue by covering very well all the problematic aspects One should build up selections based upon the conclusions concerns and positive purposes Select from Options one should choose from the available options for an easy agreement and package deal Integration and Finalization one should overlook the agreement to add some more improved provisions to improvise the issue in a good manner COMMUNICATION AND PERSONALITY NEGOTIATION 8 Conclusion Negotiation includes all the aspects of life Whether the workplace personal relationships life in generaldaily or routine life Communication is the key to an effective negotiation process and most important aspect of communication is to understand the other party s opinion process the information to comprehend the counterpart questions proposals to answer it confidently Individual perception and personality traits play a huge part in negotiation this is the main reason that one has to be extra careful With his actions and learn how to be partial References BusinessDictionarycom 2011 Con ict Retrieved from httpWWWbusinessdictionarycomdefinitioncon icthtml Lewicki R J Saunders D M amp Barry B 2006 Negotiation 5th ed Boston MA McGraW Hill Melamed J 2011 Frequently Asked Questions about Mediation and Negotiation Mediatecom Retrieved from httpWWWmediatecomarticlesmediationfaqcfm


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